Tom Aquatics Activated Carbon Pillow with Cloth Carbon for Rapids Pro Series PS3 & PS4

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This item has been discontinued.

Tom Aquatics

Pros Series Cloth Carbon is cleaner and purer than other traditional forms of acitvated carbon but still retains 100% activation which gives it the same high capacity for adsorption of organic compounds and other odorous gases. Pro Series Cloth Carbon works by attracting and holding certain harmful chemicals as the aquarium water passes through it. Since Cloth Carbon is a highly porous material, it has an extremely high surface area for contaminant adsorption. Most effective in removing organic contaminants from the water. Faster adsorption kinetics.

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Tom Aquatics
As one of the premier plastic product manufacturers in the U.S., we have manufacturing operations in our home office, Fenton, Missouri, as well as Sullivan, Missouri and Shawnee, Kansas. They have over six decades of manufacturing expertise put towards the designing and building of products that provide a distinct service for the consumer.



Experience Level: Intermediate

Tom Aquatics

outstanding filter system...........

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lookinglakehill from Bronx, NY UNITED STATES


Experience Level: Intermediate


The product that I bought is picture perfect and the entire unit is making my hobbie more than just a fish tank, it makes taking care of my fish a pleasure. I would recommened this too anyone who does not want to take up their time in maintance but wants to enjoy their hobbie. I also have to say that this was delivered so fast I thought you guys had you own delivery service thanks again

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