Red Sea Success Reef Base Substrate 11lbs

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This item has been discontinued.

Red Sea

  • Contains Aragonite – the most dissolvable form of calcium Carbonate
  • Natural Porous structure provides maximum surface area for biological filtration
  • Smooth “sphere” shape prevents damage to the burrowing invertebrates or jawfish
  • Free from harmful impurities including nitrates and phosphates.
  • Pre-washed so only minimal rinsing is required prior to use.

  • Red Sea offers ideal substrates for all marine fish & invertebrate aquariums, Testing has shown that using these substrates will maintain a stable pH and a high buffer capacity over extended periods of time. Furthermore the porosity of the spheres provides an excellent media for both aerobic (nitrifying) and anaerobic (denitrifying) biological filtration.

    Reef Base consists of naturally occurring reef sand spheres mixed with aragonite coral chip. The spheres are highly porous calcareous shells of simple protozoa (foraminifers) and bring many benefits to all marine aquariums.

    Reef Base substrate contains natural aragonite (the most dissolvable from of calcium carbonate) that maintains natural levels of pH with its high buffering capacity. Furthermore the porosity of the spheres provides an excellent media for both aerobic (nitrifying) and anaerobic (denitrifying) biological filtration. Each bag of pre-washed, impurity-free Reef Base will provide the right quantity of substrate for a 2”(5cm) layer in a 10-gallon(40 liter) aquarium. This is an ideal substrate for all fish and invertebrate tanks.

    These quality substrates come from a CITES approved location on the exotic shores of Southeast Asia. The procurement and preparation does not involve the destruction of beaches, reef ecosystems, or cause any other damage to the environment.

    Manufacturer Info

    With a dedicated team of scientists and other professionals, Red Sea is widely recognized as a leading innovator and manufacturer of quality products for aquarium hobbyists. Red Sea constantly strives to provide hobbyists of all levels with highly effective solution-driven products designed to make your fish-keeping experience as enjoyable and successful as possible.

    The embodiment of Red Sea’s dedication to providing solutions for today’s reef-keepers is its range of MAX-NANO, MAX-E & MAX-S aquariums- The only choice for true Plug & Play™ coral reef aquariums, now featuring the very latest in LED lighting technology.

    For advanced reef-keepers the Red Sea REEFER provides a great platform into which you can add your own selection of hardware. With its ultra-clear glass, ATO built-in, silent flow valve and superb quality of finish the REEFER sets the standard for those wishing to customize. REEFER is also available as a Deluxe version with LED lighting included.

    Red Sea’s unique Reef Care Program (RCP) provides a comprehensive, safe and easy to use program for testing and supplementing within reef aquaria, and is perfectly complemented by Red Sea’s Coral Pro & Red Sea Salt’s, which has become the salt of choice for those seeking the very highest quality water quality for their coral reef aquariums. Both salts are made using a unique natural process which delivers unrivalled homogeneity and is perfect for delicate corals. Check your individual bucket of salt’s composition using Red Sea’s innovative new “MyBatch” software.

    Whatever your aquatic needs, Red Sea delivers high quality innovative, solution based products.

    TCR from


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    This stuff is brown not white!

    If you are looking for white sand DO NOT BUY THIS!!!! It is brown and looks like bird seed!!

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    This worked great!!!

    I used this in a 30 gallon refugium I set up, and I mixed it with live sand and the nitrates and nitrites dropped to zero in about 48 hours in my main 120 aquarium, this base is porous enough for bacteria to colonize and from what I have seen, I don't think it will harden, all my sand sifting inverts glide threw it. I wouldn't use it in my main aquarium, but I would recommend highly for a refugium.

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    JON (ReefDragon on RC) from MONTEREY, CA UNITED STATES


    Experience Level: Intermediate


    I was pretty disappointed with this stuff -- my friend unintentionally summed it up when he looked at it and said, "Birdseed?" The grains are in fact little spheres, slightly larger than poppy seeds, and are not really reminiscent of anything I've seen in the wild. I'll probably pick up some typical oolitic aragonite sand instead.

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    red sea success reef base

    I like this product. It looks natural,did not require a lot of rinsing like some other products on the market. It also does not compact ,making it easier for my tiger jaw fish to burrow into it. I am using this product in addition to live rock & live sand/crushed coral in my folr and reef tanks,to boost biological filtration capacity.

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