JBJ 5 Watt In-Tank Submariner UV Sterilizer/Clarifier

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JBJ Lighting

JBJ Lighting Submariner

In Tank UV Sterilizer 5W UV Sterilizer:
JBJ Lighting Submariner, In Tank UV Sterilizer 5W UV Sterilizer is the proactive solution for eradicating harmful micro-organisms and unattractive green free-floating algae in fresh & saltwater aquariums. This revolutionary UV sterilizer/clarifier is completely submersible, which can be placed either in the main body of the aquarium or positioned horizontally in a sump for a clutter free set-up.

This utilizes a UV-C compact fluorescent lamp that is encapsulated in our unique Quartz Sleeve that is air tight and allows for a 99% transmission rate to efficiently neutralize disease causing pathogens. All models include an integrated pump with an adjustable swivel spout and large mechanical pre-filter sponge.

A Perfect Match
We`ve taken the guess work out of sizing flow rates of pumps to lamp wattages. All models include an integrated submersible pump that is specifically sized for your aquarium which includes a swivel spout nozzle, adjustable flow valve and lamp indicator. Did we mention, you won`t need any tubes or connection fittings... it`s ready to install right out of the box.

Versatile & Compact
The Submariner is compact enough to fit in the smallest sumps and discreetly blends into aquariums. It`s streamline design and black exterior finish compliments any environment it enters.

Your First Line of Protection
The first step to long-term consistent sterilization is an adequate mechanical pre-filter to trap particulate matter and debris. Providing crystal clear water to the UV is vital to the overall success of any unit.

Water enters from the slotted sidewalls and 100% of the water is directed through the sponge and then to the UV with no bypass. Our quick-release cap instantly grants access for fast sponge replacements and regular cleaning schedules.

Encapsulated Quartz Sleeve
Our innovative design encapsulates the UV-C lamp in a commercial grade waterproof quartz sleeve that protects and allows for a 99% transmission rate for optimal performance.

Maintenance Made Simple
UV sterilizers require regular cleaning of the exterior of the quartz sleeve to remove any organic build up to effectively perform. Cleaning the quartz sleeve is made simple by unsnapping the power head off and removing the whole encapsulated quartz sleeve and rinsing off under the sink.


Dimensions: 12in x 3.9in x 3.5in

Product Manuals & Documentation

JBJ 5 Watt In-Tank Submariner UV Sterilizer/Clarifier

Owner's Manual available for download in Adobe PDF file format

Manufacturer Info

JBJ is a top-of-mind brand name in freshwater and saltwater aquarium supplies. The company is committed to innovation and manufacturing only the absolute highest quality equipment. JBJ’s philosophy is "to create products that provide extra value" to hobbyists. JBJ produces hundreds of aquarium products including lights, filters, heaters, UV sterilizers, wavemakers and top-off systems. The company is best known for their affordable line of Arctica chillers and the best-selling Nano Cube aquarium series. We carry the gamut of JBJ products and accessories and are happy to provide you free technical support while you’re setting up your new equipment.

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Top Quality All in one UV

After a few months of toying with the idea of getting a U. V Sterilizer I finally decided to give one a shot and purchased the Submariner by JBJ Lighting What had put me off about them was the need for power heads, pumps, tubing , plumbing and the overall hassle of installing one - not to mention the expense. After doing a fair amount of research I chose the Submariner because it bypasses all of the above in one self contained unit. No hoses or tubing to run and no extra pump to buy, everything is pre built into one sleek, all inclusive unit which you can literally take out of the box, attach inside your tank or sump, plug it in and that's that. What U.V sterilizers do is pull in water which flows past an encased in clear quartz tube but is exposed to UV light, which kills 99% of harmful pathogens. Humans can't see U.V light and it's dangerous to look at directly - hence the bulb which is more of a tube encased in a quartz sleeve is covered in a black plastic case. A little violet light lets you know the unit is working. As the water is exposed to the U.V harmful microscopic organisms that pose a threat to marine life or cause cloudy water are destroyed. Most UV systems, including this one boast a 99% kill rate but keep mind enough good bacteria that colonizes and lives in your filter and tank substrates aren't effected so the delicate ecosystem of an "established" tank remains unharmed. I thought the water in my tank was clear - however the following morning after I had installed the unit the water was so unbelievably crystal and pristine that had it not been for the aeration it would have looked like my fish were floating in air. PROS 1) Strong pump and outflow - 211 GPH this is the same for all three units which range from tanks up to 40 , 100 and 150 gallons. I keep mine above the water line and get great aeration and surface movement. 2) Excellent build quality, the unit is surprisingly heavy and well made 3) Excellent kill

