Hamilton Cayman Sun Pendant 150 Watt Double Ended HQI 14K System

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  • Tired of slow coral growth from LED lighting? Accelerate your coral growth! Cayman Sun Metal Halide lighting pendants are unbeatable at increasing the growth of all corals, especially hard to keep, light demanding, SPS corals.
  • Cayman Sun Metal Halide lighting pendant systems allow you to keep all type of coral in your aquarium growing and thriving.
  • German aluminum, multi-faceted reflector, engineered to intensify the output and PAR of the metal halide bulb to the extreme
  • Superior craftsmanship, durable black powder coated , low profile reflector
  • Adjustable, built in, steel cable suspension kit
  • Protective, tempered glass, UV inhibiting splash guard lens
  • Light weight, ventilated aluminum hood
  • Fully assembled and ready to plug in for years of quality use
  • Hamilton 14,000K emits a crisp, intense ice blue light enhancing the color of your fish while promoting the development of photosynthetic plants, anemones and coral
  • Use one Cayman Sun pendant system for every two feet of tank length
  • Reliable, remote HQI ballasts with quick disconnects provide higher PAR ratings and will last many years and are practically bullet proof.
Specifications :
  • Incredible high light output reflectors – 2 times brighter than Reefstar
  • Includes Hamilton 150 watt 14K HQI bulb
  • Includes Hamilton HQI ballast
  • Durable, powder coated black exterior
  • 95% German reflective aluminum interior
  • Includes Steel Cable Suspension Kit & tempered glass lens
  • Dimensions: 12" x 12" x 5"
  • Weight – 5 lbs

Manufacturer Info

Hamilton Technology Aquarium Supplies
Hamilton Technology is the leading manufacturer of high quality aquarium lighting offering customers the widest selection of metal halide, compact fluorescent and VHO lighting available today at the lowest prices. Their mission is to offer state-of-the-art lighting that meets high standards of quality, innovation and value. Hamilton Technology has served the lighting needs of both the professional and the hobbyist aquarist for more than sixteen years and is considered by many to be the choice of experts.



Experience Level: Intermediate

Nice Lite

This light and ballast are well made.I realy like the enclosure for the ballast. I think the 14000 K is an excellent bluish color and no additional lighting is required.Simple to use simple to install. It gives me the light I want without having to mess with programming and an endless amount of options.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

400w cayman sun hqi

Nice light low price, wish it had leds on both sides. I use 1 fan in summer no fan in winter. I would of bought the 250w cause the mag ballast pushes so much harder thats why it's less effcient and a friend of mine has a 280gal tank and 3 250w 36" inch deep. He can grow any coral even at the bottom. I don't have a chiller and it stays 76deg.

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Experience Level: Expert

Nice sturdy light...

I purchased a 400 watt system and 2 250 watt systems at the same time for a 300 gallon 3 ft. deep tank all 14K. Lights are built very nicely. The ballasts are not extemely effecient but are very reliable. Only issue I had was that the 400 watt system I bought was much bluer than the other 2 250 watt systems. After about 100 hours it is begining to fade to match the 250 watt systems so everything looks right. The night lights are a nice touch if you don't want to add a seperate light for moon lights. Great product and very bright!!

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Experience Level: Expert

Excellent Light System!

The Cayman lighting system is excellent! I have a 150 watt HQI Cayman over a pentagonal 45 gal. tank that has LPS corals, gorgonians, polyp corals, and mushroom corals as well as fish. It produces plenty of light and it has been easy to see everything grow, including coralline algae (pink, purple, orange, green). I have a 100 gal. tank too, but have six 65 watt Power Compact lights above it. The HQI light is of much better quality and I don't have problems with nuisance algae under it like I do with the PCs. Stick with the 14000 K bulb. It is a great balance between visual appeal and enough energy to keep the corals going. A 250 watt HQI would let you do any corals you wanted (including tricky SPS like Acropora) and use the 400 watt HQI really only if your tank is deep (probably over 24 inches) and you want to grow light-demanding things on the bottom (such as some clams). The reflector itself is very solidily put together and extremely bright and reflective. (Probably not a good idea to look at it directly with a naked eye.) The LED moonlights are a big plus too and are located to one side of the main reflector. They point straight down, but I dispersed the light from them with a small strip of foil. Finally, I don't have any heat issues with this setup. The suspension cables are solid and easy to install even in a very tall ceiling. If you're looking for a first rate lighting solution, skip the HO T5s and PCs and go with Metal Hallide. You'll be glad you did and in the long run bulb replacement is cheaper for MH lights if you figure that you have to have multiple HO T5s or PCs to accomplish what one $50-$80 MH bulb can do. Definitely with it! :-)

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Experience Level: Intermediate

250watt Cayman

I went with the 250w 14k lamp and the color is amazing. For the money you can't do much better. My only complaint would be the leds, they are on only one side of the fixture so you can only illuminate one side of your tank. I bought a separate led light to illuminate my tank at night and don;t use the one mounted to the fixture. I'm still working out a way to deal with the heat. The first day my tank shot up to 85 degrees. I have since added a fan to blow across the top of the water and I'm down to 81 degrees.

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Experience Level: Expert

Excellent Reflector

This is a good reflector. I had used the Hamilton Reefstar before, but the Cayman Sun is WAY brighter. It is really good for reef tanks. Right now, I have two 250 watt Cayman Suns on my 4 ft mixed reef. It is plenty of light for any corals, especially if you want to keep SPS. I like the hanging kit it comes with as well.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Hamilton Cayman 250W Sun Syste

The reflector and ballast shipped from the manufacturer in unmarked cardboard boxes. There was no product description, no warranty information, no parts list and no contact information on the manufacturer. Reflector construction is fine. The 14K lamp provides shimmering blue/white light and the lunar LED's provide nice, shimmering deep blue evening light. The reflector directs the light into the tank with little or no scatter into the room. I have the light set 14 inches above a 30 gal tank and the ballast below. Both generate a lot of heat. I installed a small fan to keep the tank temperature below 80.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Nice light

It's brighter than the reefstar and I like the 14k over the 10k. But the bulbs in both are really hard to install. The 14k is bent a little and came apart somewhat by the fixture would accept it. But the output is great I will buy another one.

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