Puratek 100 GPD RO Filter System

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This item has been discontinued.

Vertex Aquaristik

Puratek 100GPD RO System

Procuring pure water rests at the very baseline of success for the modern aquarist. Vertex Aquaristik™ rises to this challenge with the conception of the Puratek RO water filter. Through sound component selection and optimization of contaminant extraction, Puratek RO units minimize water consumption and media replacement.


Puratek RO units all feature integrated manual backflush valves to maximize the life and output of the membrane cartridge. The unit is further furnished with an easily viewed oil-filled pressure gauge and an automatic shut-off valve which halts all water transit during instances of backpressure. A set of clear, easy-to-view canisters are unmistakably visible indicators of cartridge life. Finally, standardized fittings and cartridges remove all suppositions from installation and replacement routines.


  • ~1:2½ Pure/Waste water ratio (source water pressure & temperature dependant*)
  • Easy to view precision Oil-filled pressure gauge
  • Manual backflush system prevents TDS creep
  • High-pressure automatic shut-off valve
  • Tested at 60 PSI & 50°F source water


  • Footprint 13 ½" x 6"
  • Height 15 ½"
  • GE-100 GPD membrane
  • 5 µ polypropylene sediment cartridge
  • 0.5 µ carbon block cartridge
  • All ¼"push-connect fittings
  • Includes canister wrench and all installation adaptors and fittings

Manufacturer Info

Vertex Aquaristik Aquarium Supplies
Vertex Aquaristik is a German company with many fresh ideas and innovations new to the aquarium hobby. Their products are developed only after extensive research and testing in simulation and field trials. They purposely abuse products during the test phase to determine if they can handle the wear and tear of aquarium keeping. The company is determined to provide solutions that stand the test of time. No expense is spared during the production process to ensure customers enjoy uncompromising quality and value. Vertex Aquaristik manufactures high-quality calcium reactors, protein skimmers, zeolith-based filters, wavemakers and accessories.



Experience Level: Intermediate

Works well

I recently decided to purchase the new puratek RO unit considering it was on sale and I figured what the heck. Upon opening the box and trying to get everything plugged into where it should be, I noticed that the instructions are useless. Considering I have no experience with RO units, it was pretty frustrating trying to get everything just right. However, after having done so, I found that the unit pumps out plenty of good clean water. It's quite shocking to see what the sediment filter alone takes out. Overall, once it gets set up, it's a great unit.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Puratek 100 RO filter

This r/o unit is solidly constructed with quality materials. It does perform very well even though I have not been able to accurately measure its output, it does work quickly. One gripe is the hardware that is sent with the purifier. I wish a hose adapter would be provided with it instead of the more complicated and involved "hard" installation kit. Fortunately I had one left over from the previous filter so I used it and was in business in no time. Otherwise this purifier delivers.

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