SCWD Wavemaker - Switching Current Water Director (Squid) - 1 inch

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3IQ Ventures

It’s here! 3iQ Ventures Announces the long awaited release of the 1” SCWD.

The 1” SCWD from 3iQ Ventures was designed and built to the highest standards of Quality and Reliability. Designed with large aquarium and pond applications in mind, this device will provide increased water movement at higher volume rates. With its 1” standard threaded inlet and outlets, the device can be hard plumbed with PVC fittings, or soft plumbed using barbed fittings. The cap is removable, which allows for easy maintenance. With the new drive design, the 1” SCWD will run with pump applications from 500 GPH to 3500 GPH. Besides the obvious physical differences, the design of the 1” SCWD is targeted toward higher water volume output, with a substantially increased switching duration. A longer interval between switching cycles means better water movement penetration to the extreme areas of larger aquariums, providing your corals, invertebrates, and plants with longer periods of time between shifting currents.

1" SCWD, Standard Drive
Switching Rate GPH
30 seconds 3500
55 seconds 1800
80 seconds 1200
120 seconds 900
155 seconds 720


Converting psi to feet:

Fresh Water:
Multiply the psi by 2.31 to derive feet. example: 5 psi X 2.31 = 11.55 ft

Salt Water:
Multiply the psi by 2.25 to derive feet. example: ex: 5 psi X 2.25 = 11.25 ft


The SCWD (pronounced “squid”) is a revolutionary device, designed and manufactured to provide years of reliable service. Clearly the most efficient wave maker on the market, coupled with unique and patent pending free-flow, low back-pressure features, this compact product is the best mechanical current generating device available on the market today.


This unit has been tested and is approved for use with pump applications not to exceed 1400 GPH and a maximum of 5 psi, with a minimum rating of no less than 50 GPH. To get the maximum benefit and safest operation from this product please carefully read and follow all instructions and recommendations contained in this manual.  






 READ AND FOLLOW ALL SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS - Even though this is not an electrical device, care should always be taken during installation, maintenance, or removal.


WARNING — To guard against injury, basic safety precautions should always be observed, including the following.


DANGER — To avoid possible electric shock, special care should be taken in the use of aquarium equipment.


1. It is important to avoid the possibility of an electrical aquarium accessory or receptacle from getting wet. Position the aquarium stand and tank to one side of a wall mounted receptacle to prevent water from dripping onto the receptacle or accessory plugs. A “drip loop” (shown in Diagram 1) should be arranged by the user for each power cord connecting an aquarium appliance to a receptacle. The “drip loop” is that part of the cord below the level of the receptacle, or connector if an extension cord is used, to prevent water from traveling along the cord and coming in contact with the receptacle.


DANGER - If the plug or receptacle does get wet, DON’T unplug the cord. Disconnect the fuse or circuit breaker that supplies power to the appliance. Then unplug and examine for presence of water in the receptacle.


2. Always unplug any accessory when not in use, before installing or removing parts, and cleaning.


3. Do not use any aquarium accessory for other than the intended use.


4. Do not install or store the SCWD or other accessories where they will be exposed to weather or temperature extremes.



 SCWD WaveMaker


 Manufactured to the highest standards of quality and reliability, your new 3iQ Ventures LLC SCWD WaveMaker is designed to provide convenient, trouble-free operation. Careful attention to these instructions is the first step in ensuring that your wave maker will perform as intended.


Please Read All Instructions Completely Before Attempting to Install and Operate Your wave maker.



