PFO 72 inch 14000K Solaris I5 LED Lighting Fixture

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This item has been discontinued.

PFO Lighting

72 inch 14000K Solaris LED Lighting Fixture

Made in the U.S.A.

The Solaris is the first LED System designed to replace Metal Halide and Fluorescent lighting for the Aquarium Reef Tanks. It has been in development for over two years. It will change the way Aquarists light their tanks from now and into the future.

The current design produces PAR light output levels equal to a 250W MH 20K. It uses 40% less energy than the Metal Halide Fixtures it replaces. The life of the LED`s is 50,000 hours, so it almost eliminates metal halide and fluorescent bulb replacements. All heat is radiated up and away from the tank Therefore, it does not heat the water like Metal Halides or Fluorescents. This eliminates the need for Chillers. The room air conditioner needs to work 1/2 as much since the light fixture produces only half the heat of Metal Halides which saves even more energy over traditional lighting methods.

There is a built in microprocessor that controls the Solaris. This not only eliminates timers, but it allows the unit to dim the actinic blue LEDs, white LEDs, Lunar actinic blue LEDs and Lunar White LEDS independently from 0-100%. This dimming capability opens many opportunities. The light can be adjusted from 6.5K to 22K, or anywhere in between, to set the ideal color temperature. Sunrise, Daylight, Cloud Cover, Sunset, and the lunar cycle, can all be set independently.

Coral Growth has been outstanding with the new lights. There is excellent water penetration of the light.

Supplied with Control Modular and Mounting Feet.

Manufacturer Info

PFO Lighting, Inc. manufactures and distributes many different types of lighting. From our global presence in the high end aquarium market to the commercial/industrial, horticulture and residential divisions, we are able to provide you with solutions to all your lighting needs. We are fully committed to servicing each and every one of our customers with there individual needs. PFO Lighting, Inc. was founded in 1996 and has been rapidly increasing every year.



Experience Level: Intermediate

Great flexability

This is an excellent light fixture. I look forward to many years of service from it. The many features...adjustable intensity, automatic 24 hr lighting, manual operation provide any lighting effect I am looking for. The inhabitants of my reef tank seem to enjoy the variables in lighting provided. The noise level is less than that of previous lights/fans I have used (MH or fluorescent).

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Experience Level: Expert

Bugs Worked Out

I've had two 60" lamps set-up on a 300-gallon reef for over 1-year. While in the begining I had problems with the power supplies and the lamps; the company worked hard to see the problems through....The rep even came out to the site to personally reslove the problem and change out the equipment....How many companies have that level of committment to reslove a problem in today's climate??? Now that the bugs have been worked out...their system is GREAT! I would recommend this system for great light level and cooling; was getting ready to purchase a new chiller and now find I don't need to install one because of the lower heat levels; now I need a heater for the first time in 10-years....while their expensive, the cost of replacing blubs and not needing a chiller is a nice savings....Dan Berrey, Central Oregon

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