SpectraPure® 90GPD CSPDI RO/DI System w/ Automatic Membrane Flush

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SpectraPure® Low-Waste 90gpd CSPDI 4-Stage RODI System w/ Automatic Membrane Flush. Upgraded for 2014, the new CSPDI incorporates SpectraPure’s individually tested, 99% ultra-high-rejection SpectraSelect™Plus RO membrane, 0.5 micron Sediment & 0.5 micron Carbon Block Pre-Filtration Stages, a Super-DI™ SilicaBuster™ High-Capacity DI Cartridge, and a sturdy, powder-coated wall mount bracket. With the new 3-Probe TDS Meter, water purity levels are now monitored at the membrane feed, at the membrane output, and at the DI stage output, assuring “000 TDS” product water. Automatic membrane flushing is achieved using a processor controlled solenoid valve. The Automatic Flush Control system (AFC) periodically rinses accumulated impurities and concentrated waste water from the membrane surface. Membrane life and performance are preserved, allowing for a sustained 2:1 waste-to-product ratio. The AFC will flush the membrane for a short period at start-up, every hour during operation, and at shut-down. Feed valve, ASO valve, float valve, pressure gauge, and hose adapter are all included. Ultra-high-purity water with extended membrane life, CSP™ RODI purification systems maximize pure water production through application of our best TFC RO membranes and specialty deionization cartridges.


  • 2:1 waste-to-product ratio produces 50% less waste water
  • SpectraSelect™Plus 90gpd individually tested ultra-high (99%) rejection thin-film composite RO membrane
  • Automatic membrane flush controller (AFC) for extended membrane life and performance
  • SuperDI™ SilicaBuster™ high-capacity DI cartridge w/ custom blended ultra-pure deionization resins
  • 0.5 micron MicroTec™ long-life high-efficiency sediment pre-filter
  • 0.5 micron carbon block pre-filter w/ 20,000 ppm-gal chlorine removal capacity… all the carbon block you ever need
  • Three-probe inline TDS meter monitors membrane feed water, membrane product water, and DI product water purity
  • Tri-color custom pressure gauge indicates when to change pre-filters
  • Automatic shutoff valve (ASO) controls membrane feed while saving water
  • In-line ball valve for manual system shut off
  • Float valve for unattended operation
  • High-quality standard 10 inch clear filter housings
  • Deluxe powder coated wall-mount bracket
  • 6-foot feed tubing, 8-foot product and waste lines included
  • Housing wrench for easy filter removal
  • Garden hose adapter for tap water hookup
  • Dimensions: 15in x 7in x 16in
  • 3-year manufacturer`s warranty
*RO and RODI systems that are installed areas with low feed-water pressure (lower than 45 PSI) often require a booster pump to optimize system operation.
The correct Booster Pump to be used with SpectraPure’s Manual Membrane Flush (-MF) RO or RODI Systems is SpectraPure’s auxiliary High-Flow Booster Pump Kit P/N: BPHF-MF-115. This kit is designed specifically for use with SpectraPure Manual-Flush Systems. Other booster pump kits are not compatible with SpectraPure Manual-Flush (-MF) systems.

Product Manuals & Documentation

SpectraPure® 90GPD CSPDI RO/DI System w/ Automatic Membrane Flush

Owner's Manual available for download in Adobe PDF file format

Manufacturer Info

SpectraPure Aquarium Supplies
SpectraPure was established in 1985 and is located in Tempe, Arizona, home of Arizona State University. SpectraPure is dedicated to excellence in the design and manufacture of water filtration and purification systems for household, commercial, laboratory and light industrial applications. Their product lines includes a full range of systems and equipment, including drinking water systems, water softeners, filtration systems, reverse osmosis units, RO/DI and deionization systems and many other technological innovations and water purification accessories. SpectraPure provides innovative, state-of-the-art solutions to water purity problems and applications.



Experience Level: Intermediate

Works great

This is a replacement for a non auto flush. Works great easy to hook up saves the trips to buy water.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Great system

Purchased this system to eliminate using 5 gal bottled distilled water! 180 GPM works great and have had absolutely no issues with it! Self flushes after each use!

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Satisfied, but tough to set up

I found this unit to be excellent out of the box. Very well built. But I had significant issues with flow. I have it connected to a kitchen sink tap as I am in an apartment complex without water hookups. My water pressure was below 35 PSI which this unit really performs best at 60-80PSI. I purchased the booster pump which was a little hard to hook up. Instructions weren't very clear. And after I got it hooked up, I still couldn't get more than 40 PSI. The system comes with a green and red flow control house. The default is 3:1 waste to RO water. Switching the red flow control for the green flow control hose gave me a 2:1 waste to RO water and increased my water pressure to 70 PSI, perfect for making water much faster. You will definitely want the booster pump with this and to make that change in the flow control hoses to get best performance if you have low water pressure. Now some helpful hints on hooking it all up as directions aren't that good. Line from your tap will go into the first filter (carbon) canister. There is a black line that comes out of the back of the third canister, you will disconnect that and plug that into the intake of the booster pump. The booster pump has arrows indicating the flow direction of your water. Disconnect that black hose from the bottom membrane cylinder (one or two cylinders on top) and plug it into the intake of the pump. Then run a line from the outtake of the pump into that membrane cylinder. Don't forget to swap the power supplies as the directions explain and last but not least, swap the red flow control tube for the green one. (2:1 waste water ratio) verses the default red 3:1. This will boost your water pressure.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

RO/DI Unit

Had it set up and running in less than an hour. Working perfectly.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

SpectraPure RO/DI

Well I finally got smart and brought my SpectraPure RO/DI system. For several years I had been going back and forth weekly with 2 five gallon containers of premixed salt water not to mention buying distilled water for top off. Well I'm finished with that with the purchase of my RO/DI system. My aquarium water is crystal clear and healthly and the inhabitants in my tank are healthier. The install was easy in my laundry room.

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