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Experience Level: Intermediate

replacement bulb

I had this sterlizer 14 months and had to replace the bulb 4 times. Two I purchased and 2 replaced no charge. I finally purchased a different unit.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Water Sterilzer 5W

I love it. The water is crystal clear and it very quite and easy to install. Thanks for a great product !!!!!

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Installed on 29g BioCube

Solid product. Keep in mind most people don't stuff a sterilizer this size into a biocube, but the 3 watt online didn't get very good reviews. The flow rate of the pump is designed to give you the proper exposure time to the UV. I would have liked the ability for water to come out the top instead, but oh well. My only real gripe is the nozzle and cap on top - it pops off quite easily if you try and attach either the square-to-round adapter or plastic hose. Some dremel work would probably fix that. It raised my tank temperature between 1 and 2 degrees F, but it is a fairly small tank, and I don't mind because it keeps it around 80F. For those of you with a 29G BioCube, you can wedge it sideways in the first chamber where the crappy skimmer goes. I'm going to be putting an upgraded skimmer in the center. Hope this helps!

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JBJ UV sterilizer

I recently ordered the JBJ UV sterilizer for my 55 gallon fish tank. Since I'm not running a wet/dry sump I thought this would work out perfect. Install was easy. Just put it in and plug it in. The indicator light is nice to have and what I really liked was the outport adaptor fitting to change the outport from a square port to a round. I then hooked up a wave reflector. The flow is reduced and that's ok. I knew this would happen after reading up on the reflector drawbacks. I not sure I like the filter concept and will probably not buy replacement filters. I don't use them on my other tanks and the fish do well. It's quite, functional and should be that perfect solution to tanks without sumps. saltH20fan

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Shorted Out

I should have read the reviews of this product before buying. I bought this in the hope that it would help eliminate an outbreak of algae. It did seem to be helping, but failed after less than a month of operation. Evidently, the internal wiring and bulb on mine was not well seeled and shorted out. My fish, and maybe myself were saved by the GFI outlet that fortunately tripped and prevented electric shocks. I didn't even bother to replace it. I'm not willing to take a chance on it again. I would NOT recommend this product.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Art Porter

Pro: Easier to replace bulb that with previous design. Con: Poor sealing design on quarts shield. Sharp edge on screw in piece needed to be smoothed to eliminate cutting the O Ring (which it did). Mesh filter is overpriced.

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I bought a gfci and grounding probe because after I bought it I read the reviews. After 3 months It started tripping the gfci and turning off the power strip.

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Failed within a year

Bought the 9 watt product about a year ago (June 2010) to put in my 125gal reef tank. After two days there was a noticable difference in the water quality. I had been fighting green hair algae and this was the step in the right direction. My first surprise came a week later when i tried to do the first maintenance. You really have to pull this thing out of the water completely and take it to a sink or a bucket to disassemble and clean the foam filter (it's larger than it looks in the picture). The height of my tank and the strength of the suction cups made this a very messy task. Only one week running and the filter was very mucky, so cleaning the foam filter was really going to be a weekly task. Next surprise, about 6 weeks later I notice that the purple glow in the UV bulb status window was no longer there. Sure enough - UV bulb shot. Called JBJ. Bulb in warranty and the bulb shipped. So this time, I put the unit on a timer and only run 6 hours a day. Worked well - less filter cleanings etc. Well it's April 2011 - guess what?? Look at the unit one night this week and see in the UV status window is blinking purple, red, white, green. Sure enough - water in the sleve and the bulb is shorting out. Fortunately - i didn't have the shocking experience that others noted in their reviews. Will I buy another? No!!

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Love it !

The water ALWAYS looks better than at the pet stores !

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