Prodibio AlkaReef+ 10 vials

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Alka_Reef+ maintains optimum levels of alkalinity in reef aquariums by supplying carbonate ions.


  • Helps to reduce the unwanted pH variations
  • Contains carbonate ions to maintain your aquarium at its optimum alkalinity level
  • It works with Calci_Reef+, a calcium hydro-gel that slowly releases hydrogen carbonate ions into the water.
  • Alka_Reef+ is gluconate free
  • In addition to carbonate ions (with Calci_Reef +), the calcification reaction also uses up calcium
When should Alka_Reef+ be used ?
  • When you have unwanted pH variations in your saltwater aquarium
  • The combination of Alka_Reef+ and Calci_Reef+ generates an ionic balance close to that of natural sea water in your tank
  • We therefore recommend that you add one ampoule of Calci_Reef+
How to use Alka_Reef+ ?
  • 0-30 Gallons - 2 vial every 7 days
  • 30-60 Gallons - 4 vial every 7 days
  • 60-90 Gallons - 6 vial every 7 days
  • 90-120 Gallons - 8 vial every 15 days
  • 120-150 Gallons - 10 vial every 15 days
  • 150+ Gallons - 1 vial for every 30 gallons every 7 days

*You have to wait 1/2 hour between adding Alka_Reef+ and Calci_Reef+

Product Manuals & Documentation

Prodibio AlkaReef+ 10 vials

Owner's Manual available for download in Adobe PDF file format

Manufacturer Info

The Prodibio Company combines science, advanced aquaculture techniques, and cutting edge biotechnology. Each ampoule is packed under nitrogen providing excellent product stability, retaining a strong concentration as it is sheltered from oxygen in the air.

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