Ista Hydro Bio Sponge Filter - Size L Rectangular (50 Gallons)

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This item has been discontinued.


ISTA Bio Sponge

Simple, Efficient and Economical
The quality bio-sponge assures greater working life and its dense porous foam tissue forms large and ideal surface area for bacteria colonization and filtration.

  • Easy to install, simple to maintain and low cost
  • Driven by air to increase oxygen solubility.
  • For raising fry, to breed, or keep delicate species

Manufacturer Info

It has been more than 20 years since Tzong Yang Aquarium Co. was founded as a tropical fish breeder. After 20 years, they are no longer a breeder of tropical fishes, their dedication in accessories development has transformed them to be a manufacturer of many quality aquarium accessories that you know as Ista planted aquarium products.

These 20 years of experience in the aquarium field enables them to understand the specific demands of the hobbyist. Based on this understanding, the talented design team is able to develop products which are unique, professional and fit into the market trend. Innovation and quality assurance is the spirit Ista is proud of and because of this, their business partners in different countries can always stay one step ahead from others in the market of competition.

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