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Hydor 2-Way Basic Wavemaker with 2 x Koralia Controllable Pumps/Powerheads

Hydor 2-Way Basic Wavemaker with 2 x Koralia Controllable Pumps/Powerheads

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Hydor 2-Way Basic Wavemaker with 2 x Koralia Controllable Pumps/Powerheads Information

Product Manuals & Documentation

Hydor 2-Way Basic Wavemaker with 2 x Koralia Nano Pumps/Powerheads

Wavemaker 2
Low Voltage Pump Controller

Great Flexibility:
1 or 2 Koralia 12V low voltage pumps, same or different models.
2 blue LEDs on front panel indicate pump setting and functioning.

Wave or Tide Effect:
WAVEMAKER can produce a wave effect setting the timer between 2 and 15 seconds or a tide effect switching the flow on and off every 1 to 6 hours.

The power of the pumps can be set by operation on the minimum and maximum controls to better suit the needs of the aquarium and its inhabitants.

Setting Pump Function Mode:
Alternate Flow Mode
With pumps on eat each side of the aquarium operating on minimum and maximum controls, the flow can have a wave or tide effect, ideal for reef setting.
Synchronous Flow Mode
Pumps operate simultaneously at minimum or maximum flow and can be set to on/off mode to create strong tidal effects.

Food Mode:
Easy function to allow feeding of fish and invertebrates in reef aquariums. Just click on the SET button and the pumps are put on hold for 5 min.

Manual or Automatic Night Mode:
In this mode the pumps can be slowed down during the night and turned back to the set speed during the day.
Night Mode
Indicated by a red LED, can come on automatically by using the photo-electric cell (not included, sold separately, EU code JH1900, USA code JH1901) which detects the aquarium illumination.

Cooling Fan:
For maximum safety, WAVEMAKER is equipped with a super quiet cooling fan that regulates its speed as necessary.

NOTE: Wavemaker Controller only controls controllable Koralias

Koralia Nano 12V
Low Voltage Controllable Pumps

Circulation, oxygenation and the creation of wave effects and tides are the secret to maintain healthy even the most delicate corals. MARINE Professional equipment is an exclusive professional line created by Hydor to fulfill the needs of the most demanding fish keepers. Koralia 12V is a low voltage, Low consumption controllable pump ideal for water movement in marine aquariums

The Koralia Nano 12V range is specifically designed for use connected to the Hydor Koralia Wavemaker system.

Unique Patented Magnet + Suction Cup Sup Support:
Makes positioning Koralia easy and safe anywhere in your aquarium.

Adjustable Flow:
Rotate the pump as you prefer thanks to the sphere shaped connection and direct the flow to better suit the aquarium needs.

Gentle or Powerful Flow:
Wide and gentle or width concentrator nozzle powerful and direct.

Low Voltage Safety:
All models have a super safe rubber cords with waterproof connectors that plug into the WAVEMAKER control system.

Complete Range of Models:
From Koralia Nano 12V to Koralia 4 12V.

Propeller shaped rotor
For super performance from 260 to 1400gal
Very low power consumption
From 0.6 to 13.7 W.

  • Min 0.6W, Max 3.8W
  • Flow Rate: Min 100 GPH, Max 260 GPH

  • Manufacturer Info

    Hydor has been producing a comprehensive range of equipment for aquariums and ponds since 1984 and offers the best in high-technology for the creation of a living ecosystem at home. The factory has developed thanks to the engineering competence of its founder and its continuous growth is based on the investment it has made in research and the development of innovative technical appliances. A competitive and dynamic structure of more than 150 employees regularly engages in the implementation of products which meet the demands of 50 nations and keep pace with the evolution of the world markets. The global quality is not a simple working method but a daily expression of mind.

    Hydor 2-Way Basic Wavemaker with 2 x Koralia Controllable Pumps/Powerheads Reviews

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    (16 reviews)
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    Great product

    Reviewers Rating Excellent!

    Posted: 11/8/2010 from El Paso, TX UNITED STATES
    5.0 5
    Experience Level: Intermediate

    Comments: Excellent build quality, only gripe is a knock as one of the K4's turns on, but thats all...oh and the brightness of the LED's on the display are phenomenal... No guessing games with this unit as its straight forth and easy to use...

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    Does What It's Designed to Do

    Reviewers Rating Great

    Posted: 9/5/2010 from MURRIETA, CA UNITED STATES
    4.0 5
    Experience Level: Intermediate

    Comments: There's not too much to say. Hydor makes awesome water movement devices. I trust Hydor 100% and only use Hydor for water movement in my tanks. The ONLY drawback to the "Nano" version is that even at full power, the Nano powerheads are weak. For a 10 gallon or less, they're perfect. I actually had to step up to the Koralia 1 powerheads. Now the water movement is GREAT! If you have anything above 10 gallons, get the #1 powerheads.

    1 of 1 People found this review helpful, did you? Yes No

    Hydor 2 Way

    Reviewers Rating Great

    Posted: 8/8/2010 from NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ UNITED STATE
    4.0 5
    Experience Level: Intermediate

    Comments: I really like the Hydor. Its easy to use very quiet,and moves the water well. I have one at each end of my 180 gal. saltwater tank. I would recomend this product to a friend.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

    Great Wavemaker

    Reviewers Rating Excellent!

