Red Sea Prizm Hang-on Protein Skimmer

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This item has been discontinued.

Red Sea

The development of the Prizm line of protein skimmers represents one of the most significant technological breakthroughs in protein extraction in decades. Utilizing an advanced new method of mixing the water and air and the development of an integrated 2-stage reaction chamber has reset the standard by which all skimmers will be judged.

The Prizm Skimmers consist of 4 basic components: Main Body, Collection Cup, Inlet Pipe and Pump. It is designed to either hang-on the aquarium or to be installed next to or inside a sump as the motor is fully submersible. The Prizm Pro combines an efficient 18-blade TurboJet injector together with Red Sea`s Patented convergent-divergent flow technology Reaction Chamber. Water and air are drawn into the skimmer through the Inlet Pipe by the 18 blade TurboJet impellor, which has been designed to generate the optimum ratio between the water/air flow rates, producing a constant stream of superfine air bubbles in a homogenous air/water mixture.

The unique reaction chamber is divided into 2 compartments consisting of a convergent upward flow first stage, followed by a divergent downward flow second stage. The decreasing cross-sectional area of the convergent first stage, causes great turbulence and extended contact time between the air bubbles and water. The increasing cross-sectional area of the divergent second stage causes the air bubbles to flow both co and counter current before arriving to the water surface. The combined action of the 2 compartments creates a protein loaded, stable foam at the throat of the skimmer, positively pushing dry foam up into the collection cup.

The bubble-trap under the reaction chamber redirects any escaping air bubbles ensuring that bubble free water is returned to the aquarium via the cascade. In addition, the bubble-trap acts as a Mechanical filter by trapping small particulate matter not removed by the foam, thus keeping it out of the aquarium.


The Flow Regulator located on the Inlet Pipe allows the skimmer`s performance to be optimized for all aquarium conditions.

  • Suitable for Marine & Reef aquariums up to 40 gallons
  • Out performs all other skimmers in its class
  • Skim enhancing, 2 stage, convertgent -divergent reaction chamber
  • Quiet and effecient 18 blade "TurboJet" air injector
  • "Triple-Pass" air flow with extended contact time
  • Intergral water and air regulators for optimal skimming
  • Slim line, hang on design only 2.4" deep
  • Suitable for both new and experienced marine specialists
  • User friendly operations and set-up

Optional accessories included with Deluxe versions:

  • Chemical or Biological Filtration Media Basket
  • Adjustable height Surface Skimmer
  • Outflow Pipe Connector (NOTE: This is an option but NOT included with the Skimmer)

Manufacturer Info

With a dedicated team of scientists and other professionals, Red Sea is widely recognized as a leading innovator and manufacturer of quality products for aquarium hobbyists. Red Sea constantly strives to provide hobbyists of all levels with highly effective solution-driven products designed to make your fish-keeping experience as enjoyable and successful as possible.

The embodiment of Red Sea’s dedication to providing solutions for today’s reef-keepers is its range of MAX-NANO, MAX-E & MAX-S aquariums- The only choice for true Plug & Play™ coral reef aquariums, now featuring the very latest in LED lighting technology.

For advanced reef-keepers the Red Sea REEFER provides a great platform into which you can add your own selection of hardware. With its ultra-clear glass, ATO built-in, silent flow valve and superb quality of finish the REEFER sets the standard for those wishing to customize. REEFER is also available as a Deluxe version with LED lighting included.

Red Sea’s unique Reef Care Program (RCP) provides a comprehensive, safe and easy to use program for testing and supplementing within reef aquaria, and is perfectly complemented by Red Sea’s Coral Pro & Red Sea Salt’s, which has become the salt of choice for those seeking the very highest quality water quality for their coral reef aquariums. Both salts are made using a unique natural process which delivers unrivalled homogeneity and is perfect for delicate corals. Check your individual bucket of salt’s composition using Red Sea’s innovative new “MyBatch” software.

Whatever your aquatic needs, Red Sea delivers high quality innovative, solution based products.


Manufacturer`s Warranty: 1 year from date of purchase.

75 Reviews



Experience Level: Intermediate


I have set up the unit for about two weeks. Since then I have not changed my water changing routine, or any factors in my tank. Phosphates have constantly been .025ppm since setting up the tank and have decreased to .01ppm. I also have restricted the air tube so I have no had a problem with having to re-prime the unit. It also took about two days to dial in. I don't really like the micro-bubbles it produces, but I feel that the positives out-weigh the negatives.