Special Note - Although there are many different ways to install your new SCWD, the following instructions reflect the preferred method of installation. In addition, even though your new SCWD is not overly sensitive to the normal particulate and debris found in aquarium systems, to ensure long life, water must be filtered prior to entering the SCWD.


a. Measure and cut two pieces of 3/4 inch (ID) hose for the two outlets. For best results, it is strongly recommended that both outlet hoses are cut equal in length, leaving the SCWD centered between the two outlets (ref. Diagram 1).


b. Measure and cut one piece of 3/4 inch (ID) hose that will be connected to the water pump, canister filter, or powerhead outlet at one end and the SCWD inlet on the other. It is recommended that an inline valve be installed between the water pump and the SCWD to allow for flow adjustment, and for ease of removal and cleaning of the outlet hoses if required.

c. Install one hose on each outlet of the SCWD by applying firm, but even pressure, until each hose is fully seated. It is recommended at this point that you install worm clamps for added protection against leaks and the possibility of the hose coming loose. Do not over-tighten the worm clamps.


d. Install the inlet hose using the same operations noted in 1.c., paying close attention not to exert too much force on the nipple.


e. Once all hoses are mounted and clamped, you are now ready to install the outlet elbows and nozzles on each end of the outlet hoses. By combining rigid elbows to form an angle over the aquarium side you can adjust the position of the outlet nozzles to give you the desired current affect. The configuration of the elbow is such that it will hang over the back of the tank on both sides like an upside down “U”, ref. Diagram 1. At this time, you should support the SCWD by mounting or hanging the SCWD from the back of your tank using a coat hanger (or suitable wire)


f. Connect the inlet hose with the inline valve to your pump, canister filter, or powerhead outlet. Be sure to use a worm clamp to avoid any potential leakage.





 Congratulations! You are ready to begin operation of the #1 wave maker on the market.


Make certain the device (SCWD) is securely installed before operation.


a. Open the in-line valve between the water pump and your SCWD so that it is approximately half open. This is a precautionary step to prevent a full force surge to the SCWD when using some of the higher volume and pressure pumps.


b. Apply power to the water pump. Verify water outlets are expelling water and that there are no leaks at any of the connections. Verify that the device is switching water flow between the two outlets. Now open the in-line valve to desired flow.


Helpful Tip - Switching speed and current duration is dependent on the volume of water flowing through the SCWD. Higher volume pumps will naturally cause a quicker switching response than lower volume pumps. By adjusting your inline valve you will be able to regulate both the amount of flow and the switching speed.





 a. Provided all instructions and tips are followed in the previous pages of this manual, your SCWD is designed and manufactured to be trouble-free. It is recommended, however, that you inspect your SCWD for general serviceability whenever maintaining your aquarium.


b. Inspect your SCWD and all hoses and their connections for leaks.


c. To assure proper water flow, inspect inlet hoses, outlet hoses, and nozzles for algae and slime build-up, and clean if required.


Helpful Tip - To prevent harm to fish and invertebrates, never use soap or detergents when cleaning your aquarium and supporting equipment.



a. There are very few things that can go wrong with the SCWD: If a problem should occur, please follow the recommendations for the specific conditions listed on the following page. Most problems are attributed to water that has not been sufficiently filtered prior to flowing through the SCWD. As mentioned earlier as a Special Note in section 1, Installation, water should always be filtered prior to entering the SCWD. 




Symptom - Switching speed to slow

Remedy - Check pump for proper flow/pressure rating


Symptom - Switching speed inconsistent

Remedy - Check hoses for algae and slime obstructions.


Symptom - SCWD is noisy or stops abruptly, stops and starts sporadically

Remedy - Foreign debris is lodged in switching mechanism. Flush out unit to dislodge debris.


Verify prefiliter is installed and is not clogged or restricting flow.


Manufacturer Info

3iQ Ventures was conceived in 2000 and established as a LLC in 2002. 3iQ Ventures was established to develop and market “innovative quality solutions”. Paul Muscarella, Daniel Wilson, Darryl Wooldridge are the Leadership Team of 3iQ Ventures, LLC, bringing various and complementary talents and skills to the enterprise.


