Eheim Ultra G160 External Canister Filter (Pro 3 2075 / 600 ) w/ Media

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Eheim Ultra G160 External Canister Filter (Pro 3 2075 / 600 ) w/ Media

Discover the new world of the EHEIM Ultra G160 Filter

  • powerful output
  • very quiet smooth running
  • high energy efficiency
  • top EHEIM quality
  • new design
  • ready to start
1. Integrated automatic self priming for quick filling of the canister

2. Safety hose adapters with easy to use locking mechanism - the adapter can only be opened when the hose taps are closed

3. Top of canister prefilter securely traps larger dirt particles, significantly increasing maintenance intervals of the biomedia. Simple to remove and easy to clean

4. Individually fillable filter baskets Complete with original EHEIM filter media

High quality ceramic spindle and sleeve guarantee very quiet running smoothness and extremely long life

Everything included - Ready to start
Completely equipped with filter media and all installation accessories

    Model: G160
    Aquariums up to: 63-158 gallons 
    Pump Output: 330 gallons/hour
    Hose Diameter: 0.65"/0.90" (16mm/22mm)
    Delivery Head Approx: 5.90 Hmax ft
    Power Consumption: 16 watts
    Dimensions: 1.48 x 0.78 x 0.80 ft
    Only 16 Watts Power Consumption*
*when compared to other canister filters in its class, the Ultra G’s are 20-75% more energy efficient. Eheim Ultra G65, G90 and G160, the Ultra Green Choice!

Product Manuals & Documentation

Eheim Ultra G160 External Canister Filter (Pro 3 2075 / 600 ) w/ Media

Owner's Manual available for download in Adobe PDF file format

Manufacturer Info

Eheim Aquarium Supplies
Eheim is one of the most well known and respected brands in the aquarium industry. Their reputation for producing high quality equipment at affordable prices goes back decades. The brand has a loyal following due in large part to Eheim’s reputation for producing reliable, efficient products. The company develops products that recreate the natural habitats of aquatic animals on a smaller scale. In our store you’ll find a variety of Eheim water pumps, filters, filter media, powerheads and feeding tools.

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Experience Level: Expert


This filter is great. Has only been up and running for a short time but it is as quiet as a mouse, cleared up the tank quickly after moving everything around and has been overall a great purchase.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Silent and easy to maintain

This Filter is for a 75 gallon tank that I recent acquired. The filter runs silently doing its job. It is much quieter than my Fluval 206 on my 20 gallon. I love that media baskets in the Eheiem Ultra G160, makes maintenance easy.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Ehiem ultra G65 Exnternal

Man I like the ehiem ultra External canister filter pro 3 2071 ounce i put it on it was very quiet i didn't even notice that i have it? Very quite and work great in my 55 gallon discus tank clear my water and my fish love it very much.I just want to let u people know that this filter is great so anyone who have fish should get this Ehiem ultra G65 External canister filter ?

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Performs As Promised

I did hold off a little while before submitting my review, just to be sure. I purchased this filter to replace a Fluval filter, sold to me by my local chain pet store. If these chain pet stores are truly knowledgeable, then they know that what they are selling you will simply not work. Seems that they just want another customer, purchasing their endless array of filter pads and supplies. Lesson learned, caveat emptor! My Eheim came complete with the media and a complete inventory of parts. No missing parts issues. I am using this filter in a forty gallon tank with two red slider turtles. These turtles are just impossible to maintain in a clean, pristine, environment. They just relieve themselves too much and they pretty much are constantly shedding their skin. Enter the Eheim Ultra G160 filter. For red sliders this filter keeps the water crystal clear. I did substitute the media in one of the bottom trays to hold a mixture of carbon and zeta in a nylon filter bag. Finally, my turtles now reside in clean, crystal clear water. One note for those driving themselves crazy with red sliders. Do yourself a big favor and feed them in a seperate container. They will quickly catch on and they dont seem to mind being pulled out for feeding. Think of it as going " out " to eat for them. Heck, we all like to go out to eat dont we? So, Yes I am extremely pleased with my purchased and the filter is a top performer that has met my requirements and my complete expectations. Kudos Eheim!

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Experience Level: Beginner

Eheim Pro 3/G 160

I am a beginner and setting up was so easy. I like it so much I'm going to buy another one for my 30 gal tank. I love the idea that It has 4 media trays that I could use what ever I need to add to remove Certain problems I have like "ammonia"

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Experience Level: Expert

Eheim quality - an old myth?

I started out as a big Eheim fan. You frequently read about the "rock solid" quality of their products and excellent customer service. A bit over a year ago I decided to "go pro" and invest in two Eheim 2071 filters for two of my aquariums, based on Eheim's past reputation and performance. The short summary: Both units are plagued with major design and/or manufacturing defects. Eheim service is very slow to respond, if they get back to you at all (email only). Others have made the same experience (ask Google). Consider a Fluval G3, which seems to be a much smarter design, according to the reviews (I wish I had bought these, the price difference is negligible compared to the pain you save). The long story: The first unit came down with a stuck impeller. After a bit of back and forth, Eheim acknowledged that as a known issue an send a replacement filter head. The packaging was insufficient, and a few small plastic parts broken on arrival. Luckily there is super-glue (not provided by Eheim ;-) ). Then the flow regulator (which is also the shut-off valve) broke. For some reason, the mechanism got stuck. Eventually, the assembly closing the valve broke, leaving the filter in a half-off position, which makes water changes an excrutiating pain. No response from Eheim, part replaced at my own expense (and several hours of work, as a safety mechanism prevents removing the assembly if it is not completely closed). Design flaw. The second unit suddenly sprung a leak (!), leaking water along the power cord. If you are a fishkeeper or a parent concerned about electrocuting their children, you will feel my pain. Eheim, what on earth is going on in Germany? Comparing it to the issues reported online by other customers, my best guess it that it is a faulty primer assembly - another known issue at Eheim according to various forum reports and the FAQ on their website. I am currently waiting to hear back from the apparently very busy people in the service departmen

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Eheim Ultra External Canister

I have had this filter for three days, I will let you know more after the first water change. I do love the filter, but... Pro: This is most quiet filter I ever had the pleasure of not hearing. If I open the cabinet door and put my ear by the canister I can barely hear it. It is amazing! I have the water flow at half-way and their is good flow. The water is very clean after 3 days. Con: When it arrived, it did not have the locking clamps for the intake and out take hoses. I went to Home Depot and purchased some clamps, under 2.00, and they work fine. The self-Primer does not prime. We did fill the canister with water, the primer just sucks. Directions for the filter are crazy. Support can only be obtained Mon-Fri. Conclusion: Installation, priming and directions suck. The actual filter, once up and running, to date, flawless! I love it it when it runs, but dread changing the filters out. Unsurpassed quietness.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Can't Go Wrong

This is my 5th Eheim filter that I've had the pleasure of owing. It's been the easiest to set-up and I love the idea of doing partial cleaning of the pre-filter w/o full disassembly. When disconnecting the hoses no water spills from unit or hoses. Makes working on filter in stand perfect. Getting the installation kits (included) was the frosting on the cake.

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Experience Level: Expert

Eheim Ultra 65

This is the third eheim filter I have had. All have been excellent. The G65 is extremely quiet and easy to prime. The accessiblity of the pre filter makes normal maintenance much easier. I highly recommend this line of filters for anyone looking to start a new tank or replacing an existing filter.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Eheim Ultra G65

Great filter. Very easy to assemble. Ultra quiet and the water is crystal clear.

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