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Experience Level: Beginner

Doing the Job

At first I was concerned about the possibility of overflowing the collection cup as others have stated. In fact this almost happened. I had the water control on the skimmer set to almost wide open and did not see anything going into the cup until morning and it was full of water but did not overflow? I did notice that there was an air bubble in the intake so perhaps this stopped it. I asked Red Sea if there was any safety feature to avoid overflowing and they said no? I was anxious to see if this was going to skim after 4 days of nothing. On fifth day it is skimming and taking nasty stuff out. I will however, turn the adjustment knob down at night until I am satisfied that it will not overflow. I had to put a spacer board of 1 1/8"on other side of outflow against outside wall of my 20 gallon so that my glass top would fit. It works fine.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Helped Solve a major problem

I was experiencing a nasty brown algae problem in my relatively new 20g nano. Despite several water changes, water from my LFS, Pacific water from petco, my own RO/DI water, nothing helped. I have always used HOB filters in 30+ years of FW and a few of SW. It is what I know, so this skimmer was a natural choice. This water problem was terrible. I had been battling it for several weeks and ammonia, nitrates, and phospates were all 0. The water literally looked like sewage, even though my crabs seemed perfectly happy. I initially installed the skimmer and it seemed to help. My water was less murky and the skimmer was filling with disgusting gunk. But it couldn't completely clear it. So not knowing what to do next, I added API algaefix marine. It was advertised as being able to control brown algae so I gave it ago. I put the recommended 1/2 tsp in and within 30 seconds the skimmer exploded. It had been on a low setting for several days, only producing a little skim and now huge clouds of disgusting brown foam was coming out. I turned it down a little and the water cleared within an hour. I have observed that products like the Algaefix can dramatically change the performance of the skimmer. Since some of these products have warning to that effect, I think this is true for other brands as well. Two annoyances: The inlet pipe sticks out too far into the tank and interferes with the covers, and if the cup isn't mounted securely after cleaning it can develop a slow leak.

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Experience Level: Expert


Decent skimmer for the price, a little touchy to dial in with valve and a little noisy , but for a hang on skimmer it is a nice little unit

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Works Great!

I've had several skimmers in the past and most of them developed leaks or produced alot of fine bubbles that went back into the tank. This is actually my replacement skimmer for my Red Sea skimmer I purchased in 2007. I broke the tabs on the uptake tube that attached to the pump from pushing on it too hard after cleaning the air line inside of the tube. I love the way this skimmer works and the adjustment for the foam works great. I also like the slimline design that isn't overly heavy like alot of the hang on the back skimmers. I have a saltwater fish tank with a few corals, so a sump skimmer wasn't needed,like you need on the all coral tanks.

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PRH from Ocean County, NJ UNITED STATES


Experience Level: Expert

Prizm Skimmer

The reality is in can barely keep a 10 gallon clean with just live rock, I had to use a HOB skimmer rated for 150 gallon with Ozone injected (LX2000s) and a in sump C-Skim 1800 just to remove nuisance algae "with" Hydor circulation pumps at 1500GPH (4x) just for a 30 gallon 1/2 circle from Marineland. Doubled the capacity with a RS300 sump.

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Experience Level: Beginner


Like it so far. Tank looks cleaner.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Bang 4 Buck

I ordered 2 skimmers and they arrived quickly and without damage. Assembly was easy but priming it was tricky. After getting them running, within 24 hrs, both collection cups had thick, dark, stinky mate in them. For the Deal of The Day, these things are AWESOME! Priming trick, just hook the tube up to air hold plug and pinch the air line with your fingers. Works way better that way.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

last forever

I have used 2 of these one with skimmer cup on my fully stocked 75g reef tank for 8 to 10 years. The only maintenance i have done is replaced the inner and outer air tubes, very easy and inexpensive to do. I use no other filtration just occasional sack of chemapure in back corner.My tank houses all types of coral and 8 fish currently with adequate live rock and sand.I also change 25% of water monthly. This is a great skimmer to start with and as your bio load increases just add another.

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Experience Level: Beginner

Lots of maintenance

Bought a used one and it is regularly losing suction and needs to be reset. Needs to be readjusted for flow on a regular basis. Next skimmer I get will be less maintenance.

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