Liquid Life Bio & Marine Plankton Promo Pack - 64mL each


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Liquid Life

Liquid Life BioPlankton with Free MarinePlankton Promo Pack!

Liquid Life BioPlankton can achieve the beauty and diversity of a reef by providing the planktonic life that is absent from aquariums, but essential for the development of a marine food web. Fish, Zooplankton, Filter Feeders, and Corals feed on plankton either directly or indirectly. With an average cell count of 10 billion cells per mL, a size range of 2-16 microns, and a broad nutritional profile, BioPlankton results in enhanced species diversity, density and reproducibility.

Fish only, or new reef, 1 pump per 60 gallons every other day. Aged reef 1 pump per 30 gallons daily. Mix in saltwater prior to use. BioPlankton can be used to enrich rotifiers and artemia. University tested, aquaculture proven, hobbyist approved.

Liquid Life MarinePlankton (MP) contains Cyclopeeze, a unique nutrient comprised of a micro-crustracean farmed by Argent Chemical Laboratories. Warning, MarinePlankton use will excite your fish! Used as a supplement feed, it will play a vital role in the coloration, growth and survivability of both fresh and saltwater fish. Through its buoyancy, MarinePlankton has an excellent capture rate by reef invertebrates like corals and crustaceans, and fish also eagerly accept this unique food. With more than 40 times the fatty acid content of Brine Shrimp, MarinePlankton can be used as a complete artemia replacement. By feeding your fish with a diet comprising up to 25% MP, they will reward you with increased immune-resistance, and enhanced sexual maturity. Feed only as much as your aquarium will consume in 3-5min. When freezer stored, MarinePlankton has a three year shelf life.


In order to preserve the nutritional value of frozen food, this product must be shipped via Next Day delivery. A flat shipping rate of $24.99 applies for any quantity of frozen food items (free shipping promotion does not apply). This charge covers the shipping, ice pack(s), and styrofoam box.

BioPlankton is transported to our warehouse with refrigeration.Then we store this product at 20`F. We go through great lengths to ensure that you our customers receive a fresh product. Even though the cost per feeding of this product is about half of competing products, please keep in mind that shipping and associated charges for the transport translate to a savings of only 10-20%. The shipping and handling charges do not change for up to 6 bottles, therefore it is more economical to purchase this product in quantity.

Manufacturer Info

Liquid Life USA
Liquid Life USA manufactures its own line of marine aquarium feeds and provides marketing and distribution for cellpharm`s ornamental aquatic products. We work only with products that meet the expectations of the aquatic professional, both dealers and service professionals. Hobbyists will receive value and results from our products. We provide exemplary dealer and hobbyist support for our products, promote improvements in animal husbandry, and where possible seek to educate on the possibility of captive propagation and breeding of ornamental species.

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