Nature Pure Cube 6 Glass Aquarium

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Pure Cube 6
Hand blown glass has a very unique quality of when blown out into a shape and cooled the glass has forever a liquid form and feel. Gone are the hard sterile lines of a typical silicone glued aquarium with flat glass. Nature embraces the skilled artisans ability to form an aquarium out of molten glass while allowing the clarity and minimal amount of optical distortion to be seen. Your aquarium will feel alive and energetic, with a sense of movement while being still.

Dimension LxWxH: 6x6x6 inches

Note: Each piece may contain air bubbles due to the hand blown process.

Manufacturer Info

Nature, based in Cypress, California, began with the core concept of creating unique designs with high quality craftsmanship. Inspired by a single drop of water, “Living with Nature, not just looking at it” became our mantra. We believe in seeing nature’s true beauty just as it was intended. With our carefully chosen materials and designs, the ultimate idea of timelessness and durability are captured in our products.

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