Hagen Fluval G3 Advanced Filtration System

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This item has been discontinued.


Fluval G3

The Fluval G3 is an Advanced Filtration System ideal for saltwater and freshwater aquariums up to 80 U.S Gallons (300 Liters). Equipped with HydroTech, ™, an intelligent monitoring system, the HydroTech™ microprocessor stores and communicates real time filter performance, water parameters and filter cleaning intervals.

A quick release cartridge system featuring top access to pre-filter & chemical cartridges saves time and effort for a fast and simple maintenance experience. Media baskets contain Bio-Nodes, a high capacity biological medium, essential for active biological filtration.

Special features:

  • AQUASTOP: Quickly disconnects hosing
  • EASY PRIME: Starts water flow without manual siphoning
  • LOCKING LEVERS: Cast zama levers for a secure seal
  • SILICON GASKET: Provides superior sealing and long term flexibility
  • CANISTER WALL: Double wall construction eliminates motor noise
Filter Circulation: 700 L/H / 185 GPH
Motor Performance: 60 Hz - 1380 L/H / 50 Hz - 1285 L/H
Power: 120 V 18 W / 230 / 240 V 17 W

Fluval G3 includes:
Pre-filter Cartridge, Carbon Filled Chemical Cartridge, G-nodes, Hose (3m – 9.8’), Intake Stem + Strainer, Rim Connectors (2), Spray Bars (2) and Nozzles (2), Output Connector, Quick Start Guide, User Guide on CD

Manufacturer Info

Rolf C. Hagen Inc. has its International Headquarters in Montreal, Canada and has wholly owned subsidiaries in the United States, England, France, Germany and Malaysia (South East Asia). Joint ventures include Japan, Korea, Thailand and South Africa, there are also numerous strong partnership agreements in quite a few other countries such as Spain, Mexico, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan and the Philipines to name just a few. Rolf C. Hagen Inc. distribution capacity spans the globe to provide the very best in pet supplies to the independent pet trade.



Experience Level: Intermediate

Poor Flow

I am not at all happy with the Fluval G3 and after researching the web, it seems like a lot of people are having the same trouble with the G3 and G6 flow meter. My unit is less than 36 months old and the flow rate is at 70% and will not get higher no matter what I do. I have changed all the media, cleaned everything and even replaced the impeller and it still shows a lower that acceptable flow rate. For the price you pay for this filter, the customer service is poor and there should be no problems experience after performing regular preventative maintenance. No happy at all. Mike

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Experience Level: Intermediate


I haven't used filter yet, waiting for new aquarium, but I would like to comment on shipping. The order was procedded quickly and received in a few days, all very good, the part I don't care for is the stryofoam noodles used to package, spent 15 minutes cleaning them up. My company now uses bubble wrap or shredded cardboard. I wish you would use something different. Dave

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Best filter ever

I own a 46 gallon fresh water tank. It was run with eheim wet and dry filter it do a great job on cleaning the tank with bio-filtation but it doesn't provide good mechanical filtration.I have to use a cheap hang on filter to do mechanial filter with with micro filter to do the job it is noise and do not do it very well.After I watch the video on the web I know this is the filter I had to have it. I am very impress with the filter very easy to set up.The most important it clean the water so clear not only I notice the different, my friend come to my house notice it too.The hydro display is easy to set and use.If i only use one filter in my tank I will buy the G6.I just want a easy to clean mech,chem filterG3 is more than good enough for me.The design is better than anything on the maket.By the way the fish in the tank get a lot more active after the filter added.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Hagen Fluval G3 Advanced Filtr

Just got this from my wife for Christmas and all I can say is WOW. This is verrrrrrry cool. Works like a charm and very quite. So far been running great. Well worth every dollar and looks like it will be very simple to clean every month.

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