Innovative Marine 30 Watt 14000K Skkye Light Tablet LED Light - Black

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This item has been discontinued.

Innovative Marine


If versatility, performance, & sleek design are on your short list for aquatic lighting; you may have found your MATCH!

Meet the new SKKYELIGHT tablet that is flexible enough to be mounted inside a canopy or clamped on both rimless and framed aquariums with ease. Each tablet boasts powerful light output offered in 30 watt version with two independent light cycles for daylight and moonlighting. All tablets are actively cooled with a quiet frameless fan and are no bigger than a typical notebook or tablet.


  • 30 watt Skkye Light Tablet LED Illumination
  • Daylight & Moonlight
  • Extruded Aluminum Arm
  • Rimless Clamp (up to 18mm) thickness
  • Frame Clamp (up to 30mm) thickness
  • Independent Power Cords
  • Low Voltage Transformer
  • Actively Cooled w/ low noise frameless fan
  • Thermally Protected
  • Modern Design
  • Low Profile
  • Retrofit Hardware (Sold Separately)
  • Individual LED Reflectors

Product Manuals & Documentation

Innovative Marine 30 Watt 14000K Skkye Light Tablet LED Light - Black

Owner's Manual available for download in Adobe PDF file format

Innovative Marine 30 Watt 14000K Skkye Light Tablet LED Light - Black

Additional Info 1 available for download in Adobe PDF file format



Experience Level: Intermediate


purchased the new 30w skkye lamp, looks fantastic, operates a bit noisy but acceptable. However after only two days the cooling fan stopped working and white lights would turn off due to overheating. Having purchased from a reputable local store, they replaced at no cost. white daytime light make my new tank look beautiful, night time blue creates an interesting look.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Excellent Light for the Price!

This is pretty easy review, but let me preface by saying I started wtih 48 watts of compact flourescents, so it was a pretty easy win for the new LED lights. These make my tank sparkle and all of my soft corals showed an immediate improvement under the increased PAR. My Innovative Marine 30 gal tank, rimless design, looks great with this sleek and slender fixture attached to the tank. I believe that the styling would fit in with most decor, but it looks really good in my office!The fan that operates when the white 14k LEDS are on is not exactly "Whisper" quiet, but it is acceptable and less noisy than the two fan setup I had previously in the hood of my JBJ 12 gallon Nano tank. The fan does not operate when the 2 Blue LED Moonlights are operating, so it is completely quiet when those are operating by themselves. There is a seperate plug for the Blue LED's so you can turn them off and on whenever you want. They add a nice "Blue" color to the tank when the White LED's are operating and when you use them by themselves, create a nice blue "Moon" light that makes my corals look flourescent. Another obvious benefit is the cost savings of the LED's. At 50,000 hours, you can run them 12 hours a day for ten years, at a substantial energy savings compared to more trandional "Bulbs."I am looking forward to the possiblities of adding some LPS, or possibly an anemone to the tank down the line, but the 30w fixture is geared towards satisfying your needs for low to moderate light corals. I have enough light to have a clam in my tank. With this light there are lot's of possibilities I couldn't even consider with the old Compact Floursescents.If you are looking for a compact, stylish LED that works. It would be great if they added the ability to dim these lights. As technology improves and allows, I'm sure that most LED fixtures will allow for this option, but this fixture does not. However, I am still very happy with this purchase and would recommend it to anyone considering making the transition to LED lighting for their aquarium.

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Experience Level: Expert

Good for Solana

I put the 30 watt version on my Solana cube a few months ago. It looks nice and the soft corals and LPS are growing better than ever. It runs very cool and I had to get a heater for the first time ever. The design sends the light all down to the tank which I prefer over the blinding glare of other LED systems. It comes with a mounting arm which attached in a few minutes. The one thing I don't like is the cooling fan which seems overkill for a 30 watt light. I speculate that they use the same fan on the higher wattage version. I would like a quieter fan, the current one sounds a bit louder than a computer.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Great Product!

This LED works great, the quality is top notch. At first I was a bit unsure since my previous lighting was with metal halides. I can't notice the difference in brightness. The light still shimmers and my corals are bright with color. The temp of my water dropped 4 degrees with this light. The fan is bilt in and it stays really cool. The moon light also has great intensity and it is wired on a seperate cord so I can have timers on both. Overall this light works great and looks great.

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