    Posted: 8/4/2010 from NORTHRIDGE, CA UNITED STATES
    5.0 5
    Experience Level: Intermediate

    Comments: Very nice wavemaker. You can adjust the max and the min of both pumps. It has night mode as well. Now it can even handle big pumps, if you want. For even greater flexability and more water movement, people might want to consider spending a little more and gettig the 4 way wavemaker. It not only does 4 Koralias, but the computer software and ability to program it are much more sophisticated. The display is nicer too. Costs more, but as most of us have seen, it is better to get the good stuff from the outset. It would not be worth getting the 4 way for a small tank, I would say for tanks a least 100 gallons or more.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

    Good Product

    Reviewers Rating Average

    Posted: 3/21/2010 from Queen Creek, AZ UNITED STATES
    3.0 5
    Experience Level: Intermediate

    Comments: Not what I expected, was expecting more of a wave effect. Wish the minimum setting was almost an off position. With one side still blowing at a min and the other side full max the wave effect is not as great. Plug and play operation from the box, easy to get going Fish love the flow this gives rather then a constant flow from my previous Koralia's. The light sensor is a must.. along with the feeding mode is great Overall a great built product, I do like it better then two standard Koralia 4 pump.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

    Needs improvements

    Reviewers Rating Average

    Posted: 2/9/2010 from CORONADO, CA UNITED STATES
    3.0 5
    Experience Level: Intermediate

    Comments: This system is an improvement over the stand-along Koralia pumps because this system cycles the pumps silently. The stand alone pumps would make a hideous clanking noise when starting up. Also, you can adjust the minimum and maximum power levels of the pumps. However, the pumps do not cycle on and off; just high and low. The range of adjustability of the minimum setting should extend down to 0. This also makes the feeding feature useless. The pumps are still blowing water around (the feeding mode turns both pumps to low), which scatters the food in all directions. You have to shut the machine off, which is just about as easy as hitting the feeding mode button (with the exeption of allowing for the possibility of forgetting to turn it back on). I also do not recommend Koralia 4's for a 48" tank. I think 3's would work better.

    1 of 1 People found this review helpful, did you? Yes No

    Great product!

    Reviewers Rating Great

    Posted: 11/21/2009 from BINGHAMTON, NY UNITED STATES
    4.0 5
    Experience Level: Expert

    Comments: I just got my Hydor Wave Maker 2 with 2 K4's this week and I think it is really nice. It won't make a wave like the tunze wavebox but that is not what I bought it for anyway. It provides a nice wide flow and alternates from one side of the tank to the other. In my opinion the wave action that many waveboxes create is not enough water movement for a tank by them self, you still need to have laminar flow. The Hydor Wave Maker 2 simulates a reef crest which exactly what I was aiming for. It provides laminar flow from one side and then at a predefined increment (I have mine set at 13 seconds) it switches to the other side, then back again and so on and so forth. This is really a much more useful feature IMO than the function of a wavebox or similar device. With all of that said the Hydor Wave Maker 2 with 2 K4's is a very nice product provided you buy the appropriately sized pumps for your system. IMO the K4's at 1400 GHP are only sized for a 65 or 75 gallon tank. Anything much bigger than that and you will need to get the koralia magnum pumps. Remember when calculating your GPH requirements that only one of these pumps are going to be on at full power at a time. In conclusion the Hydor Wave Maker 2 is a great product (so far) just don't expect 2 K4's to be enough flow for a 120 gallon tank because it won't even be close. You will need to look at the Koralia 5-8 Controllable Pump/Powerheads.

    7 of 7 People found this review helpful, did you? Yes No

    Happy Fish and Corals

    Reviewers Rating Great

    Posted: 11/11/2009 from NEWNAN, GA UNITED STATES
    4.0 5
    Experience Level: Intermediate

    Comments: Overall, I am very happy with the product. My only complaint with the wavemaker is the feeding mode. When the unit is in feeding mode it will still run the pumps at the minimum pump setting which in the case of the Koralia 3 is 370gph per pump. So in my case I need to turn the unit off for feeding. Everything else is great!

    0 of 1 People found this review helpful, did you? Yes No


    Reviewers Rating Great

    Posted: 11/8/2009 from TURLOCK, CA UNITED STATES
    4.0 5
    Experience Level: Intermediate

    Comments: Great Product! Pulled the parts out of box, put together components, set dials, and was in business. Well built equipment. I have the light sensor which works great to drop to slow speeds in the evening (works great). I just shut it off to do feeding and it starts back up right where it left off on power up (it also has some button to push for feeding mode). It would be nice if the slow speed was able to go a little slower.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

    Great Product!

    Reviewers Rating Excellent!

    Posted: 5/5/2009 from MANTECA, CA UNITED STATES
    5.0 5
    Experience Level: Expert

    Comments: I was torn between the Hydor and the Vortech wavemakers for my new 70g reef show tank. After reading reviews on the noise issues with the VorTech and listening to a member in my reef club about his disappointment with the VorTech, the choice was easy. I am extremely happy with the Hydor. Setup is simple with really the only functions you will need. The low voltage pumps give off almost no heat and the cords are plenty long to remotely set up the controller. I purchased the optional "electric eye" to lower the flow at night and it worked perfect. I have the tank set up in my living room and did not want to noise issues with the VorTech. The Hydor pumps are silent. I highly recommend this product!

    5 of 5 People found this review helpful, did you? Yes No

    of 2
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