Mr. Aqua MA-87 UV 9W Internal Sterilizer

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This item has been discontinued.


The Aquarium Internal UV-Light Sterilizer is the latest technology in aquatic water treatment. The process is harmless to both freshwater and saltwater plants, animals, and invertebrates . The Phillips UV-C bulb is sealed to allow 100% complete water contact and provide the best treatment against bacteria, germs and other little nasty creatures.


  • Uses a sealed Phillips UV-C bulb.
  • Removes green water floating algae.
  • Prevents outbreaks in fish disease.
  • Treats and kills bacteria and germs.
  • Quickly decompose organisms.
  • Stabilize Ph.
  • Increase rate of CO2 interchange.
  • Water clarity increased for better light penetration.
Product Dimensions:
  • 3.0" L x 1.0" W x 7.0" H
Box Dimensions:
  • 7.0" L x 3.0" W x 8.0" H

Manufacturer Info

Azoo Aquarium Supplies
The Azoo brand was founded in 1990 by the Taikong Corporation of Taiwan. The “A” in Azoo stands for grade “A” aquarium products and accessories. The company’s philosophy is to create all of the products necessary for aquarium hobbyists to enjoy their ecological pastime in their home or office. Azoo manufactures a wide range of nature, reef, garden and palm aquarium supplies and distributes them to more than 70 countries around the world. Azoo’s research and development team is constantly developing and testing new aquarium products in their laboratories. We carry a variety of Azoo aquarium parts, from fish tanks and heaters to lighting and UV sterilizers.



Experience Level: Expert

Nice little UV - Compact!

I bought three of these for some of my maintenance tanks I take care of around town. The whole thing is really small which is what I like about it. The thing with the bulbs is that they are more of an "assembly" than just a bulb you plug in as with other UVs. There is no quartz sleeve at all. The bulb itself is submerged into the water while the back end of the bulb, (where the bulb contacts are) is completely sealed with epoxy in the small, dark, plastic base case. The low voltage power cable extends out from the base case a few feet. The included pump is very small (as it should be) and works well. The pump by itself seems too light in weight. I'm not sure if that is indicative of cheap quality, or just light due to the size.I could be wrong, but I fear that since these "bulbs" are more complex as compared to plain bulbs, I have a feeling that they will be quite expensive. We'll see.These units are cool though. You can tuck them away almost anywhere. Easy to hide. The only thing I would change would be to turn around or direct the output. there is only one way for the output to work. I think I have a new favorite low-wattage UV sterilizer - especially if they continue to work in the long run. If you need a 9 watt UV unit then this one is a great choice.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Ambiguous Review

Although I've been using this product for several weeks, I'm still ambiguous as to its effectiveness in maintaining the water clear and free of pathogens. What appears to me to be disappointing is that I didn't find advertised replacement parts (specifically the UV bulb). The box states it is good for 9000 hrs but after that, do I just throw the sterilizer away and have to purchase another UV sterilizer??? Ouch! The only good thing I can say at this time about it is its compact size.

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