Innovative Marine 30 Gallon Micro Nuvo Aquarium Stand (Stand Only) - Black

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Somewhat pleased

The stand looks great from afar. Upon closer inspection the paint was scratched or chipped in certain locations and it feels very wobbly to forces from the sides. I did expect this stand to come in this condition so I can't be upset. I just want others to be aware of what they are getting. Cabinet door works well and can be adjusted for good fit. The cabinet definitely needs pads to keep it from banging when you close it. I like that the shelf is adjustable.

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Experience Level: Beginner

Worth about $100

I purchased this after a Biocube 14 stand was sent back (due to faulty Biocube). This stand has a nicer false wood grain look, but apart from that it is inferior to the cheaper stand. Pros: VERY easily put together, well packaged...I think, looks good especially from a distance, helpful cut outs in rear, tall (better for display of tank in my situation) - it is about 35 inches tall. Cons: for $200 I expected more so it is overpriced for what you get, lacks some twisting rigidity which is probably ok because it just needs to support a vertical load but I have kids an imagine the worst, nice hinge hardware with tension closing of door however it lacks a magnet to keep the door perfectly still so when I walk by it rattles (a little felt should help though), the top plate (decorative radiused perimeter) had two nice corners and two irregular corners that did not miter together very well at all and had exposed unpainted wood (this wasn't a big deal to me as I decided to not even utilize the top plate which is basically decorative other than offering a lip to ensure the tank does not slide around, which it shouldn't anyway), non-leveling feet, arrived with some scratches and an area on the door edge that looked like they already tried to cover scratches with black magic marker, the door is set about 1/8 inch off the center of the front sticking out on one side and not flush with other - this is picky but my eye is drawn to little irregularities like this - the hinges will not adjust for this either so in order to fix I would need to reset the hinges in door (not easy as there is a deep cutout for the hinge or place a spacer between the hinge and the side wall. Overall, the stand looks good (without the top decorative piece which looks like it was glued together by my 6 year old) and will serve its function. I purchased this because there are very few stands that worked for me dimensionally. I just wish it cost about $100, which is what I think it is worth. If necessary, I would purchase again and lower my expectations:)

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