Marc Weiss Co. Organics Blackpowder 4oz

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This item has been discontinued.

Marc Weiss Organics

Black Powder will blow you away!

"Maximize growth and color in hard corals and live rock"

  • Colorful life that you didn`t know even existed in your live rock newly spawns
  • Enhances growth and reproductive potential in organisms that are deprived of missing enzymes in the captive reef
  • Contains high levels of available calcium
Black Powder is designed as a water buffering agent that has specific beneficial effects on hard corals and live rock. Corals and live rock are relieved of stress in their environment producing coral growth and naturally enhanced colors.

Ingredients: Crude protein, crude fiber, quartz, Cytokinin, yeasts

Derived from ferment of: Citrus leaves, yeasts, animal by-products

Manufacturer Info

Marc Weiss Companies incorporated in 1994 as a Florida corporation. Their products are currently sold throughout the United States and twelve foreign countries.

The company is a family controlled organization whose main business is to manufacture and distribute water conditioning products for ornamental aquariums. All the company`s water conditioning products are made from either natural or USDA certified organic materials. The constant goal is to provide the aquarium hobbyist with the finest premium products manufactured to compliment the natural environment.

The company`s overriding direction within the entire product line is to produce products that return the aquarium`s water supply back to the natural environment for the inhabitants of the tank.

From 2002 through 2005 the company voluntarily submitted its product line to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for review, based upon new governmental aquarium industry contents regulations. In September of 2005 we finally received confirmation from both governmental agencies that our products and new packaging were in compliance with current and planned regulations. We are the first company to receive this accreditation.

The origins of the company, World Wide Fish Farm (USA), surrounded the importation and distribution of Discus fish from Asia. The Discus is a beautiful but difficult to keep alive animal, during transport and exhibition. The company achieved an amazing reputation for delivering the most vital and colorful Discus found in the marketplace. Customers repeatedly asked for the company`s secret in maintaining our Discus. The secret was what became Recon – 50. This product reintroduced natural trace elements into reverse osmosis (RO) water. The company began supplying our customers with Recon – 50 and Marc Weiss Companies` water conditioning product business began.

During the same time frame, Dr. Craig Jones, the company`s current Chief Science Officer was developing similar products which also focused on water conditioning. The parties got together and jointly developed and produced the first "Vital" product, Coral Vital.

All of the water conditioning products originates from a core base formulation. This base is then customized with natural or organic additives for the individual goals of the products.

Marc Weiss Companies mission statement reflects the vision and purpose of the product line:

"Marc Weiss Companies`s "Vital" product line is dedicated to creating an Environmental Equilibrium for the aquarium hobbyist. Marine life thrives best in its own natural environment. Our "Vital" products are designed with specific targeted purposes for each product. The goal being to return your aquarium to a natural - Wild - state, based upon your chosen inhabitants."



Experience Level: Intermediate

Black powder

Good Product. Does not work as good as Spectra-Vital.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Snake Oil

Doesn't work at all, horrible product

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headtreads from

Good for Select Few

Works bestr when added right after tank cycles. Use 3-4 times a week. Tanks that is stable, do not add. It pushes out sugars(coral energy) out of the corals and they shrink up.

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