Manufacturers Warranty: 90 Days

51 Reviews



Experience Level: Expert

Save your money

Bought 2 - 1" SCWD Wavemakers. One worked for about a month, other maybe two tops. I tried multiple times to take them out and clean them, but they stopped turning. My requests to the company for support fell on deaf ears. There are much more reliable and support products on the market I would highly suggest you checkout.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Frag tank love

Great little product for my frag tank, no need for a couple of powerheads

1 out of 1 found this review helpful

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Seems OK

I replaced the one I had which wasn't working. I read some of the reviews which were not very positive. My prior one worked probably for a couple years before it went belly up. I would be happy if I get another 2 years out of this one. But would be even more happy if I didn't have to replace every two years or so.

2 out of 2 found this review helpful

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Experience Level: Intermediate

So far so good !

Squid has been hooked up and running for 24 hours and no problems. It does reduce total overall flow a LITTLE so you should probably have a pump that makes just a bit too much flow to start with. It was quick and easy to set up. Did not add the recommended shutoff valve or quick disconnect. Would have given it five stars if it could have worked without reducing the total output, but I guess the mechanical energy to switch flows has to come from somewhere.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Great Sqwd

Works great

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Experience Level: Expert

It outlasted my tank

I bought the 3/4" version in the early 2000s, when that's all that was available. I had it on a 75 gallon reef tank and I was very happy with it. I ran it on a 1200GPH 3/4 Iwaki. Like most others, I had the returns on the left and right hand sides of the tank. As long as you have good flow going through it - via a back-pressure rated pump - it will create excellent alternating currents. It lasted 2 years of continuous use before I tore down the tank as I had to move out of state for a new job. I soaked it in vinigar and a light solution of bleech, rinsed it out, and then packed it up. It's now 2013 and I plan to use it again in the near future when I start-up another tank. I'm guessing it will work just fine, just as before. Since others have been having failures, I'm going to guess the quality has gone done hill. This is the nature of manufacturing these days. If you wan't good quality, China is generally NOT the place to get it. As I said in another review for another wavemaker, the real deal is the variable flow powerheads like Vortech and Tunze.

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Experience Level: Intermediate


If you are looking to setup this product on a 150 gal or more, do yourself a favor and go with the 1" version. The flow is too restricted for a noticeable difference when using the product on a pump exceeding 1000 gph. However I now have 2 of the 1" and they work great.

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Dubulation from Canyon Lake, CA UNITED STATES


Experience Level: Intermediate

SCWD Wavemaker

I have owned 2 SCWD's over the past 7 years. I have had the current unit for over 3 years. This unit just stopped alternating. I will but another unit. I think they work great. Mine have been working perfectly for years and running silent. I’m glad to not have the experience that some others have had purchasing the same product. I think a longer warranty period would be in order. It is powered by a Mag 12 at 5' of head (1120 GPH). The water is filtered by the pump's foam prefilter.

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Experience Level: Expert

parts are now available

Mine started having problems within 6 months. Great idea just poor quality contruction. If they would build them out of quality parts and just charge a bit more i think these would fly off the shelf. But when the reviews all say the same thing "mine quit after X months" then who wants to waste there $90 on one. I gave mine away with the scwd website to get rebuild parts from. I gave it three stars because I did love it when it was working! It was plumbed to a Rio Hyper Flow 17 pump and worked well. I think a stronger pump would have helped increase its life span.

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Experience Level: Intermediate


I've had three of the 1" models and all of them have ended up sticking almost immediately. The gate will stick between the outlets and not rotate. The first time it happened, I figure I just had a bad one, so I returned it. When I got the replacement and hooked it up, the same thing happened. I'm talking hours not days or weeks for it to stop rotating. I've left it alone for weeks to see if it would start rotating on it's own, but it doesn't. Once it gets stuck, that's it. I've tried switching parts between the two I have now just to see if that helped, but it doesn't. Same result of the gate getting stuck. I have an Iwaki MD55RLT for my main pump, so I know I have enough flow to drive this thing. I had the 3/4" model and used it for five years with no problems. That's why I don't understand why this 1" model doesn't perform as advertised. I'm very disappointed in this product. I do NOT recommend the 1" model.

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