JBJ K-2 Viper 70W HQI Clamp on Lamp Lighting Fixture

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JBJ Lighting

Going topless has never been more rewarding!

We are proud to launch our new K-2 Viper HQI Clamp on Lamp Series. The K-2 Viper offers a streamline design to fit on virtually any small reef tank (eg. Nano-Cube) or use it in series for larger aquariums. All models include one 14,000K (Double-Ended) metal halide lamp which casts the most intense amount of light for SPS, Clams and Hard Corals.

Versatility keeps you in control
The K-2 Viper will virtually fit on any size aquarium! Our unique design allows you to angle the light right where you need it most. With 3 separate adjustment knobs, you can configure the way you deem most fitting for you live inhabitants` lighting needs.

Replicating Mother Nature
There is nothing more intense or spectacular than the vibrant rays the sun can produce. But, we sure came close to emulating the power of the sun enclosed in a compact design for the next best thing. The K-2 Viper is guaranteed to instantly transform aquariums with fluorescent lighting into showroom display tanks with rhythmic shimmering throughout the tank and intensified light output. Your live inhabitants won`t know the difference, we guarantee it!

All models are pre-installed with our 14,000K Double-Ended HQI lamp that produces a crisp, ice-white color with a tint of blue to accent corals and fish. Your unit also includes our “Hammertone” reflector for maximum reflective efficiency surrounded by a UV Glass Shield to protect you and livestock from harmful UV output.

Plug-N-Play Operation
The K-2 Viper is so EASY to install you`ll be on your way to the most spectacular lighting display you`ve ever seen within minutes!

  1. Clamp mounting bracket on back of aquarium & tighten screws
  2. Configure adjustment knobs to your desired positions
  3. Plug in power cord into remote ballast and simply turn ON
  4. High performance with virtually NO EFFORT!
Keep it Remote
Your K-2 Viper comes equipped with a remote UL recognized metal halide ballast with male/female disconnects to safely position it away from moisture and salt build up. All ballasts are housed in an aluminum vented exterior for heat dissipation and corrosion resistance.




  • Length of extension arms: 6.5" each
  • Mounting bracket space: 1.25"
  • Kelvin lamp: 14,000K
  • Wattage available: 70W & 150W
  • Lamp type: Double-Ended HQI

Product Manuals & Documentation

JBJ K-2 Viper 70W HQI Clamp on Lamp Lighting Fixture

Owner's Manual available for download in Adobe PDF file format

Manufacturer Info

JBJ is a top-of-mind brand name in freshwater and saltwater aquarium supplies. The company is committed to innovation and manufacturing only the absolute highest quality equipment. JBJ’s philosophy is "to create products that provide extra value" to hobbyists. JBJ produces hundreds of aquarium products including lights, filters, heaters, UV sterilizers, wavemakers and top-off systems. The company is best known for their affordable line of Arctica chillers and the best-selling Nano Cube aquarium series. We carry the gamut of JBJ products and accessories and are happy to provide you free technical support while you’re setting up your new equipment.


6 month warranty

32 Reviews

Willie from


Experience Level: Intermediate


The light itself is good, provides adequate lighting to all parts of the tank, the screws holding the lamp stripped after 2-3 months. The worst part of this lighting system is changing the bulb, if you cant take the glass off, you're pretty much screwed...

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Experience Level: Intermediate

JBJ K-2 Viper HQI Clamp on Lam


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Experience Level: Intermediate

Good HQI lighting alternative

Biocube owners would know that the stock actinic isn't nearly enough to bring out the natural colors of the corals so the halide is an unparalleled upgrade IMO. 150W is perfect for my 14g tank for the $50 more. Positioning and adjustments are definitely a plus. Remote ballast is a nice to have to get it out of sight. My light sits about 9 inches from the water surface and my tank temp tops off at around 80 - 81 degrees on a 9 hr cycle. Although, I'm sure I'll have to deal with evaporation issues for going topless. Now on to the problems of the product. The biggest fault of the K2 Viper is the bracket that attaches to the back rim of the tank. It's way too weak for the weight of the fixture. The 2 backplate screws can be easily over tightened by hand resulting in the brackets snapping as it did in my case…BUMMER! There should be some sort of a torque regulator that prevents overtightening to avoid breakage. I remedied it with two 2" C clamps which made it much, much stronger. Having the clamps at least gave me the confidence that I wont come home one day to find the light inside my tank. I'm actually glad that I found out about the issue now than later as I'm sure it would have happened at one time or another anyway. Reinforcing it with even just one 2" clamp right off the bat is highly recommended. The arm of the light seems flimsy but it shouldn't really be a problem if you're careful around it or wont be moving it very much. The bulb housing also gets extremely hot and will burn your skin so putting on the black metal grill that came with the light should be used. The gear box is huge and very heavy! I hope that says something about the quality of ballast JBJ used. In all, if you have an option for a reasonably priced pendant style of lighting (which I don't) then I would strongly recommend considering that. The JBJ K2 Viper is not a bad product but not the best either. For tight budgets like mine, I'm okay dealing with the issues mentioned above.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Nice Upgrade!

Bought the K-2 Viper 150W to replace the hood lights on my JBJ 12G nano after the ballast went out for the third time. Very nice upgrade! I took the corals a week or so to adjust to the much more intense light, but now they are much happier. The lamp appears well built, was very easy to assemble & install. The only gripe, and it is a very minor one, is the size of the ballast. The product descriptions don't come out and say the balast it BIG (12"x5"x5"). The light put off by this little baby is awesome. I highly recommend upgrading to this for your nano reef!

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Experience Level: Expert

UV Shield Breakage

I really like the K-2 Viper Light, however, I keep having a problem with the UV Glass Shield breaking whenever a clownfish splashes nearby. The unit is 5-6" over the open tank, but any splashing has shattered the glass twice. JBJ repalced the first one free, but just had to buy another after 6 month warranty ran out - $10+$9 s&h $19 total. I am going to have a piece of glass cut to go under the light that fits the width of the tank, and still leaves front and back of tank open. Just FYI for those considering the K-2.

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Experience Level: Expert

Would not buy again

I have had this product for a while. This is my second one. The first one had to be sent back after a month because the top knob stripped not being able to hold the weight of the head. The second had the same issue after 2 months. I was going to give only 1 star but to be fair I gave it 2 because the light and reflector are great. It's the neck that needs a redesign.

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Experience Level: Intermediate


By no means am I putting down this product, I am putting down the fact that I was miss informed. The K-2 70w is a great product, the problem I have is it not strong enough for the tank I have and I was told it was. I own a 12 gallon Eclispe and it is just not enough light. Buy the 70w for a small,small,small tank, If you have something 10gal. or bigger spend the little extra and get the 150w and I beleve you will be a lotttttt happier!(at least I know I would)I am only recommending this light because the light is not my gripe, the under power for my tank is my prob. Mark

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Experience Level: Beginner

Makes Coral Smile

Don't let anyone tell you that 150w's is too much for a nano. I've had this fixture on my 8g BioCube since April '08 and couldn't be happier. I did have to lower my light cycle from 11hrs to 9 hrs due to rise in temp. Overall, both me and my coral couldn't be happier.

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Experience Level: Expert

versitile light

great light, I can use this on all three tanks. easy to remove and adjust. make sure its cooled off before moving

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Experience Level: Expert

Great Light

I highly recommend this light if you are looking to added more light to your nano reef tank.

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