Milwaukee DL122 pH/IDC/Temp Controller

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pH & Temperature & IDC ( Independent Dossing Control ) Controller with Wi-Fi and Dual Data logging Full Duplex portal interface. Unit includes - pH Labortory Grade Electrod, 6.5` Temperature probe, International power supply, starter calibration solutions, Power controler box, 7` RJ45 comm cable.

With Milwaukee`s DL Digital Data logging Controllers you can monitor and control pH levels from anywhere in the world. This DL is ideally suited for CO2 or dosing as well as liquid pump injection.

The Milwaukee Instruments "DL122" Controllers has a user selectable full pH scale set point range. Accurately controls pH with programmable hysteresis from .5 to .005 which let you determine how quickly your doser is activated. Includes automatic temperature compensation and probe diagnostics with easy set up.

Initiates caution and critical alerts when pH strays beyond dosing systems ability to act correct, status lights on the DL units change color and the unit sends you a text message and or email alert via Wi-Fi/portal service.

Continuously logs data on board and cloud data logging at programmable intervals, with instant snapshot capability.

DL122 & DL510 provides incremental dosing control for accurate supplemental dosing without affecting controller operation.

  • User selectable Resolution
  • User selectable hysteresis & Probe Diagnostics
  • Automatic 1, 2 or 3 points calibration
  • Visual LED indicator for Normal – Caution – Critical
  • Includes 4GB SD card For Data Logging
  • Full Duplex Wi-Fi Interface Through the Portal
  • Supplied with 12 VDC adapter & mounting kit and RJ45 com cable to power box
  • Power Box for Liquid or CO2 dosing and IDC with power activated LED
  • Double junction pH electrode with 2m cable (BNC connector)
  • Digital temperature probe 3m

  • Specifications
  • Range Full Scale: .001 pH to 14,000 pH
  • Resolution - User Select: Tenths (0.1 pH); Hundredths (0.01pH); Thousandths (0.001) pH
  • Accuracy @ 77°F:±0.2 pH
  • Set Point Activation Range: Full pH scale 0.01 pH to 14.00 pH
  • Activation Parameter: User Select above or below activation set point
  • Visual Alerts: LED backlight blue - lime – red
  • Ground Loop Probe Protection: On Master Board GLP chipset
  • Circuit Board Protection: RJ45 Back feed Prevention Chipset
  • Operational Environment: 15°F to 180°F (-10°C to 85°C)
  • Temperature Accuracy: 0.5°F
  • Power Supply: International Plug Set - No converter needed
  • Circuit Board Protection: RJ45 Back feed Prevention Chipset
  • pH Electrode: MA911B/2
  • RJ45 cable : 7-foot RJ45 provided
  • Controller Power Box: 1 socket for pH dosing or CO2 solenoid control & 1 socket for IDC

  • Product Manuals & Documentation

    Milwaukee DL122 pH/IDC/Temp Controller

    Owner's Manual available for download in Adobe PDF file format
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