Sunlight Supply Tek Light Tank Bracket Kit

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This item has been discontinued.

Sunlight Supply Inc

  • Designed specifically for the Tek Light T5
  • Easy to use
  • Aluminum construction with stainless steel hardware
  • Powder coated finish in black
  • Fits most standard size glass or acrylic tanks
  • Adjusts from 5.25" to 8.25" tall

Manufacturer Info

Sunlight Supply Aquarium Supplies
Sunlight Supply is a leading manufacturer and importer of aquarium lighting systems for both residential and commercial applications. Their light fixtures are recognized nationwide as some of the finest the aquarium industry has to offer. Customer reviews and testimonials only validate this claim. Sunlight Supply offers lights for every possible application. Their metal halide and T5 HO (high output) light fixtures offer unmatched quality, performance and reliability. Sunlight Supply has a state-of-the-art metal and powder coating facility in Woodland, Washington where they fabricate their fixtures using precision CNC equipment.



Experience Level: Intermediate

Finishes off the product well

If your looking to place the light on the tank this is the way to go. They can be customized to fit on the edge or lay on the top. I used them on a Bowfront that horizontal bracing. The adjusters allow for the light to be raised or lowered fairly easily.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Very Smart

The fact that these legs are adjustable with the height makes the light fixture usable with a canopy. I will recommend this to my friends.

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Nujsilec from IL UNITED STATES


Experience Level: Expert

Great Stand

I actually used it for another type of fixture which is the Orbit HQI w/ T5. It worked just like I imagined, Fantastic. Very sturdy and heavy material used for this stand!!!

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Tek Brackets

Nice brackets, they fit the fixture perfectly and get the job done. Kinda expensive for what they are.

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Scott from Tucson, AZ


Experience Level: Intermediate

Excellent... for mounting legs

For what they are, these mounting brackets are excellent. They have a solid metal construction (not plastic like those flimsy Current USA legs), and attach to the fixture with thick, sturdy screws. The instructions leave something to be desired, but it's easy enough to figure out how to get it set up. (Just be aware that the "Acrylic Style" setup may be necessary for some glass tanks without wide rims.) Height adjustment isn't too tricky; the thumbscrews could have been made a touch bigger, though. However, there are three drawbacks to these brackets (two of which are inherent to mounting brackets). 1. They may not get the light as close to the water as you might like (see the stock photo to get an idea of how low it can go). 2. It may not be able to go high enough for truly easy maintenance, and adjusting the height is obviously not as easy as with a suspended setup. 3. Because of the way Tek fixtures have you insert the acrylic splash shield (you have to remove one of the side panels to slide it in or out), you will also have to remove one of these leg mounts, too. Considering that you already have to remove five screws to remove the side panel in the first place, the extra two or three the mounting bracket adds probably isn't a big deal, but it's an added pain nonetheless. Overall, these are the highest-quality mounting legs that I've ever seen, and if you do want or need mounting legs, they don't come better than this. If you're looking to put a Tek light over a display tank, I'd consider the less expensive and more convenient cable suspension system first. But, if that's not an option or you're looking to light a tank like a refugium or QT, this might be the way to go.

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