Eheim Pro II Thermofilter 2128 (Marine)

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This item has been discontinued.


All Eheim Professionel II Thermofilters offer the desired constant temperature, due to their integrated electronically controlled heaters.

  • Heater element protected at the base of the filter
  • Temperature sensor inside the tank
  • Easy setting of the water temperature
  • Current value shown on display
  • Optional location of the operating panel
  • Modular control for Eheim Professionel hood available in exchange
  • A version resistant to fresh water is available upon request
  • 3 years warranty
Eheim Professionel II Thermofilter 2128 (Marine Water):
  • Aquarium Size: 158 gal
  • Pump Output: 277 gph
  • Filter Circulation: 198 gph
  • Hose Diameter: 0.65"/0.90" (16mm/22mm)
  • Delivery Head: 6`7"
  • Filter Volume: 1.9 gal
  • Power Consumption: 25 W
  • Heating Power: 210 W
  • Filter Height: 17.9"
  • Weight: 10.35 lbs

Product Manuals & Documentation

Eheim Pro II Thermofilter 2128 (Marine)

Owner's Manual available for download in Adobe PDF file format

Manufacturer Info

Eheim Aquarium Supplies
Eheim is one of the most well known and respected brands in the aquarium industry. Their reputation for producing high quality equipment at affordable prices goes back decades. The brand has a loyal following due in large part to Eheim’s reputation for producing reliable, efficient products. The company develops products that recreate the natural habitats of aquatic animals on a smaller scale. In our store you’ll find a variety of Eheim water pumps, filters, filter media, powerheads and feeding tools.

Turtlekeeper from UNITED ST


Experience Level: Intermediate

Eheim Pro II Thermofilter

This product works like a charm. It keeps the water at a nearly constant temperature, has a good flow rate and was easy to set up. I purchased this product when my old Fluval filter finally broke. What a difference. The Eheim is easier to set up, clean, doesn't have problems with the O ring seal, and keeps the water at a constant temperature without having to use an ugly in tank heater. Good job Eheim.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Get the 2026 - heater breaks

Before buying this one, for more money than the 2026, I had read 1 review that the heater stopped working prematurely. I figured that was just one unlucky buyer... but I was wrong. I should have saved $80 and bought the 2026 without the heater as my 2126 heater stopped working at 2 months old. Other than that, the filter is quiet and works well.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Eheim 2126 Freshwater Filter

I had originally ordered the 2026 filter but it was damaged during shipment. I didn't notice it until after the installation when it leaked from the top filter unit. I tried to reorder the same model but was told by MD 2026 has been discontinued. The 2126 is the same as 2026 but with an internal heater. The unit runs very quiet and maintains the set temperature pretty well. I don't like the one piece intake and outlet pipes that came with 2126 compared to the sectional pipes in 2026. It does not offer the flexibility for various tank configurations. I ended up using an old outlet sectional pipe instead of using the one came with the unit. This is the main reason I am not giving it 5 stars. Overall this seems to be a good quality filter.

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JOHN H. from Wisconsin


Experience Level: Intermediate

E Heim #2128 canister

This is my third one, one for each tank. The filtering and heaters all work great. They cost more but are worth it. If there is a drawback it's the high cost of filter media. But most of it can be used over and over.

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Experience Level: Beginner


Easy to use and great build quality. Thermostat is accurate too (I confirm with another thermometer). Super easy to open and clean and I never get drips when I disconnect the hoses.

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Experience Level: Expert

Jack Frost

I have had Eheim filters for years. They work great. However avoid the thermofilters. My temperature controller started going wacky after two years. I had to dicsonnect it and go to an external unit. Save money and get the 2026 unit. An buy an external heater !!! I still love the filter !

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Experience Level: Expert

Good Filter Heater Combo

I like Eheim filters based on experience they are very reliable and provide a nice clean installation. This filter works as advertised but I would have liked an indicator on the unit denoting the heater is active as well as a smaller probe or internal sensor for the temp. One of the reasons I bought the thermofilter was to get the heater out of the tank. It does that but you have to place a probe in the tank for temp display.

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turbomkt from

I love it!

This replaced a problematic Fluval 304...and I can't believe I didn't buy this sooner!

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