JBJ 20 Gallon Rimless Shallow Reef Aquarium

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JBJ Lighting

The new JBJ RL-20 Shallow Reef offers the perfect dimensions for a frag tank or shallow reef aquarium. This luxurious aquarium features crystal clear water filtration and powerful water flow. A frag rack made of black egg-crate and plastic stand-offs is also included to professionally display your frags. Lean back, relax and enjoy the new classy addition.


  • All-In-One Filtration
  • Designed specifically as a frag tank and great as a shallow reef
  • Frag Rack: consisting of black eggcrate and stand-offs
  • Strong water pump (266GPH) for water circulation
  • Designated center column for heater and/or chiller pump
  • Black cover lid pre-cut to fit and clamp JBJ Pacifica LED light
Aquarium Specs:
  • Approximately 20 Gallons
  • 6 mm Bent Glass
  • Dimensions: 20" x 24" x 9"
  • Center Filter Chamber Dimensions: 13.5” x 5” x 9”
  • Left and Right Filter Chamber Dimensions: 5” x 5” X 9”
  • Acrylic Filter Wall w/ Overflow
  • Mechanical Sponges
  • Activated Carbon Sponges
  • Biological Ceramic rings
  • Return Spray Bar
  • Designated Center Column for Heater and/or Chiller Pump

Manufacturer Info

JBJ is a top-of-mind brand name in freshwater and saltwater aquarium supplies. The company is committed to innovation and manufacturing only the absolute highest quality equipment. JBJ’s philosophy is "to create products that provide extra value" to hobbyists. JBJ produces hundreds of aquarium products including lights, filters, heaters, UV sterilizers, wavemakers and top-off systems. The company is best known for their affordable line of Arctica chillers and the best-selling Nano Cube aquarium series. We carry the gamut of JBJ products and accessories and are happy to provide you free technical support while you’re setting up your new equipment.



Experience Level: Expert

Good bang for your buck

The JBJ 20 gallon frag tank arived in a timely manner, and perfectly packaged thus protecting it from the UPS monster great guys but man they can toss boxes around and sometimes manage to even break tatanium! OK let's get down to the tank; it's an all glass and silicone asembly with the fuge, filter, and pump partition being an acrylic pice. The silicone job is extremely well done, and solid clean seals. There were some reviews I read before purchasing this tank, that mentioned a bad silicone job not the case with this particular tank. The best of all is that bent glass front it's a nice look. The back side of this baby has worked well for me, the filtration compartment is roomy and allows for what ever it is you decide to put in there, it comes with some charcoal, and a big block of sponge useful some times but like I said the room is great to put what ever combination of filtration media your heart desires. The fuge area I am happy with; I personally have some algie the media it also came with and some live rock, I am only keeping soft corals so I do not have a skimmer, I do water changes on a strict schedule, but if a skimmer and whatever other toys you must run is what your looking for it certainly has the room for it. The pump heater area is exactly just that and it does the trick for me. The pump and the outlet spray bar; I was originally skeptical about these features but I am happy with them, and actually the flow is really good for my personal aplication. All around for the money it's a good tank, I am planing on getting another one for hard coral.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Really nice

Came in perfectly package ! No damage or anything package professionally , tank looks great as they advertised I suggest getting one if you looking for a fragg tank !

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Experience Level: Intermediate

It' ok

The tank is really nice looking. But I gave 3.5 stars do to a couple of beefs I have. 1. The tank looked like it was a slap together very dirty had to do a lot of cleanup on it. 2. The rear cover is a thin piece of plastic that just bows with some condensation. Had to cut it in 3 sections to work. (or just don't use it) 3. The wand is to low in the tank. So if you want to make a shallow reef you will have to adapt some fittings to raise it a bit. 4. Over priced for the quality you are getting. Other than that it"s pleasing to look at as shallow reef. I am enjoying it.

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Experience Level: Intermediate


Ordered the JBJ frag tank and received it in great shape, well packaged, and complete.. Nice clear curved corner glass aquarium, well constructed with only complaint being the silicone on bottom of tank joints could have been a bit better cleaned up. The filter area is nice size for this size of tank and has a very nice black wall and cover to hide the area. Very pleased and would buy again.. Especially if they had a larger version LoL.

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