Orphek DIF-100 100 Watt 120 Degree LED Pendant - 16,000K White

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Revolutionary, Powerful, Efficient, Versatile, Durable

It is a fact that blue LEDs provide low lumens/watt. The Orphek R&D team invented a revolutionary emitter with a new TWO-in-ONE technology for use in the DIF Series Pendants: the first LED lighting solution mimicking a halide style light, without the addition of blue LEDs for daylight effect, offering you you severa color temperatures options: 16000k and 18000k. That means you won’t need to install an extra blue LED fixture to achieve a daylight effect for your tank.

The DIF Series pendants are solutions for large reef aquariums, aquaculture facilities, and public aquariums with three different power options, and 02 interchangeable lenses in 60 and 120 degrees to choose from, according to your needs.

DIF-100 – 100 watts – Our DIF-100 fixture easily replaces a 400w metal halide.

DIF-50 – 50 watts – Our DIF-50 fixture replaces a 250w fixture.

DIF-30 – 30 watts - Our DIF-30 fixture replaces a 150w fixture.

Suitable for the depths utilized by public aquariums.

Depending on the lens being used, these lights are perfect for lighting large areas 24" (or shallower), or very deep (up to 72+") aquariums with 60 degree lens. You will achieve a 36" × 36" coverage area with 120 degree lens at 12" of suspension height with the DIF-100 and 120 degree lens.

By using high quality, custom ground, interchangeable optics and providing an incredibly efficient LED chip, Orphek has surmounted previous LED depth and spread hurdles and pushed LED lighting technology even further!


  • Two-in-One Technology mimicking a halide style light, without addition of blue LED for daylight.
  • Color temperature from 16000k to 18000K (check our spectrographs and photometrics).
  • Easy to be installed, our DIF series LED pendants are designed for plug-and-play use.
  • Pendants are entirely self-contained, not requiring external ballast or fan.
  • Completely rustproof, and can easily be suspended by the included suspension hook.
  • Incredibly versatile, pendants are available in three power options: 100 watts, 50 watts, and 30 watts, and the lenses are easily changed between 60, and 120 degrees.
  • Cool operating temperature.
  • Are environmentally friendly.

Orphek DIF100


All Orphek products are warranted for one year against manufacturing defects. The diodes are covered for three years. During this period we will repair or replace the defective unit or part at our discretion.

This warranty does not cover any claims for consequential loss or damage. Orphek shall not be held liable for damage to any aquarium, aquarium life forms, or any other personal objects due to improper use of the device.

Please contact us or refer to the product warranty sheet for full warranty details.



Experience Level: Intermediate

Great Light!

I spent much time debating on which LEDs to place on my tank. I ended up getting one of these to light my 90 gallon (3x2x2) plus two ML7 bulbs (blue & uv). This light has grown my acropora better than a metal halide that I had on the tank. I had some trouble with the light after about 6 months but Orphek was quick and upgraded my LED chip to a higher kelvin. It is larger than I expected but it is a very good light overall.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Very Impressed

I have been looking into getting a LED light for a little over a year and finally decided on something by Orphek. After speaking with a rep at Orphek they recommended their new DIF-100 pendant. I couldn't be happier with this light, and it seems my corals agree. I don't have a par meter so I can't comment on specific values but my corals all seem much happier. The only thing I was not prepared for was the size of this light, it is larger that I was expecting.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

So far very happy

Bought this to supplement my PR 156 for more blues. Custom ordered it with blue and UV. Makes all my corals pop when it's on by itself and provides a nice accent while on with my daylights.

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