Puratek Small Booster Pump w/ Transformer For Up To 100 GPD RO or RO/DI Unit

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This item has been discontinued.

Vertex Aquaristik

Puratek Small Booster Pump w/ Transformer

Maintaining a stable pressure is one of the most important variables to ensure optimal performance of your water filter. Vertex™ HP Series booster pumps are made using high grade components to ensure maximum durability and total performance optimization.

HP Series pumps are ideal for use on water sources with pressure below 40 psi such as private wells and high rise apartments.

Plug and play

Vertex™ HP Series booster pumps are supplied with all the necessary push to connect fittings and transformer. It will only take minutes to increase your system’s performance and reduce your waste water production.

Whisper quiet

Utilizing advanced diaphragm technology and high quality bearings Vertex™ HP Series booster pumps run quietly while last longer. The shock absorbing mounts reduce the vibration and noise as well as minimizing the chance of micro-leaks from constant overexposure of fittings to vibration. Robust construction and design

Sealed pump structure design protects pump from moisture and increase motor life while enables the user to mount the pump in any position. Vertex™ HP Series pumps are capable of boosting pressure to well over 80 PSI to ensure optimal use of your RO filter.

Exclusive Features

  • Metal construction.
  • Sealed pump head.
  • Rubber pump mounts.
  • Suitable for units up to 100 GPD

Technical Data
  • 1.35 liter per minute
  • 0.75 AMP ,24 V DC
  • Pressure setting 110 PSI
  • Push to connect fittings.
  • Footprint: 8.5”L x 4.5”W
  • Height: 4.5”

Manufacturer Info

Vertex Aquaristik Aquarium Supplies
Vertex Aquaristik is a German company with many fresh ideas and innovations new to the aquarium hobby. Their products are developed only after extensive research and testing in simulation and field trials. They purposely abuse products during the test phase to determine if they can handle the wear and tear of aquarium keeping. The company is determined to provide solutions that stand the test of time. No expense is spared during the production process to ensure customers enjoy uncompromising quality and value. Vertex Aquaristik manufactures high-quality calcium reactors, protein skimmers, zeolith-based filters, wavemakers and accessories.

Christo from


Experience Level: Intermediate

Great for RO/DI pressure boost

I bought this pump because it is basically set up to work with your RO/DI system. My kitchen has very poor water pressure and unfortunately this is where my ro/di tank is. I needed a pump for a good price that would increase my pressure from about 15psi to about 50psi. This works great I was getting a pressure reading of about 60 and the pump would increase to about 100psi when it was fully restricted! It comes with two .25" 90deg quick connect elbows that screw into the pump, one as an inlet and the other as an outlet, you do need to wrap some plumbers tape around them as they will leak if you don't. It increased the efficiency of my filter and the quality of the water before it hit my DI cartridge which will save me a lot of money in the long run. It comes with all the necessary parts needed to plug it into the wall and pump away. Great product and super quiet. My one complaint is that it did not come with mounting screws for the foot piece.

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Experience Level: Intermediate


pump works great i didnt like the fittings that came with it. you can pick up better fittings at lowes.

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