Reef Octopus Waste Collector with Auto Shutoff 4 Inch

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Reef Octopus

Put an end to smelly collections of skimmate while providing a safety net in the chance that your skimmer may overflow. Decrease the redundancy of emptying your collection cup. This 3-in-one device by collecting large volumes of skimmate, controls the smell of pungent skimmate and is equipped with a fail safe mechanism to shut off overflowing skimmers. The vented carbon housing easily removes for quick carbon exchanges.

Reef Octopus 4" Auto Waste Collector
Collection Container equipped with fail safe mechanism to shut off overflowing skimmers. Holds up to 1400 ml/ 49oz.

-Prevents Skimmer Overflows
-Overflow Safety Switch
-Removable Carbon Filter Cup
-Holds Approximately 1400 ml/ 49oz
-Great For External Skimmers

-Height: 18"
-Footprint: 6.5" x 6.5"
-Drain line connection: 12.25" from the base



Experience Level: Intermediate

Family-Friendly Skimming

I bought this product because I travel for work periodically and don't want anybody in the family to have to deal with emptying the skimmer cup on my 70 gallon display/30 gallon sump reef system. Also, because the tank is located in my home office I was looking forward to less skimmate smell. The Reef Octopus waste collector features quality construction and the installation took five minutes. Make sure your skimmer cup drain is higher than the inlet on the waste collector. As an aside, I couldn't find information on the diameter tubing necessary to connect the skimmer with the waste collector in advance, but 1/2" flexible PVC tubing did the job well. Also, don't forget to order carbon--you don't need super high quality carbon; large pellet bituminous will work well. My office now smells good and I expect to empty the collector every 8-10 days--nice! Note that you still need to do periodic cleaning of the skimmer neck. This product does not eliminate maintenance, but simply extends the time before you need to remove skimmate and protects your system from skimmer overflows. Very happy with this purchase.

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