Mr. Aqua CO2 Hand Blown Glass Bubble Counter 1 1/4 Inch Diameter x 3 1/4 Inch Height, 5 - 100 Gallons

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This item has been discontinued.

Mr. Aqua

Mr. Aqua Glass Blown Glass Diffuser w/ Bubble Counter


  • Made with fine ceramic, to dispense CO2 in mist form.
  • Build in bubble counter
  • Compact design, durable construction.
  • 2 suction cups included.
  • Can be cleaned. Instructions: When installing pressure pipes from the CO2 regulator, the pipe should be longer than the distance installed. Open the CO2 regulator slowly. A certain quantity wil first accumulate in gauge before starting to dispense. Determine the amount of CO2 required and Ph value, add in the adequate amount of CO2 as needed.
Product Dimensions:
  • 1.25" L x 1.5" W x 4.0" H

Manufacturer Info

Mr. Aqua Co., Ltd.
The goal of Mr. Aqua Co., Ltd., established in 1992, is to promote the development of the aquatic leisure business. They are constantly pursuing innovation and breakthroughs in the field. They keep developing new products and establishing their own exclusive brand status and being the leader in the Taiwan Aquarium Market. In order to satisfy the market needs, they also are the agent for many famous Aquarium brands from various countries. In addition to the head office in Taipei, we also set up two sub-companies in Taichung and Kaohsiung.



Experience Level: Expert

Fragile glass

This glass is REALLY thin and easily shatter-able. I broke my set, i'm pretty careful but I can tell you the quality of the item is pretty bad, and at 17 bucks a pop I feel as though I wasted money.I luckily bought a backup from up-aqua and that was REALLY good quality glass. I used the same pressure on the glass on both. Pushing in Co2 lines. if you're not careful it will shatter and cut you. And it will cut you good. Honestly the glass may look good, but there's nothing special that this product has that any other diffuser has. If you're using air line, and push it in, you'll be fine.If you use real Co2 line (meaning erode proof as well as a hard co2 line, you will most likely shatter this glass and cut yourself.I won't be buying this again. No more Mr. Aqua stuff for me. thank you!

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Experience Level: Intermediate


This truly would be a great product if it wasn't for the poor manufacturing. Glass is way too thin and broke in my hand installing in tank. Just like everyone else it broke at the U joint. I repaired the break with some tubing only to find that once I got it working there was a small pin prick hole (like someone else mentioned here) right at the bottom of the curls. The Co2 is leaking out the hole before it gets to go through the curls.

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Experience Level: Intermediate


This is a great basic glass ceramic diffuser. The built in bubble counter is not that accurate, but that is not this diffusers main function anyway. It comes with a seperate long glass tube.. I have no idea what purpose this is supposed to serve.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

No instructions. Very Fragile

Purchased this to run my DIY CO2 system through. Currently it is run through the powerhead which works great but spews tiny bubbles everywhere and I wanted something that didn't spray bubbles inside the tank (at least to a lesser degree). There is no instruction manual and the back of the box lists a few features of this item in broken english. The rest of the box is in a foreign language (Asian?). I did my best to install it. connecting the two glass pieces with a piece of hose and then connecting that to my DIY co2 line. No bubbles, no nothing. I unscrewed the hose from my DIY Co2 system and blew into it. After blowing as hard as I could I got one bubble to push out. I was light headed-that's how much force it required. The pressure in my DIY Co2 system would cause the container to explode/leak before it built enough pressure to make it through this thing so I decided to return it. When taking it apart it broke. It is very fragile, does not come with instructions, and seems to have had a defect in the glass tubing (in the cylinder) that only allowed an extremely small amount of air to escape. After spending the $15 + shipping for this item I now see that as usual, I should have just spent more money for a better item from the beginning. I know this has worked for other people but after reading reviews on this site and others it really is hit or miss.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

mr. aqua diffuser

I've purchased a few of these before, some are very fragile. One came in broken due to shipping. The Mr. Aqua Diffuser was packaged very well, by the manufacturer and the company. I received my product 4 days after I ordered it, instead of 4 weeks by other frustrating distributers. Customer service was awesome. As for the product, it diffuses great, but does have one common manufacturing flaw, the glass becomes too thin inside the diffuser, on the angle just before the spiral. Nonetheless, the CO2 still rises within the diffuser, I'm still able to count bubbles and it diffuses great. Only get's a 3* due to the flaw, but super cheap and well worth it.

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Experience Level: Expert

Mr. Aqua CO2 Glass Blown Bubbl

Product works fantastic. It diffuses the CO2 into millions micro bubbles, maximizing the quantity one infusses into the tank. It is visually non-intrusive and does not take up alot of space, like other bulky diffusers. Being a bubble counter and diffuser in one, is another great feature. My previous diffuser required that I purchase a bubble counter, install and maintained it as an independant tool in my tanks. This unit is perfect for my nano tanks. My only concern is the fagility of the glass unit. Specially with larger fish species. Also, connecting the hose/tubing to the intake was somewhat difficult due to the width of the intake. It was very difficult to attach and I was concerned it might crack or break off with the amount of pressure one has to use to slip the plastic hose over the glass intake. But all in all I love it.

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Experience Level: Intermediate


I got the item with a huge crack on the side, I can see it in the package and it didn't work. How did shipping not see it, or they must not care.

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