Eheim Professional 3 External Filter 2080

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High tech XL filtration of the future.

The new Eheim Professionel 3 Canister Filter generation combines high output (450gph) as well as large canister (6.6gal) and filter volume (3.43gal) with the unbeatable EHEIM ease of use. Never was a large aquarium up to 300gal, so easy to keep clean.

This is a multi-stage canister filter suited for both freshwater and marine aquarium.

  • Large pre-filter for easy intermediate cleaning and extra long service life
  • New priming principle
  • Triple hose connection (2 x intake side, 1 x pressure side) for perfect water circulation around large aquariums
  • Handling features: recessed handles, transport wheels, 4 sturdy clips, multifunction adapter
  • Maintenance and flow rate indicator
  • Adjustable pump output


  • Power: 30W
  • Hose Diameter: 0.65"/0.90" (16mm/22mm)
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 12" x 12.75" x 23"
  • Includes:

    • 1 x Coarse Filter Pad 2613801
    • 1 x EHFISYNTH Fine Filter Pad 2613805
    • 1 x 14` 9"; (4.5m) Hose
    • 1 x Installation Set (Pressure Side)
    • 2 x Installation Set (Suction Side)
    • 1 x Prefilter Drip Tray

    Filter Media Suggestions (Coarse and Fine Filter Pads are included with filter!):

    • Coarse Filter Pad (Blue)
    • EHFIMECH 1.05gal (4L)
    • SUBSTRAT Pro 2.11gal (8L)
    • Fine Filter Pad (White)

    Product Manuals & Documentation

    Eheim Professional 3 External Filter 2080

    Owner's Manual available for download in Adobe PDF file format

    Manufacturer Info

    Eheim Aquarium Supplies
    Eheim is one of the most well known and respected brands in the aquarium industry. Their reputation for producing high quality equipment at affordable prices goes back decades. The brand has a loyal following due in large part to Eheim’s reputation for producing reliable, efficient products. The company develops products that recreate the natural habitats of aquatic animals on a smaller scale. In our store you’ll find a variety of Eheim water pumps, filters, filter media, powerheads and feeding tools.


    3 year manufacturer warranty



    Experience Level: Expert

    great canister

    although i would have liked to build my own canister filter, I am not a handy person and this is the BEST filter Eheim makes and a great alternative for me. I have three 100 gal tanks running currently and two have this filter. I just bought a third because the ease of cleaning, priming,and keeping things safe(as we know things can go wrong often with aquarium setups because of the water being so close to electric and the dreaded leak!)you will have no problems with this filter. It is so quiet and Eheim is the best brand out there right now. the only negative i can say since this is a review, is the trays inside are a bit flimsy and i wish the plastic parts was a bit sturdier all around. just be careful handling it and you'll be fine.

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    Experience Level: Intermediate

    Should have invested in this l

    The pump is extremely quiet; so much so that I kept checking to make sure it was running. Set up was quick and easy. The intake and outlet fittings have a handy feature of a screw cap that allows you to access the tubing with a brush for cleaning without removing the entire assembly from the tank...neat feature. This is a very well made product which I absolutely would recommend to anyone. One big investment up front, but worth every penny! I have a 155 gallon planted freshwater tank that I have been nursing along with 2 Magnum 350s. Since replacing these with the Eheim, my plants and fish are thriving, and I haven't seen the water so clear since I first set the tank up 6 years ago.

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    Experience Level: Intermediate

    EHEIM 2080

    thank you very much my new eheim 2080 works perfectly and my fish are the most grateful MONTERREY MEXICO!

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    Experience Level: Intermediate


    Because of a tank upgrade I recently replaced my Eheim pro II 2028 with the pro 3 2080. It's super quiet and very sleek looking, although I was surprised at the size (it towers over my 2028) after a few adjustments to the stand everything works as it should. I am more than impressed by it's performance, definite recommedation for anyone on the fence.

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    Experience Level: Intermediate

    Eheim Pro 3 2080

    First I would like to give 5 stars to The Marine Depot this purchase was a a Pleasure and They had alot to do with it. The filter was delivered ontime and in Great condition, They packaged this filter as though it was their Grandmothers fine china. I was really impressed with their packing talents. As for the filter it was simple to setup and get uip and running everything went as it was laid out in the instuctions. The filter is totally silent and appears to be filtering very well although it has only been setup less than a week. This filter is huge my plan was to put under the cabiunet of my 150 gallon tank, while it waould barely fit under there it would leave very little room above it for maintenance. I opted to drill a hole in the wall behind my tank and put the filter in a closet. It seems very well constructed and I am looking forward to many years of use, this filter is replacing a Fluval 403 that has been in use for about 17 years and still is working fine. I just wanted more filter ower for an Arrowana that is getting to the 2 foot mark

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    Experience Level: Intermediate

    Ehein 2080

    Set-up was very easy although there was not enough hose to run all three lines. the filter makes no noise at all and my tank is clearing nicely. This is a great produce and I would recommend to all.

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