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Home » Saltwater Aquarium Supplies  » Freshwater Products  »  Kordon Tidy Tank Freshwater Addtive - 4oz
Kordon Tidy Tank Freshwater Addtive - 4oz

Kordon Tidy Tank Freshwater Addtive - 4oz

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Kordon Tidy Tank Freshwater Addtive - 4oz Information

  • Improves water quality naturally
  • Reduces odors
  • Extends useful life of filter materials
  • Contains only naturally occuring beneficial bacteria
  • breaks down organic debris in gravel and filters
  • remoes sludge from substrate
  • does not effect pH
  • 16oz bottle - treats 480 gallons
Tidy Tank contains a specifically developed sludge removing bacteria used to remove organic debris from aquarium gravel, filters, tubing, etc. Tidy Tank contains billions (2 billion colony forming units per milliliter) of heterotrophic bacteria. These Bacillus species bacteria rapidly consume carbohydrates, proteins, starches, fats and cellulose that build up in aquariums as the result of feeding, fish waste, decaying plant matter and other organics. As well as eliminating unsightly sludge from the aquarium, these bacteria will also reduce odors that are produced as a result of organic decay. Tidy Tank eliminates debris accumulation in biofilters, preventing the formation of toxic anaerobic zones within the filter media. Tidy Tank will also decrease channeling inside of filters, allowing faster water flow and increased filter efficiency. The Bacillus species in Tidy Tank can function in aerobic and anerobic conditions allowing these organisms to function in the best and worst of aquarium conditions. Using Tidy Tank augements the beneficial microbes already present in the aquarium. Tidy Tank is very stable and has a long shelf life.

Contains live facultative anaerobic heterotrophic Bacillus species bacteria in spore form.

The bacteria in Tidy Tank are in a spore stage inside of the product bottle. When introduced into an aquarium, they are able to recognize that they are in an environment friendly to them, an environment rich in food and able to support their reproduction. The bacteria then emerge from a spore state and quickly begin to consume sludge. Upon consuming all of the food in the aquarium, the bacteria recede to minimal population levels. Because of the rapidity with which they consume all the food material available to them in the aquarium it is not possible to sustain an active population of these bacteria for a long period of time. Biweekly additions of Tidy Tank are recommended to sustain population levels sufficient to prevent sludge buildup.

The bacteria in Tidy Tank function best the following conditions:
pH range: 5.5-8.4
These bacteria are active between 55-110°F/12.7-43.3°C, optimum range is between 75-85°F (23.9-29.4°C).

Tidy Tank is an extremely stable product and will remain viable for three years if kept from extremes of cold and heat.

These bacteria are 100% non-toxic, non-pathogenic and feed on decomposing organic matter. Tidy Tank is non-corrosive and requires no special precautions to handle. These bacteria are not a health hazard to humans, fish, pets, plants or wildlife. Tidy Tank may be used with all of Kordon`s water conditioners including AmQuel®, AmQuel Plus® and NovAqua®.

Tidy Tank may be used in conjunction with PhosRid and TransClear to achieve crystal clear water quality.

Tidy Tank can safely be used with organic medications such as Kordon`s Ich Attack and Prevent Ich. Tidy Tank can also be used with ZymBac, but Tidy Tank will not speed up the nitrification process. Tidy Tank is not intended as a substitute for proper aquarium maintenance including water changes.

Tidy Tank is not a medication and is not intended for use treating fish disease. Tidy Tank is to be used as a sludge removing agent. Tidy Tank should not be used in conjunction with any medications, especially antibiotics. Medications will harm the organisms in Tidy Tank. Before using Tidy Tank in any aquarium that has been medicated, perform at least a 20% water change and use fresh activated carbon to remove any remaining chemotherapeutic agents.

Ultraviolet sterilizers should be turned off for up to a day after application.

  1. Shake well before using
  2. Add 2 teaspoons (10ml) for every ten gallons of water (37.85L) directly into the water. Repeat dosage after 24 hours.
  3. Repeat the above steps biweekly or when wanting to remove visible sludge.
  4. To increase effectiveness, add directly into filter media, particularly activated carbon. Activated carbon is an excellent surface area for the Bacillus sp. bacteria in Tidy Tank.
Keep away from children. Tidy Tank contains no hazardous chemicals or bacteria. If Tidy Tank contacts eyes, rinse with water. If ingested, contact a physician and bring Tidy Tank product container with you. Overdosage up to five times label dosage is harmless to the aquarium.

Manufacturer Info

Kordon LLC
Kordon has been supplying aquarists and pond keepers with the products they need since the 1960`s. They are dedicated to developing the right products along with the right documentation to back up those products. All Kordon aquarium products are carefully researched and tested prior to their release. Quality control is constantly maintained in their production and distribution.

Kordon Tidy Tank Freshwater Addtive - 4oz Reviews

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Reviewers Rating Excellent!

Posted: 5/22/2011 from HOUSTON, TX UNITED STATES
5.0 5
Experience Level: Intermediate


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Great product

Reviewers Rating Excellent!

Posted: 12/14/2010 from SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, CA UNITED
5.0 5
Experience Level: Intermediate

Comments: This stuff really works! I spend most of my time right by my turtle tank and as long as I use this stuff, it doesn't smell like a turtle toilet and it's totally natural and healthy for my turtle.

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