Salifert KH/Alkalinity Test Kit

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Salifert KH/Alkalinity Profi-Test

  • Calcium is not the only substance needed to form the skeletal material of corals and allow calcareous algae to grow. Carbonate and bicarbonate are also needed and these two substances can have a major effect on stabilizing or buffering pH levels in the aquarium in the correct range of 8.1 to 8.4.
  • The total carbonate and bicarbonate concentration is also called alkalinity or carbonate hardness and for a stable system the alkalinity should not fluctuate by more than 5% from the optimum level of approx. 2.8 meq/L i.e. a maximum fluctuation of 0.14 meq/L.
  • The Salifert test is sensitive enough to detect small changes in levels of alkalinity, measuring in steps of 0.1 meq/L and demonstrating a very sharp color change.
  • Sufficient for 100 to 200 tests.
  • The Salifert KH + pH buffer additive makes correction of the alkalinity or carbonate hardness simple and does not upset the pH of the system
  • Can be used for marine water, frewshwater and garden pond water
The KH/Alkalinity reageant contains a dye. Avoid spilling the dye on fabric and other materials since they may become stained. Keep out of reach of children. Not for consumption.

**Variations of this product can be found in many online stores. The version we carry is of the highest quality. Although this item is eligible for price matching under our Low Price Guarantee, please be certain the product you want to price match is the same make and model.



  1. Add with the 5 ml syringe 4 ml of water in the test vial. For a lower resolution and more tests per kit add 2 instead of 4 ml.
  2. Shake the KH-Ind dropping bottle a few times and add 2 drops in the test vial (1 drop for the low resolution mode).
  3. Put the plastic tip firmly on the 1 ml syringe. And draw into the syringe the KH reagent (ensure that the end of the plastic tip is constantly submersed in the KH reagent) till the lower end of the black part of the piston is exactly at the 1.00 ml mark. There will be some air present just below the piston. This is the air which was present between the end of the plastic tip and the piston. This will not influence the test result.
  4. Add dropwise with the 1 ml syringe the KH reagent to the water in the test tube. Swirl after each drop a second or two. Continue with this until the color changes from blue/green to orange-red or pink color (whichever color is observed first).
  5. Hold the syringe with the tip facing upward and read the position of the, now the upper end, of the black part of the piston. The syringe has graduations of 0.01 ml. Read the KH or alkalinity value from the table or calculate as follows.

    KH in dKH = (1 - reading in step 5) x 16

    Alk in meq/L = (1 - reading in step 5) x 5.71

    If you have chosen for the lower resolution multiply the calculated result by 2.

    Natural sea water has a KH of 8 dKH or alkalinity of 2.9 meq/L

    KH and alkalinity are increased safely with Salifert`sKH + pH Buffer.

Product Manuals & Documentation

Salifert KH/Alkalinity Test Kit

Owner's Manual available for download in Adobe PDF file format

Manufacturer Info

Salifert is a Holland base company that produces top of the line test kits as well as tank additives and foods for marine and reef aquariums.


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28 Reviews



Experience Level: Intermediate

Do not pass it up

Salifert is the only test kits I have ever used. When I first started out 6 years ago they came highly recommended. I would never even think of using another product.

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Experience Level: Expert

Solid and accurate

I have used other tests over the years and this is the most accurate I've found. It's not the fastest test, but doesn't take overly long. I'll buy refills for this kit and look into other Salifert test kits. I also have the CA kit and they are very similar in quality and testing procedures.

2 out of 2 found this review helpful

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james testerman from sandy hook, CT UNITED STATES


Experience Level: Intermediate

test kit

Test kit arrived on time and is very accurate thank you again. Jim t.

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Pizza Frank from Mount Prospect, IL UNITED STAT


Experience Level: Expert

fast & accurate

The results with this test are fast and clear. I grew into the low resolution mode with quicker and easier to read results, using half the reagent. Kit comes with a test solution, use it to verify your procedure/results.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Accurate Alkalinity Test

This test is great and the color changes are clearly defined so it's easy to tell when to stop adding titrant and take your reading. I highly recommend this test kit.

1 out of 1 found this review helpful

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Experience Level: Intermediate

easy to read

Simple and accurate.

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Mike from


Experience Level: Intermediate

Best Test Kit Available

This test kit is an excellent and accurate choice to help your reef aquarium stabilized. In my opinion Alk is top 3 in where to watch if you have coral problems. So don't hesitate or cheap out on your very expensive investment.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Salifert KH Test Kit

I really like how they have included a bottle of water as a testing standard. It allows you to see if you come up with the same number that they do for the standard. If you don't, then you can adjust how you perform the test until you get the same results. Every test kit should have this. Great idea.

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Experience Level: Expert

salifert KH test kit

I like the slifert KH test kit . Its accurate and easy to use.

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UoH Chibi from HOUSTON, TX


Experience Level: Beginner

Gotta get used to it

Ill be honest. I haven't been in the hobby for long but I am in college, majoring in Pharmaceutical Science. When I first opened the box I thought I had just walked into Chem 1 Lab. After reading the sheet that came with it I was fairly confident it would be a great product. First time to sample my Alk and it showed up +16dKH. Since I fixed the issue my few samples have been within reason to my LFS results. Although it is pricey I am happy with it. I might try some other types after this one runs out.

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