Lumatek 400W 120V/240V Dimmable / Multi-Wattage (250W, 400W) Ballast w/ Non-Standard Cord

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Lumatek 400W 120V/240V Dimmable / Multi-Wattage (250W, 400W) Ballast w/ Non-Standard Cord

  • Up to 20% MORE LUMENS; faster growth, bigger harvests
  • Generator Ready
  • Unique graduated fin design for more efficient cooling
  • Completely pre-wired with popular BAREF lamp cord
  • *3 years full + 2 years warranty
  • Internal Resin coating protects components for long life
  • External breaker system protects against power surges
  • Completely silent
Brightest Ballast on the Market The Lumatek Ballast is the brightest ballast in the industry. Light meter readings indicate that the Lumatek ballast is up to 27% brighter than common core and coil magnetic ballasts. The Lumatek is 10-15% brighter than other brands of digital ballast on the market.

Over time, core and coil ballasts will degrade, become louder, use more electricity, and produce more heat, while the lumen output declines. Digital ballasts maintain lumen output and efficiency over the life of the unit. The output of magnetic ballasts degrades over time and can fluctuate by up to 10% during a 12 hour cycle. Digital ballasts produce a constant output without any fluctuation.

Magnetic ballasts waste up to 75 watts to convert the electricity, whereas Lumatek sends the FULL 400 watts to the bulb, lighting it to its fullest potential. The Lumatek achieves superior light meter readings in comparison with other digital ballasts on the market through using microprocessors to detect the precise type of lamp used and accordingly supply the correct power. Some lamps are able to use slightly more than 400 watts. The Lumatek ballast will detect this difference and increase output accordingly.

Electronic Ballast vs E-Ballast
The Lumatek ballast is an E-ballast, unlike other brands on the market, which are actually electronic ballasts. E-ballasts use a microprocessor similar to a component found in a personal computer. This microprocessor allows the E-ballast to run either halide or sodium lamps, to switch between 50 and 60 hertz, to make adjustments for the type of bulb it is running, and even to compensate for degraded lamps by increasing its output. Electronic ballasts have a constant output and cannot make adjustments or changes. They will light a MH lamp; but quickly cause it to degrade, thus shortening the lamp`s lifespan.

Lumatek ballasts are programmed to allow for a `soft start` and do not require an initial power surge to start the ballast. This allows end users to start multiple ballasts simultaneously without blowing a breaker. The ballast will also detect a short in the wiring or a defective lamp. It simply shuts itself off, letting the user know that something is wrong. This should be kept in mind if you have a customer whose ballast keeps shutting down. In most cases, there is a problem with the output wiring.

Surface Temperatures
All digital ballasts produce the same amount of heat due to the total heat output. Do not be fooled by inferior units that use fans. These fans do not make the units run cooler. They simply exhaust the heat into the room. Each unit is tested at the factory for 12 hours with the lamp 6 inches from the unit. We are currently testing a new mosfet that will lower the running temperature of the 120v unit. The mosfet is the power supply circuit. It transforms the input electricity to the correct current and voltage for the ballast. This is the most important part of the electronic ballast and makes a huge performance difference.

RF Shielded Output Cord
The Lumatek ballast comes with an attached 15ft. RF shielded output cord. Competing brands of digital ballasts which do not employ shielded cords can seriously disrupt radio and satellite TV signals for up to 50 yards. This interference may also disrupt the operation of pH equipment. The Lumatek ballast, if properly connected, will have minimal RF interference at less than 5 ft. and will not interfere with pH equipment. In order to ensure maximum RF shielding, the output cord must be wired directly to the socket. If the ballast is connected to an existing unshielded wire, it will cause radio and satellite television interference. Both ground wires should be grounded to the socket set for maximum RF interference suppression. If it is necessary to extend the output cord further than the 15ft. supplied, the customer should purchase RF shielded wire to lengthen the output cord.

Warranty Information
Lumatek offers the best warranty in the industry - 3 year replacement and 2 year pro-rated. Lumatek will replace any defective units with brand new units for 3 years from the date of purchase. Please retain the original receipt from the place of purchase. A copy is required for all warranty issues. Also, these units should not have been modified or physically damaged. During the fourth and fifth year, Lumatek will supply the customer a pro-rated replacement ballast. For warranty issues, call the toll free support line 1-866-369-8943.

Market Confusion
There are several Lumatek look-alikes on the market. Do not assume that these have the same exclusive quantity and performance as the Lumatek. They typically use inferior components and technology and are not true E-ballasts.

