Karen Talbot Art Wide-Band Clownfish Juvenile Open Edition Print 11 Inch x 14 Inch

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This ready-to-frame watercolor and pen & ink fine art print is double matted in an ivory mat with a gold reveal and is hand-signed and titled by the artist. Commissioned for inclusion in Matthew Pedersen's summer 2011 article on the species in CORAL Magazine, this painting is of a juvenile wide-band clownfish. Ready for framing in a standard sized 11 Inch x 14 Inch frame, this one-of-a-kind print can also be purchased in a beautiful walnut frame.

If purchased unframed, the matted print will arrive packaged in an acid-free clear bag with an acid-free and pH neutral backboard comprised of 100% recycled content. All matting material is buffered and pH neutral, insuring this print will provide years of viewing enjoyment. This print is also available framed or unframed as a 16 Inch x 20 Inch limited edition giclee print.

In addition to being a scientific illustrator, artist Karen Talbot is an avid aquarist and diver. Her paintings of tropical and temperate reef fishes are the result of hours spent observing her subjects both in aquaria and in their natural environments. Published in books and magazines and collected by aquarists, divers, fisheries biologists, and anyone passionate about the beauty associated with reef life, Karen's tropical and temperate reef life paintings are the perfect accompaniment to the wall adjacent to an aquarium. They also work equally well in an office, study, classroom, or any other room where a reminder of the wondrous world beneath the sea's surface will be appreciated.

Each of Karen's paintings are available as a hand-signed and titled open edition 11 Inch x 14 Inch print or as a highly-collectible hand-signed, titled and numbered 16 Inch x20 Inch limited edition print. A conservation artist, Karen donates 10% to conserving the ecosystems in which the animals that inspire her life.

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