Korallin Calcium Reactor 1502 Package 2

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Korallin Calcium Reactors

Korallin C-1502 Calcium Reactor Package includes; C-1502 Calcium Reactor, AquaMaxx Dual Gauge Professional CO2 Regulator, 5 lb. CO2 Cylinder (Empty) and CaribSea 8 lbs Reactor Media.

The already best-selling Kalkreaktor (Calcium Reactor) in Germany has become even better. It completely replaces Kalkwasser, 1 or 2-part Calcium / Buffer powder & liquid dosing. The new and improved Korallin kalkreaktor allows a simple, elegant and high efficiency production of calcium hydrogen carbonate including the necessary balanced carbonic acid. Sit back and watch your aquarium`s pH and dKH being kept at optimum levels. Together with our reliable CO2 System, this is the most maintenance-free Kalkreaktor setup in the world.

Ca2+ + 2HCO3 = Ca(HCO3)2 = CaCO3 + H2CO3 Calcium + Hydrogen Carbonate =
Calcium Hydrogen Carbonate = Calcium Carbonate + Carbonic Acid

A Kalkreaktor setup (ie: one with CO2 System and CaCO3 media) is expensive only at the beginning. You save money in the long term because a 5-pound CO2 refill ($12) lasts you 1.5 years on our Kalkreaktor (and only ours) while a 7-kg CaCO3 media ($42 and good enough for 2 refills) lasts you up to 1 year! And no more tedious daily Calcium dosing. A pH Controller is not required for our Kalkreaktor because there is no chance for the excessive CO2 to escape into your system like ALL other brands on the market. A pH Monitor is a nice equipment to have for fast pH measuring. Though pH Test Kit and pH Pen-monitor can still be used for this purpose.

The internal recirculation flow rate of the C-1502 is around 80 g/h. Since that this is a pressurized Kalkreaktor, the dissolution of the media by the carbonized water is enhanced. The effluent rate is only about 0.25 g/h at 40 drops / min. Thus explaining the efficient CO2 & media use. CO2 is being introduced into the Eheim powerhead direct - this is the most efficient Aspirating-Venturi method.


Korallin C-1502 Calcium Reactor Package - includes C-1502 Calcium Reactor, Dual Guage CO2 Regulator Deluxe, 5 lbs CO2 tank, and CaribSea 8 lbs Reactor Media

C-1502 - Rated for up to 400g. Reactor height: approx. 15.75"; Diameter: 4.5"; Ground: 6.25"; Filling amount to 3 kg. Eheim 1048 recirculation powerhead, bubble counter & brass check valve included.


  • Top-loading & access w/ enhanced O-ring seal
  • Auto-fill` Integrated Bubble Counter on one water circuit (ie: water never evaporates)
  • Detachable Tru-Union couplings w/ O-rings for easy handling, safe shipping, upgrading and leak proof
  • Integrated `industrial-grade` Brass Check Valve from German Air Pressure Systems to prevent back flow of pressurized saltwater
  • Improved engineering for stronger water circulation and suction
  • Secure German airline tubing connectors
  • Medical-use Miniature Quick Disconnect Couplings w/ shut-off 3 Inlet & outlet facing same direction
  • Special elbow for flexible airline tubing mounting
  • Heavy-duty Excelon construction w/ no unsightly and fragile hangover tubing
  • Top pump-mounting design
  • Self-suction water intake by the silent Eheim pump eliminates the use of a dedicated powerhead, gravity-fed or tee-off methods. It also serves for water recirculation.
  • Water circuit interruption in case of CO2 overdose - our exclusive CO2 Safety Feature
  • Visual excessive CO2 check w/ ventilation valve for quick release
  • Dual effluent outlets to suit different systems
  • Aspirating-Venturi technology utilizes only 10 CO2 bubbles / min. and up - most efficient use of both CO2 gas and CaCO3 media
  • Functions immediately, no `break-in period` required like other brands
  • The most compact and versatile positioning Kalkreaktor in its class - 6.25" small foot print + 15.75" total height - external or in-sump
  • Micro-adjustable miniature ball valve to maintain a consistent effluent drip rate
  • Slightly larger (German size) airline tubing for more consistent water flow
  • Strainer to protect Eheim pump from loose media particles
  • C-1502 - Rated for up to 400g. Reactor height: approx. 15.75"; Diameter: 4.5"; Ground: 6.25"; Filling amount to 3 kg. Eheim 1048 recirculation powerhead, bubble counter & brass check valve included.
  • C-3002 - Rated for up to 800g. Reactor height: approx. 29"; Diameter: 4.5"; Ground: 6.25"; Filling amount to 6.5 kg. Eheim 1048 recirculation powerhead, bubble counter & brass check valve included.

Product Manuals & Documentation

Korallin Calcium Reactor 1502 Package 2

Owner's Manual available for download in Adobe PDF file format

Manufacturer Info

Korallin is a German based company who is a manufacturer of specialized aquatic components and accessories for the advanced marine aquarist.


