Shut Off Inline Subminiature Couplings

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This item has been discontinued.

Ideal for vacuum or pressure. Delrin Acetal with Burna-N seals. Single side shut-off models(Check Valve). Will withstand up to 100 psi, 25 mercury vacuum, and operating temperature -45°F to 180°. USDA and FDA approved. Sealed with a twist; replaceable O-rings eliminate leaks. Miniature size for low-profile CO2 and Kalkreaktor applications.

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Good manual line break

This check valve works when it is split in two pieces, one side of the coupling will not let air/co2 be pulled or pushed through. When the two pieces are connected the valve will let air/co2 flow through it both directions. It is good for applications where you would like to seal off a tubing line. Unless you manually connect the two pieces, no flow will occur.

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