Elos Replacement Filter Sock for All Elos Sumps

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This item has been discontinued.

Elos USA

Elos Replacement Filter Sock for All Elos SUMPS

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ELOS: the ultimate supplements and equipments for marine and planted aquariums.

Elos is an aquaristik company that is exclusively dedicated towards the development, production, and marketing of specialised, high quality products for the aquarium market.

We apply the latest advances in marine and fresh water sciences into our manufacturing and products. We are environmentally responsible as well as respectful of the key ethic rules on employment and production. Almost all our products are made in Italy, through few, well trained Internal Employee with the help of key external suppliers, Universities and Research Centres.

Our commitment is to invest in the future, we take great care of details and innovations but beside this we also take care of our traditions. We apply modern process, but we also use traditional techniques, employing local craftsmen for the production.

We take great care in designing our products, and packs to simplify their use making them pleasant to see and to touch. From the first contact with our products you will immediately perceive the care to produce them and the great attention toward each single detail.

For all this we invite you, by heart, to try our products. Join your passion with us, use our products and make the best out of them and, we are sure, You will experience the delight of creating your personal, unique underwater world in a beauty you have never seen before.

RK from


Experience Level: Intermediate

elos sock

You wont find a sock that last less than this one.... 3 washes at best, ELOS should be ashamed to have the brand exposed like this...

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Experience Level: Intermediate

not the same as the stock elos

Agree with the previous reviewer, this is not the same material that the socks shipped with the Elos sumps are made out of. Will not last more than a few washes unless you exclusively use a chlorine bleach dip and do not "scrub".

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GUY from Sonoma County, CA


Experience Level: Intermediate

kinda flimsy

These were not what I was expecting. They are Elos brand, but not near as nice as the ones I got with my Elos System 120. the originals were like a felt material, maybe 100 micron. These are more of a floss like material, won't last near as long as my original ones, but Don't clog as fast either. I am now using the "Berlin Filter socks" Item Code: BS1123 They fit, and you can slide one over the overflow from the tank, and filter all the water entering the sump.

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