Polyp Lab ONE Calcium Supplement 500ml

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This item has been discontinued.

Polyp Lab

One is a revolutionary calcium supplement for reef aquariums containing balanced levels of calcium, alkalinity and magnesium. It is a complete calcium system in a single bottle.

Traditional calcium supplementation methods such as calcium reactors and two-part systems can be confusing and troublesome. Additionally, they often require extra steps to correct ionic imbalances.

One was designed with simplicity and convenience in mind. Every addition made with One ensures balanced levels without building up any unwanted residual ions.

Proper dosing with One maintains water parameters of:

400 ppm Ca
1300 ppm Mg
7 dKH


  • Phosphate and silicate free
  • Does not elevate salinity
  • No residual ion build up over time
  • Does not contain insoluble calcium carbonate
  • Maintain pH around 8.1 - 8.2
*Please Note: Item comes in concentrated form and must be diluted with RO/DI or distilled water.

Manufacturer Info

Polyp Lab
Polyp Lab`s goal is to manufacture high quality and truly innovative products for the advanced reef keeper. They strive to provide the absolute best possible additives and supplements for your reef aquariums. Quality is their top priority. All of their products have been thoroughly researched and tested in their laboratory tanks. They produce all of their products using only top quality components. They are perpetually working on new products at the Lab. With backgrounds in marine biology and the aquaculture industry they have the means to bring cutting edge innovations to your reef. Reef keeping is their passion. Science is their tool.



Experience Level: Expert

Fantastic calcium additive

I used a calcium reactor for 3 years and then I started using DIY 2-part about 1 year ago. But polyp labs one is by far the most convenient calcium product I've ever used. I've been dosing for 6 weeks. I just finished a round of tests with salifert kits - Ca/Alk/Magnesium are sitting at 400/7.5/1300. Love the simplicity. I like the fact that I'm maintaining mg daily (instead of once everytime i empty 2-part jugs) and I like that my my pH doesn't swing at night anymore. Growth rates on SPS seem improved but it's probably my eyes playing tricks on me. Like the previous reviewer noted, it clouds up your aquarium but clears up pretty fast. (Scared me the first time I dosed) My only problem is that it's not cheap and I have a 400g aquarium. I think I'm going to go through a bottle every 2 months. I hope they end up making larger bottles of this stuff!

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Really convenient!

I am extremely pleased with this product. I'm usually not a fan of "all in one" products in this hobby. They rarely do what they claim but this one has worked very well. I've tried salifert's all in one but it doesn't maintain proper alkalinity at all (and also doesn't have any magnesium). I've used "one" for just over 2 weeks and all 3 parameters are still right where I want them. The water clouds up pretty heavily when you use it but it clears up completely in about an hour I'll post an update in about 6 months.

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