Kordon Prevent Ich Disease Preventative/Inhibitor - 16oz

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  • Helps Prevent Diseases caused by: Ich, Fungus, Protozoans and Dinoflagellates
  • 16oz (473 mL) Treats up to 960 gallons
Making a proper diagnosis is one of the biggest challenges facing the aquarist or pond keeper.

Discovering the onset of an illness and determining the proper response is critical in the animal`s survival and errors are often made. These errors can be fatal. Prevent-Ich is a treatment composed of 100% organic ingredients. It`s broad spectrum of activity and lack of toxicity make Prevent-Ich effective without requiring a specific diagnosis. It stops parasitic invasions from getting started and in turn prevents many secondary infections. It is effective against Ichthyophthirius (ich) as well as many other protozoans (single cell parasites such as Costia, Trichodina, Chilodonella, and in salt water Crytocaryon (saltwater ich) and Amyloodinium. In short, Prevent-Ich helps fishes fight off infections while the fishes themselves are still strong.

The herbals used in Prevent-Ich have been selected because they have been shown to have a powerful effect against aquatic diseases, yet are far more forgiving on the animals than harsh chemicals. What Kordon has created , led by Dr. Michael Tierra - a well known herbalist whose books on natural botanical treatments are widely read - is to carefully determine which herbals can be used together to cover a wide spectrum of aquatic diseases. The result is completely unique, very effective, and truly easy to use.

Directions for Use:
In Fresh, Brackish or Salt Water: Shake well before each use. Remove any carbon filtration media. For treating stressed fish and when netting, handling or adding new fish, amphibians, turtles and other aquatic reptiles: Add 1 teaspoon (approx. 5mL) of Prevent-Ich for every 10 gallons (approx. 40 liters) of water. Repeat dosage daily, 3-7 days of treatment will usually be sufficient. Cold water conditions may require a longer treatment time. Water changes are not required for this treatment to be effective.

For established or severe infections use IchAttack, a more powerful herbal remedy and continue until a cure is effected.

Prevent-Ich IS SAFE FOR USE IN ALL KINDS OF AQUARIUMS AND ORNAMENTAL PONDS. Scaleless fishes (such a loaches, elephant noses, electric eels, knife fishes and catfishes), coral reef fishes, young fish and fry, reef aquariums, aquatic plants, aquatic invertebrates (such as snails, crustaceans, corals and sea anemones), amphibians and reptiles. Prevent-Ich will not stain sealants, ornaments, plastic or living plants will not be unduly affect the pH or permanently discolor the water. Prevent-Ich does not affect beneficial nitrifying bacteria.

Prevent-Ich can be used with all Kordon Water Conditioners such as NovAqua, AmQuel and PolyAqua, all Kordon Water Clarifiers (Trans-Clear and Sea-Clear) and all AquaTru Water Quality Test Kits.

Manufacturer Info

Kordon LLC
Kordon has been supplying aquarists and pond keepers with the products they need since the 1960`s. They are dedicated to developing the right products along with the right documentation to back up those products. All Kordon aquarium products are carefully researched and tested prior to their release. Quality control is constantly maintained in their production and distribution.



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This does not work

So after using this product as per the directions there was a vanish in white spots... But I was also feeding garlic based products... But then I noticeda nasty return Oh the ick on my helfrichi... I continued to use as directed but with no positive signs... Ick came back just as everyone told me it would... But with a vengeance killing a lot of livestock .... Won't trust products like this again...

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