The Lumatek Ballast is the brightest in the industry. Light meter readings indicate the Lumatek is up to 27% brighter than common magnetic ballasts and 10 - 15% brighter than competing electronic ballasts. Over time, magnetic ballasts degrade, become louder, use more electricity, and produce more heat, while the lumen output declines. Digital ballasts do not degrade and maintain their lumen output and efficiency over the life of the unit.

The Lumatek is not just your standard electronic ballast, but is a more advanced E-Ballast. What is the difference? E-Ballasts use a micro-processor similar to your home computer. This micro-processor allows the E-Ballast to run halide or sodium lamps, make adjustments based on the type of lamp it is running, and will even compensate for degrading lamps by increasing output. Electronic ballasts have a constant output and cannot make adjustments or changes. There are plenty of other digital ballasts on the market, do not assume they are all the same. Typically they use inferior components and are not true E-Ballasts.

The Lumatek is programmed for a `soft-start` and does not require an initial surge of power to light the lamp. This increases the lamp life and allows the end user to start multiple ballasts at the same time without tripping breakers. To ensure safe operation, the Lumatek is programmed to automatically shut off in case of a short in wiring or a faulty or missing lamp.

The Lumatek uses a resin-sealed case for completely silent operation without a noisy fan. Each unit is burned in at the factory for twelve hours to ensure maximum reliability. The Lumatek comes with a 15ft. RF shielded output cord. Competing brands of digital ballasts not using shielded cords can disrupt radio or satellite signals for up to 50 yards. The same interference can also be experienced with pH monitoring equipment. The Lumatek ballast, if properly connected, will have minimal RF interference (less than 5 ft.) and will not interfere with pH monitoring equipment.

Manufacturer Info

The best Electronic Ballasts money can buy...
More power, more lumens more blooms......

Lumatek is the worlds leading supplier of Electronic Ballasts to horticulture. With the arrival of Electronic Ballasts, a technological revolution has taken place in energy efficiency for HID lighting. This replacement of magnetic ballasts (a technology more than 100 years old) with electronic HID ballasts is because of the proven efficiency gains. Tests have shown that Lumatek ballasts are up to 30% brighter than some old style magnetic ballasts. Independent laboratory tests have proven that Lumatek ballasts are more efficient than any magnetic ballast known to Lumatek. This means more lumens are produced per watt of energy consumed.

Lumatek is the number one supplier of Electronic Ballast to the hydroponics and horticultural industries worldwide, and is proudly available in at least 13 countries. Lumatek products are sold into government research facilities, major nurseries, top universities and numerous publicly traded companies. This makes the Lumatek range the most proven product in the market, in addition we have the industries best warranty with 5 years covered (3 years full and two years pro-rated).

Lumatek Electronic Ballasts: proven technology



Experience Level: Intermediate


I replaced my coralvue ballasts with these and I absolutely love them. Quiet, cool, and fat. they fire up up and the bulbs are at their proper color in 8-10 seconds. Cool to the touch and no noise. Slightly misleading in the dimmable department though, 400w is dimmable, but the 250 is not. Wattage selections are 250, 275, 400, and super lumen which is supposed to be 10% higher than 400 so call it 440w. I am almost wishing that I had purchased the other pendant hoods that accepted either 250 or 400w bulbs instead of the Hamilton 250's to take full advantage of these ballasts

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Experience Level: Intermediate

the best ballast

I bought two 250w ballast for my reef tank. the lighting system was purchased on ebay. not a bad setup until the ballast that came with it almost burned my house down. Not only is the light much brighter but no need to worry about coming home and finding my house burned to the ground

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Tim from Pittsburgh, PA


Experience Level: Intermediate

Great Value!

You won't find a better electronic ballast at a better price than here on PetStore.com! The dual voltage ballast, which included both line cords and the lamp cord, is ideal.

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Experience Level: Expert


As soon as it got i put into an Lumaenarc 111 mini ,which is the same as the other half of my tnak,the only difference is the ballast,my other side is an adjustable coralview, bulbs both new, and you can see a big difference if i did not know any better i would think, i was getting ready on the coralview side,for a new bub and i know i dont, they are both brand new .Very nice , except now i need to save for one on the other side to even it up and keep both side not feeling left out.

5 out of 5 found this review helpful

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True to Lumatek's word the new ballast RF shielding does the job. At 2 feet my radio works fine. It generates very little heat!! and is whisper quite. Lights to max brightness a lot faster, time will tell if it's more energy efficient, but in all other respects it's far superior to the magnetic ballast it is replacing. Will it last as long? We'll find out in time.

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Reef Person from


Experience Level: Expert

Great Ballast

This ballast by far is the best 400 watt I've ever used. It brings out the full potential of the bulb. The growth on my SPS have doubled since using this ballast.

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