Manufacturer`s warranty: 1 year

36 Reviews

MARK S. from Cedar Knolls, NJ UNITED STATES


Experience Level: Expert

Nice, But...

As stated by others, you will get an air gap at the top when running a slow drip causing the pump to airlock. Save yourself the aggravation and run the normal drop line AND run the top bleeder line as well. Dial them both in so any air that gets trapped in the top can bleed out on a daily basis.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Korallin OK, but...

No negative comments about the C-1502 since it seems well built. However, if you're planning on buying the kit (reactor and CO2 setup), there's a few things you should be aware of and to plan out:1. The C-1502 Korallin reactor does not come with a reactor lid for the pH probe to control the CO2. In my opinion, that should be either standard or optional. If standard, I'm sure Korallin could make a blank off in case one does not own a controller. If you need the pH controller lid, you're going to have to shell out another $70. The effluent control valves are terrible! If you want a slow drip rate, you'll be monkeying around with these valves for awhile. This setup should come with pinch valves. Again, that's another cost and can be bought here.3. The needle valve for the CO2 tank isn't precision enough to get down to very slow bubble rates. It can be done, but it's frustrating.In short a pretty good reactor, with good fittings (no leaks) and a small footprint.

6 out of 6 found this review helpful

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Experience Level: Intermediate

One year review

Ok. It's been 1 full year since installation. First, the reactor needs to be lower than water source. No extra micro pump is really required as long as your outtake is below or same level as the reactor. You will get air trapped up top of the reactor and the best solution I have found is to use the top valve as your drip tube, rather than the designated one. The dialling control on the tank is cheap but workable. The tubing is ok but tents to bend after a few months where the tubes are connected to the reactor. Overall, it's a well built unit that needs to be checked once per week, especially the first month to ensure continuous regular drip rate.

2 out of 2 found this review helpful

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Experience Level: Intermediate

A good choice, easy setup

Got a used one and its very simple to use. Only thing I don't like is it doe not have a PH probe holder. Although you can set the CO2 rate in the bubble count in the chamber, I much rather to control it with a PH controller. Quick fix, ordered a Geo probe adapter, drilled the top of the reactor, tapped it, and was able to use a PH Probe in the chamber itself along with a PH Controller. Instructions found online and probe holder, probe/controller here.

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Experience Level: Beginner


It seems it is working fine, but some how the bubbles stop after some minutes of being working. It need the micro pump to get a better idea of what is wrong. Thanks.

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Experience Level: Intermediate


Love it SIMPLY LOVE IT !!!

2 out of 4 found this review helpful

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Experience Level: Expert

Watch out

The reactor is great and is working as expected. Watch out though... Don't wait too long as I did to connect it up and get it running. There is only a 6-month Pro-rated warranty on the Regulator which was bad from the start. I can't keep a consistent bubble count with this regulator. Yes, I have been patient and the bubble rate always will slow down and then I have to re-adjust it daily! If I had to do it over again I wouldn't buy the "Package" Again... The Regulator Doesn't Work Properly! I would recommend this Calcium Reactor to a friend as long as they buy a different regulator with it.

9 out of 11 found this review helpful

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JEFF from North Carolina


Experience Level: Expert

not worth it

I got this product 2 months ago and am still having trouble dialing in the bubble counter. It is very inconsistent due to the low quality of the fine needle adjustment. I have taken the tubing apart twice in order to fix a slow leak at the pump fitting. The media that comes with this package is junk, don't use it ! I subsequently ordered Korralith coarse media which works much better. I have two 75 gallon reef tanks contected together and filled with frogspawn, galaxia, brain, bird's nest, mushrooms, and various zoanthid species. The reactor can not keep up with the demand. It does help significantly, however I still have to add chemicals to keep the alkalinity and calcium at proper levels. This product should be rated for up to 40 gallons, not 400 !

5 out of 8 found this review helpful

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Korallin C1502

I already use a Korallin Reactor for Nitrates and was very happy with the results. This new Calcium Reactor has turned out to be just as good. The instructions for this one were very good and better than the instructions for the Nitrate Reactor. It is a little difficult to get the CO2 bubble count set properly to stay repeatable, but I am guessing this would be true for any CO2 needle valve. The equipment is top-notch. I had some leaks on the inlet assembly when I put the unit together, but they sent a replacement right away with no hassle and the problem was fixed.

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Experience Level: Expert

Thumbs up

This is my second Ca2+ reactor and I am much happier. It has been up and running for over a year now. Easy to tune and you can almost forget it's running. It uses very little CO2 and the Eheim pump ran dry for an extended period of time without any ill-effects. Cons - the initial brass check valve failed wihtin months after a power outage; the outlet valve will clog with calcium build-up and require periodic cleaning.

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