Marina Standing Thermometer

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This item has been discontinued.


  • Centigrade and Fahrenheit
  • For fresh and salt water
  • Accurate and easy to read
  • Safety zone indicator for most tropical fish
  • Protects fish from unsafe temperatures



Experience Level: Intermediate

IMHO, Not for tank use.

Seeing the text is very difficult while the thermometer is in the tank. It floats around banging off the glass, heater and live rock. No suction cup to keep it stationary. The text is very small. Seeing if you are within the safe zone is easy enough but determining exact temp is difficult. I tried burying the base in my substrate but it still floated off into the water column. "Standing" may be the technical term for this behavior but I interpreted that to mean "standing still". I was expecting it to have more weight to prevent it from floating off. This thermometer may work for checking temps of replacement water during changes but its not really appropriate for use inside a display tank or sump simply because you have to put your hand into the water each time you want to check the temp.

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DAVID DILLEY from Pacific, Ocean


Experience Level: Intermediate

Crappy Thermometer

You get what you pay for with this thing. It doesn't tell temp very accurately and I would suggest only using it when mixing water for a water change. There is nothing to secure this, it just "stands" (as the name suggests) there on the bottom of the tank/sump and keeps moving from the only angle you can read the red temp line, which is looking at it from straight-on.

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Lady from


Experience Level: Intermediate

Marina Standing Thermometer

This little thermometer is the best buy around.I use two in the 300 gal fish tank and a couple stuck in the gravel of the veggie side of the aquaponics system.They are easy to read, float nicely and stand alone in the gravel.I highly recommend that you purchase several.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Its a thermometer !

Its cheap but not super accurate. But then none of the thermometers are, even digital. You need 2 or 3 different brands to get the average temperature readings.

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