Hydor EKIP 350 Thermofilter

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This item has been discontinued.

Hydor USA

Hydor EKIP 350 Thermofilter UL Listed 100W 125 GPH

The EKIP Thermofilters are composed of a water pump, a heating element, a biomechanical filter, and an air diffuser, all in one unit with one plug! The EKIP Thermofilter can be used anywhere where warmed water is required along with biomechanical filtration. Totally safe and reliable, works both vertically and horizontally. The EKIP will switch itself off in the event it runs dry for a short period of time. For freshwater and marine aquariums. UL Listed. Perfect for turtle tanks! Perfect for fish breeders to avoid eggs being laid directly on the heater and being destroyed. Many filter media accessories available separately. Additional carbon bag can improve the chemical filtration.


  • Ratings: Ekip 350 – for use in aquariums 16-32 gallons
  • Heating element, centrifugal pump, filter and air diffuser.
  • A complementary filtering system can be hung to the basic structure for bio-mechanical filtration
  • The filter body can be easily taken out of the water without detaching the basic structure from the aquarium. It contains two sponges offering a very large surface area for bio- mechanical filtration. Additional carbon bag can improve the chemical filtration.
  • There is a special place where filtering media can be added (carbon, zeolite, ceramic media). Designed for simple and fast maintenance.
  • The filter body has the water intake placed on both sides. This particular shape was studied to prevent leaves and big debris from stopping the water flow.
  • Two year manufacturer`s warranty.

Manufacturer Info

Hydor has been producing a comprehensive range of equipment for aquariums and ponds since 1984 and offers the best in high-technology for the creation of a living ecosystem at home. The factory has developed thanks to the engineering competence of its founder and its continuous growth is based on the investment it has made in research and the development of innovative technical appliances. A competitive and dynamic structure of more than 150 employees regularly engages in the implementation of products which meet the demands of 50 nations and keep pace with the evolution of the world markets. The global quality is not a simple working method but a daily expression of mind.

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