Elos Pro Skimmer - Coral Nourishment (SPS) Food

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Elos USA

Pro Skimmer- Coral Nourishment (SPS)

Corals spend energy for respiration, mucus production, growth and reproduction. Research has shown that the total energy demand cannot be met by photosynthesis alone. If we also consider that through highly efficient protein skimming and fine mechanical filtration we clear almost all organic molecules and particulate matter from our systems, we immediately realize that the availability of nourishment inside our aquarium often becomes one of the limiting factor for the growth of our corals.

If we want to supply our corals the additional energy they needs to survive and, even better, flourish, we must offer them nourishment via a multitude of sources like amino acids, zooplankton and, in general DOM (dissolved organic matter) that they transport through cell membranes.

ELOS Pro Skimmer supplies complex carbohydrates which provide an immediate source of energy for cellular respiration as well an important energy source beneficial for a faster biosynthesis of amino acids. Useful in recreating the water conditions in and around natural coral reefs, used in conjunction with Elos OMEGA it will help to significantly reduce the need of live food and DOM, a key step toward the reduction of the level of dissolved organics and also nitrogenous waste inside modern SPS populated aquaria.


  • Original formula: reproduces the suspended colloidal matter founded in the natural seawater
  • Superior nutritional profiles: high bio-available carbohydrate source
  • No PO4 pollution: does not contains phosphate based preservative

  • Note: ELOS Pro Skimmer is a complex carbohydrate formula. In it we use only pure carbohydrate sources. Similar products available on the market contain various inorganic phosphate salts intentionally added to them as preservatives. To avoid the need of these preservatives we take great care to packing conditions, which are made in low contamination, controlled atmosphere.

    Manufacturer Info

    ELOS: the ultimate supplements and equipments for marine and planted aquariums.

    Elos is an aquaristik company that is exclusively dedicated towards the development, production, and marketing of specialised, high quality products for the aquarium market.

    We apply the latest advances in marine and fresh water sciences into our manufacturing and products. We are environmentally responsible as well as respectful of the key ethic rules on employment and production. Almost all our products are made in Italy, through few, well trained Internal Employee with the help of key external suppliers, Universities and Research Centres.

    Our commitment is to invest in the future, we take great care of details and innovations but beside this we also take care of our traditions. We apply modern process, but we also use traditional techniques, employing local craftsmen for the production.

    We take great care in designing our products, and packs to simplify their use making them pleasant to see and to touch. From the first contact with our products you will immediately perceive the care to produce them and the great attention toward each single detail.

    For all this we invite you, by heart, to try our products. Join your passion with us, use our products and make the best out of them and, we are sure, You will experience the delight of creating your personal, unique underwater world in a beauty you have never seen before.



    Experience Level: Expert

    great product!

    i have an sps dominant tank, and this stuff has really improved PE on almost all acros. will def use again

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    Raymond DeMartini from METHUEN, MA UNITED STATES


    Experience Level: Intermediate


    Use as a two part supplement with Elos Omega Amino Acids. see me review on that product. The same applies here. AWESOME!

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