Prodibio Reef Booster Nano - 12 Vials

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Prodibio Reef Booster Nano

Reef Booster Nano is a mix of nutritive supplements, finely micronized and enriched with essential fatty acids (Omega-3). It was specifically developed to grow invertebrates that feed mostly, or partially, on micro-plankton, including the corals with symbiotic algae (Zooxanthellae), which require a micro-plankton supplement. Reef Booster Nano is a supplement that fully nourishes the Corals and Live Rock within your Nano-Reef biotope. Usage: 1 Vail for 40 Liters (10 gals) once a week.

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The Prodibio Company combines science, advanced aquaculture techniques, and cutting edge biotechnology. Each ampoule is packed under nitrogen providing excellent product stability, retaining a strong concentration as it is sheltered from oxygen in the air.



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Love Prodibio Prodcuts

I have been using these products ever since they hit the market. I love the additives and supplements and really make an impact on your system in a good way. Great product!

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Jeff from Brea, CA


Experience Level: Intermediate

Corals Love It!

My corals would immediately sense when Reef Booster was in the water and happily extend their polyps to taste its delicious nectar. I wouldn't always use the entire vial; normally I'd dose half of it and put a piece of scotch tape over the broken end of the ampoule and keep it upright in its holder until next time. It made the sun coral in my 24-gallon nano a happy camper. All of the SW Prodibio products have worked wonders in my tank (they're my secret weapon), so I may try their FW counterparts in my planted tank next.

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