MarineDepot.com Exclusive ReefKeeper Lite + SLX Expansion Unit w/ FREE pH Probe

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Digital Aquatics

We have teamed up with Digital Aquatics to bring you the best priced aquarium controller package available on the market today. Our Exclusive Digital Aquatics ReefKeeper Lite Package includes the ReefReeper Lite Basic Aquarium Controller, an RKM SLX Module and a FREE Digital Aquatics pH probe.

Package contents:

  • 1 x RKL Head Unit
  • 1 x PC4 - Power Controller 4
  • 1 x SLX (pH, pH/ORP, temp, and 2 x switch inputs)
  • 1 x Digital Aquatics iTemp Temperature Probe
  • 1 x (FREE) DA pH probe
  • 1 x SID - System Interface Device
  • 1 x Programming Coupler
  • 6 x Mounting screws
ReefKeeper Lite Preliminary Product Information
  • Expandable - up to 4 modules!
  • pH, ORP, and switch inputs (w/ optional SLX)
  • 16 timers / 16 alarms
  • Audible / Visual alarms
  • Wavemaker
  • Dual Stage Temperature Controller
  • Moonlight Controller (w/optional MLC)
  • Light Controller
  • Pump Controller

Product Manuals & Documentation

MarineDepot.com Exclusive ReefKeeper Lite + SLX Expansion Unit w/ FREE pH Probe

Additional Info 1 available for download in Adobe PDF file format

MarineDepot.com Exclusive ReefKeeper Lite + SLX Expansion Unit w/ FREE pH Probe

Additional Info 2 available for download in Adobe PDF file format

MarineDepot.com Exclusive ReefKeeper Lite + SLX Expansion Unit w/ FREE pH Probe

Additional Info 3 available for download in Adobe PDF file format

Manufacturer Info

Digital Aquatics Aquarium Supplies
Digital Aquatics was founded in 2004 and has quickly become the most recognized name in aquarium automation. Since the company debuted the original ReefKeeper 1 (now known as the RK1) in 2004, they have gone on to create some of the most flexible, innovative and cost effective aquarium controllers on the market. The revolutionary ReefKeeper Elite (RKE) was unveiled in 2008 and the affordable ReefKeeper Lite (RKL) came out shortly thereafter to appeal to more budget-conscience aquarium hobbyists. In 2010, Digital Aquatics released a reptile version, the HerpKeeper, as well as the aptly named PondKeeper. ReefKeeper controllers simplify aquarium keeping duties by monitoring and controlling a variety of water parameters and equipment including but not limited to lighting, water flow, heating, cooling, pH and ORP.

30 Reviews



Experience Level: Intermediate

Easy to use

Love the DA products, easy to set up program and use. I was looking for a controller with WIFI capabilities, when I bought the RKL, however there were no good choices, since then DA has released the Archon , I just upgraded. Now I can monitor control everything from my IPhone.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

ReefKeeper Lite

More bang for the buck. Setup required reading the instructions (yikes) however its all their and once you get it, it's really easy. So far works like a charm ;)

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Digital Aquatics-Reef Keeper

Digital Aquatics gets a thumb down from me. I have called them and sent them email. The Support department does not answer their phones and they do not return reply to emails. Reef Keeper does not save you money as I was hoping for. The PC4 can only take two cords for your lights and when you have multiple lights that have two cords each you have to end up buying multiple PC4's to accommodate your light systems. So don't waste your money on this system if you have multiple lights that have two cords each. Unless you are rich with very deep pockets lots of money in them.

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Experience Level: Expert


This is a very good controller, as long as you don't need all the bells & whistles. Does everything that a I need for it to do! Apex is very nice, but if you just need to control a few things, this is way cheaper & will do all you need for it to do.

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Mr. Bob from NY


Experience Level: Beginner

Very nice starter controller

This is a great starter and upgradable control unit, and can't beat the price. I have been using the Basic version for many months and use it for: power heads/ wavemaker, heater, auto top off pump with dual float switches, pH + temp (comes with the unit), refugium light, main pumps. I did have to get a second power strip (PC4) for the main pumps as there are only 4 outlets on the strip, and only 2 of the 4 have sufficient amperage to handle pumps. The main reason I deducted one star is that every now and again my pH reading shows as "error". Originally I thought it was a probe issue, so I called DA tech support. They were extremely friendly and helpful. They gave me some "to-do's" and said if it doesn't work to let them know and they'd send a new probe right away. I actually found that it wasn't the probe at all but the SK1 unit. I think the issue is electrical interference from the jumble of wires I have for all my equipment fitting into a tight space, but I just need to disconnect the SK1 unit and plug it back in and it works again. My next upgrade will be the NET module to unlock the full potential of this controller.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Digital Aquatics Exclusive RFK

Price wise an excellent product, easy to setup, basically plug and play. Computer interface may need to be revamped if they want to stay competitive with Neptune. Great for smaller tanks. But overall, with temp and PH probe for $200 and your not hanged up on getting emails or using your computer to set up. I would recommend it. It's a entry level maybe border line novice controller.

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Experience Level: Expert

Great Product for the Money!

I should have bought this a long time ago. I have a chiller that has a built in temperature control that stopped sensing the temperature and was not operating properly. This product was the best choice to control the chiller. On top of that I now can monitor Ph. Another feature is alarm setting. I have set up a high and low temp, also a high and low Ph. It can also be expanded for extras like ORP sensor, lighting control, pump control. For the cost this was a great buy.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

awsome product

I searched the web and looked at prices and reviews. I found this reef keeper $80.00 less then competitor and the reviews were great. I like it a lot and have had it up and running a week now. time will tell and if it dosnt hold up to my expectations ill revisit this review of mine and say so. id give it a 5 if the instructions were more clear.you can get the instructions by going to web sight company offers you on quick guide in box but you have to navigate around a bit. I slao like that ph probe is calibrated right out of the box, one last thing to deal with in the moment.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Great basic controller

For a controller with pH probe, temp probe, and readily expandable to ORP and auto top off this unit is a bargain. Programming with the RKL's two screen display is actually well thought out and intuitive. I did not have to use the PC interface cable to get it setup at all. I have this unit on an 8 gallon nano FOWLR I have set up at work. This is running the heater, chiller (Nova Tec IceProbe), LED lighting, and powerhead/pump. Temperature stays between 75 and 77 degrees regardless of office temp. We had a severe AC failure resulting in office temps in excess of 85 degrees for days. Tank never got above 77.3 degrees. If you need your controller to connect to the internet/home network, then this isn't the controller for you. The Neptune Apex has NET features built in and a great user interface via software. This DA unit beats the Neptune hands down on interface without a PC. The Apex is virtually unusable without the PC. I programmed the DA without ever opening the manual, it really is that simple. The SL1 has so many features that it really does make up for the lack of a robust PC interface...A and B switch ports for auto top off (just add floats), ORP port, it has a plethora of features. This is the perfect solution for my small 'work' tank, and great for someone who wants all the bells and whistles without breaking the bank.

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Experience Level: Expert

great product

This is an awesome product! Well worth the price! Makes everything so much simpler. Not hard at all to install. The only thing I gave it 4 stars is because the reefkeeper elite has more standby modes. Which I would like more of. Ya know, one for feeding, one for water changes , even one for just pump maintenance. Nothing bad though. It's still an amazing product.

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