Hydor Koralia 7 Controllable Pump/Powerhead 12V LV 900-3100 GPH

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This item has been discontinued.

Hydor USA

Koralia 7 Controllable 12V LV 600-1900 GPH

***The Koralia 7 12V pump must be used with the Hydor Koralia Wavemaker Controller for Controllable pumps. This pump will not work without a controller.

Circulation, oxygenation and the creation of wave effects and tides are the secret to maintain healthy even the most delicate corals. MARINE Professional equipment is an exclusive professional line created by Hydor to fulfill the needs of the most demanding fish keepers. Koralia 12V is a low voltage, Low consumption controllable pump ideal for water movement in marine aquariums

Unique Patented Magnet + Suction Cup Sup Support:
Makes positioning Koralia easy and safe anywhere in your aquarium.

Adjustable Flow:
Rotate the pump as you prefer thanks to the sphere shaped connection and direct the flow to better suit the aquarium needs.

Gentle or Powerful Flow:
Wide and gentle or width concentrator nozzle powerful and direct.

Low Voltage Safety:
All models have a super safe rubber cords with waterproof connectors that plug into the WAVEMAKER control system.

Complete Range of Models:
From Koralia Nano 12V to Koralia 8 12V.

Propeller shaped rotor
Super performance
Very low power consumption

  • Min 5W, Max 19W
  • Flow Rate: Min 900 GPH, Max 3100 GPH

Manufacturer Info

Hydor has been producing a comprehensive range of equipment for aquariums and ponds since 1984 and offers the best in high-technology for the creation of a living ecosystem at home. The factory has developed thanks to the engineering competence of its founder and its continuous growth is based on the investment it has made in research and the development of innovative technical appliances. A competitive and dynamic structure of more than 150 employees regularly engages in the implementation of products which meet the demands of 50 nations and keep pace with the evolution of the world markets. The global quality is not a simple working method but a daily expression of mind.



Experience Level: Intermediate


working really well love it

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Powerful and silent

I had 4 Koralia 4 controllable pumps on my Wavemaker 4. They did not push enough water for my 150 gallon reef tank, which has a large amount of SPS. I decided to upgrade two of them to Koralia 7's. Be certain you are ordering the 12V versions for your wavemaker. Read the descriptions carefully to distinguish 12V from 120V model. The Koralia 7's installed as a direct replacement for the 4's. They are larger but not that obtrusive. The main difference I noted was the screen/flow director in the front is not removable on the 7's. This is helpful as the old units required a dab of superglue to get the end to stay on securely and not fly off from vibration. The second advantage is the quietness at startup. The 4's would rattle for a second whereas the 7's are silent. Don't let the quietness fool you. The 7's push massive amounts of water. In fact, I had to go into the program section of the Wavemaker and turn the max rpms down so that my fish were not tossed around. Thankfully, the Wavemaker allows this. The second change was where to direct the jets. With the 4's, it was not much of an issue and the circulation petered out at about 3 feet from the pump. With the 7's, there is a strong flow across all 6 feet of the tank. That can be used to make some interesting turbulence patterns. After some experimentation with the Wavemaker programs and the positioning, I found a reasonable random turbulent flow over my SPS. The fish are still getting used to higher flow. I will probably invest in the photocell to turn down the flow at night. All in all, these pumps are an impressive product that move a huge volume of water and are energy efficient.

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