Orphek PR-ML7 Dimmable 4 Blue/3 UV LED Pendant

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This item has been discontinued.


The PR-ML7 is a PAR30 form factor bulb (screws into a normal light socket) The PR-ML7 LED pendant can be used as an actinic supplement to the popular PR-25 LEDs or as a standalone moonlight , with excellent spread from 60 degree honeycomb optics. Containing 7 diodes running at 2 watts each PR-ML7 is an excellent, cost effective and efficient choice for any size aquarium. The PR-ML7 is dimmable with a common household dimmer. The ability to dim makes the PR-ML7 perfect for any aquarium and the variety of mounting options available from any hardware store makes PAR30 form factor lighting very versatile!

The PR-ML7 also introduces the 2nd generation of our Power LEDâ„¢ emitters - the most efficient and highest PUR diodes on the market!

The PR-ML7 utilizes 4 Royal Blue and 3 UV-Violet diodes giving it a desirable actinic color with UV for enhanced coral fluorescents


All Orphek products are warranted for one year against manufacturing defects. The diodes are covered for three years. During this period we will repair or replace the defective unit or part at our discretion.

This warranty does not cover any claims for consequential loss or damage. Orphek shall not be held liable for damage to any aquarium, aquarium life forms, or any other personal objects due to improper use of the device.

Please contact us or refer to the product warranty sheet for full warranty details.



Experience Level: Expert

very dim

This light is very dim. I bought for growing red algae in the refugium. However, even the blue/white one is only a little blue glow. Not worth the money and doesn't put out much light for the wattage. Could be OK for a tiny tank that just needs some mood lighting, not a decent amount of PAR for photosynthesis. I think you could get a little glow like that for much cheaper.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

PR-ML7 Orphek LED

The light that was sent did not turn on and had to be replaced. The retailer replaced it with good service and were very helpful. The replacement light worked well and on my 65 gallon reef brought out amazing color on my soft corals when used alone in the morning and evenings. I could not go with a 5 star rating as the first light was defective. In addition I also had purchased the PR-25 and a T8 replacement LED (both Orphek) from other distributors and both of those lights were defective with the PR-25 going dim and flickering within one week. The replacement PR-25 is amazing, but I am hesitant about buying any further Orphek lights.

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Experience Level: Intermediate


This light would be perfect for a Ricordea Pico! The color this light gives off is amazing and would compliment any other light or be a perfect dusk / dawn light that would out last the life of your aquarium! Great Product, And even better customer service!!

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Christopher Lloyd from Chicago, IL


Experience Level: Intermediate

Great for picos!

Using the daylight option over my pico, and it works great! Orphek's LED lights look a lot better than the Cree LEDs I was using, plus you get the UV!

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