Tom Aquatics Hatch N Feeder

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Tom Aquatics

Patented Brine Shrimp Hatchery. Feed live food to your fish, nauplii simply swim out of Hatchery into the aquarium after hatching. The eggs start hatching in about 18 to 24 hours. Hatched shrimp will swim out into the aquarium water as they mature. Simple to use, easy to feed your fish. Hatch'N Feeder can be used in either fresh or salt water aquariums.


  • Hatcher
  • Measuring Spoon
  • Syringe
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Airline tubing
This Hatcher can be installed in both Marine & Fresh water tanks. The Hatcher should be placed at a water level location using the suction cup (see Diagram).

Keep the water temperature between 77F-82F.
Connect airline tubing and air pump (STELLAR) to obtain aeration in the hatching chamber.
Dump 0.05oz-0.07oz salt into Salt & Egg Deposit.
Wait a few minutes for salt to dissolve in the water, then put 0.03oz brine shrimp eggs into the Salt & Egg Deposit; measuring spoons are included in the kit.

The eggs absorb water and go down into the Hatching Chamber.
They start hatching in about 18 to 24 hours.
Hatched sea monkeys move up and down in the chamber with the water flow.
Then they gather at the border surface between the marine water and the fresh water looking for slower water flow and preferable lighting.
Sea Monkeys will stay in the Distributing Chamber for a while to get used to the fresh water. Then finally they will step out into the fresh water tank.
The sequence will take about 24 to 30 hours.

Rinse the Hatcher at least once a week or before the use after the interval.
You may collect unfertilized eggs and shells at the water surface in the Hatcher.

Manufacturer Info

Tom Aquatics
As one of the premier plastic product manufacturers in the U.S., we have manufacturing operations in our home office, Fenton, Missouri, as well as Sullivan, Missouri and Shawnee, Kansas. They have over six decades of manufacturing expertise put towards the designing and building of products that provide a distinct service for the consumer.

Dave from CLEAR LAKE, IA


Experience Level: Intermediate

One suction cup, not enough

I've always liked other products from Tom, so I though I would give this a try. Unfortunately, this hatchery is only attached with a single suction cup (and its a pretty poor attempt at a suction cup as well). This has been in my tank for about 10 hours, and the suction cup has released 3 times spreading 1000s of unhatched eggs into the aquarium. It's also rather large.. say roughly 8 inches tall. It looks pretty ridiculous in a small aquarium. Hatching outside the aquarium seems simpler than trying to get this to work right.

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CAROLINA from wa


Experience Level: Intermediate

kinda works

Got this to feed my wrasses live brine as a treat, the first time I got it and tried to place it, the suction cup bracket broke, and Marine Depot quickly sent me a new hatchery no questions asked (LOVE marine depot) the second time I tried to place it, the suction cup bracket would hold, but very unstable in tank, I ended up rigging it with a old large magfloat held by fishline, and that way I could position it anywhere the magnet would hold (That worked great, I may glue the magnet in place) much more stable than the suction cup thing. Set it up, and the eggs hatched fine, but only a few of the baby brine came out in comparison of the amount still in the main chamber (I tried with the air pump on and off) the baby brine go up to the top of the main chamber because they like the tank lights and do not go down to the bottom so they can go thru the escape port. Unfortunately, the way I have it set, there is no way to shine a light thru the escape port and try to lure the brine out. Again, I may have to rig it. I am thinking to darkening the main chamber somehow, such with black tights/stockings (the poly type shouldn't degrade in the tank}or find a marine safe paint, so until I figure it out, I have been suctioning the little buggers out and putting them in the tank, but then, I could have done that for free with a glass jar and a turkey baster ;p. One other thing, be careful when you take the thing out to clean it, if you tip it, all the cysts will flow out and contaminate your tank. So, It kinda works for me but I think it needs some design improvements. I am sure that once I figure it out, it will work great.

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Experience Level: Expert

Tom Aquatics Hatch N Feeder

i am happy so far :)the pipe fish and seahorse s are loving it.

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Experience Level: Expert

Hey it works!

Might not be the best construction but at least it works! I would have made a few changes to construction and design. Like put 2 suction cups on there instead of one. But this thing does just what it says it will do. It will constantly pump out hatched out brine shrimp and they will swim out into your tank.

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SHANE from Morehead City, NC UNITED STATE


Experience Level: Expert

Neat Gadget

This unit installs inside your tank and has a line marked where the water level needs to come up to. You hook an air pump up to it (comes with airline) and place the unit where you like in your tank. Unit comes with a small spoon so you can scoop out eggs to place in the main hatching chamber. The air going to the unit keeps the eggs circulating and 24 hours later you can start to see the tiny brine shrimp hatch, leaving there egg shells behind which collect on the bottom of the hatching chamber, swimming up the hatching chamber to the outlet to the tank which is a small plastic disc with some holes in it which they swim out of and into your fishies mouth. I would agree with some others that they could have improves on the design a little better by adding more stability to the unit by adding at least one more suction cup holder, the unit only comes with one. However, that being said, this unit works as described and is a great addition to my tank. The fish love it and makes it easier for me to feed my fish live brine.

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Expat Fish from Ningbo, China


Experience Level: Intermediate

Good But Could improve

It does exactly what it says it does. As others have pointed out, future improvements should include better suction to the glass (maybe two instead of one) possible outrigger points to keep it from flapping from side to side (currently it only has one suction and two outrigger points) to keep it vertical. Also the airline inlet is easy to come off. I notice the water flow seems to create a dead area at the bottom of the feeder and suggest more research be done to improve this which may also help the hatched shrimp swim into the escape tube. One last suggestion would be how to enrich the shrimp after hatching without polluting the hatching unit, I tried adding DT’s Phytoplankton but it seems to collect and die off pretty quickly, maybe just add Selcon and see how that does?

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Easy Hatcher

The directions were clear and easy to understand and the little shrimp began appearing after a few hours. It works well in that regard. However, It only has one suction cup on the back and there are a couple plastic tabs that keep the body of the hatchery away from the glass. It also wouldn't stick to my glass. I had to attach it to a power head hanger that I had to us it in my aquarium

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Hatch N Feeder

Product does exactly what it claims to do, If instructions are followed the shrimp hatch and swim into the open tank. Very good product, Recommended.

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Experience Level: Beginner

Easy to use

This was an easy to use product. I had to rig it a bit to get it to fit my tank because my tank has a non-removeable top on it and the opening where I put the brine shrimp eggs was inaccessable to me when I attached it to the inside of my tank. Once I got it set up it was so easy! The eggs hatched within 24 hours and I watched as a steady progression of tiny white specks marched up and out of the hatcher. Cleanup was eay too!

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