Marineland Deluxe Magnum 350 Canister Filter

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Magnum® Canister Filters

The Magnum 350 is an efficient, powerful, compact canister filter that is lightweight. Because it is a Magnum, it comes feature-packed with the ability to convert with ease from a continuous duty mechanical and chemical utility filter to a water polishing filter with micron filtration capability. Comes complete with a Carbon/Media Container and Water Polishing Micron Cartridge and available in models with and without BIO-Wheel wet/dry filtration. The filter pump 350 Gallons Per Hour for optimum water clarity.

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Marineland Deluxe Magnum 350 Canister Filter

Owner's Manual available for download in Adobe PDF file format

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Marineland Aquarium Supplies
Marineland is the world’s leading brand of innovative equipment and environments for consumers wishing to create the ultimate aquatic showcase. Committed to fish-keeping success for more than 40 years, the brand also is the professional’s choice for commercial display systems and scientific research.

10 Reviews



Experience Level: Intermediate

great filter

This is a complete kit. With enough options to satisfy most installations. wonderful sturdy design and easily maintained.

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If you care about the hobby, DO NOT EVER purchase this filter. It is the absolute worst canister filter ever. It will constantly leak around the top. A new "O" ring DOES NOT do the trick of stopping it from leaking. I have used this filter for some time now and absolutly HATE it, hate it, hate it. What should be a 10 min. job to clean and put it back together, usualy takes me about 1.5 hrs. to get it to stop leaking. I HATE THIS PUMP WITH APASSION. I did purchase a Rena XP4 and love it. I beat my Magnum with a baseball bat and tossed it where it rightfully belongs, IN THE GARBAGE!!!!!!! DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PUMP IF YOU CARE ABOUT OUR HOBBY!!!!

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mrteacherman from CLOVIS, CA UNITED STATES


Experience Level: Intermediate

magnum 350

Complicated initial set-up. It's late. I'm tired. And I just did an emergency replacement of my old Rema filter with a new Magnum 350 and I can't get this thing to prime! I've checked everything and I can't get water to flow through the hoses. I've turned the valves every which way possible. Nothing!

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Find another

I have owned one of these filters for about 8 years and kept it only because of the investment. I finally got fed up with it and threw it away yesterday. It filters fine, but the problem is trying to get all the air out of the canister every time you change the media. If you don’t get all the air out of the system, little by little the air gets drawn into the impeller at the bottom of the canister. Every time that happens the impeller makes a very grinding noise for a few seconds. This is so very annoying and loud! This will happen every few minutes or every ten minutes depending how much air is in the canister. Trying to get all the air out of the system though is almost next to impossible and will take hours of turning off the filter, shaking the canister and then removing the goofy hose connectors to let the air out. It is also very clumsy to clean. Keep plenty of towels on hand when you prime, or change media. This might have been the filter to have 10 years ago, but it’s time to redesign this and retire the current model. I would never recommend this to anyone.

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Good at what it does

I have three or four of these and have been using them for about eight years. What you get for the money is a mechanical filter with a media reservoir and a diatom filter. The diatom filter isn't supposed to be used all the time, if you have a problem like that then kill them with a UV sterilizer. How anyone could have a problem priming one of these is beyond me. Read the instructions. Fill the filter with water to the fill line then slap the top on, attach the lines and switch it on. The pump is at the bottom, so given that you remembered to put water in the filter before you reinstalled it you can't need to prime the pump. I just set one of these up that has been sitting for five years. I added carbon, put the filter sleeve on the canister, filled it with water, put the top on, attached the lines and switched it on. Two seconds later the water was blasting out of the pipe. It took two days to purge the bubbles though, I shouldn't have been lazy. For use as a mechanical that I change often I prefer this. For biological filtration I have Eheim 2227 and an acrylic sump full of bio-balls on another tank. The Eheim is way harder to start than this. I had a Fluval 304 that I gave away, that was also hard to start and was noisy until all the air found its way out.

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like a timex

The one i have, has been running for almost 18 years now.

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At first, I could not get it the pump to prime and I followed the directions completely. Then I decided to start it the same way I did my old pump (by filling the canister with water first then turning it on). This makes the priming process easier. Once I filled the canister with water from the sink, it started immediately. The pump works great now and is quiet as a mouse. I would recommend this to all my fish loving friends.

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Good Design

This is a older and proven design, but does have a few shortcomings. The Magnum as it boasts removes even the fines particles from your water, giving you cleaner, clearer water. This does come at a price however as you will have to service this system much more than other canister filters...especially if you are using the Micron Filter Cartridge. When the system becomes full, water flow will drop dramatically. When placed on one of our heavier stocked pleco tanks, the system had to be cleaned weekly and like any canister filter, it is much more labor intensive to clean than a Hang on the Back (HOB) filter. Additionally, this system lacks the biological filtration which similarly priced models have. Given the biological filtration is what breaks down toxic ammonia and nitrite, it is arguably the most important offering a filter should have, especially when purchasing a $100+ model. Finally, the mounting hardware is not as well designed as similar systems offered by Fluval, Eheim and Rena. For some tanks, you will not be able to install this system without having to drive to a hardware store to purchase additional parts. Even then, you may not be satisfied with the fit and finish for such a pricey system. Before purchasing this system, I would look at the other canister filers on the market which offer: better biological filtration, longer cleaning intervals, better mounting hardware, and more user customization.

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Better Than Average

I had this filter with bio wheels set up on a 75 gallon fish only saltwater tank for about 4 years. This filter worked well on both filtering and polishing. The only drawback to this filter that I can see over what is available today: 1: Only one filter tray for media/carbon 2: It is a bit hard to get primed, but once you get the flow started it purrs like a kitten. 3: It is a bit tough getting the hang of installing the lid after servicing the unit. (after you do it a time or two you will get the hang of it) (do yourself a favor and put a towel under the filter the first time you change the media) I have just purchased a 55 gallon tank and I am planning to set it up with a Fluval (never had one so I am gonna give it a shot. I will post a review on the new filter as soon as I have it up and running ) That being said I would purchase another of these filters.

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Instructions not as clear as indicated in ads.Didnt prime easily as instructions said. However it worked perfect after water started flowing.Literature shows pump in Wageer Polishing mode, not filtering mode and a little misleading.

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