Tom Rapids Pro Series Rp3 Plus Canister Filter With Auto Fill System

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Tom Aquatics

Tom Rapids Pro Series RP3 Plus Canister Filter With Auto Fill System

Redesigned Overflow & Venturi Pump Protein Skimmer!

Giving you the best of two popular aquarium filters: The Canister Filter and the Wet/Dry The Pro Series supplies optimum and efficient filtration for saltwater aquariums, engineered to deliver unsurpassed 3-stage filtration (mechanical, chemical and biological). This filter provides superb water movement, consistently processing waste and impurities so the aquarium’s water quality remains ideal, thus keeping the aquarium water crystal clear and your tank inhabitants healthy. Rapids Pro-Series distinctive design makes this state-of-the-art filter extremely efficient. Delivering complete biological filtration plus greatly increasing gas exchange as water trickles over exposed Bio-Balls and highly porous Sintered Glass Cylinders, resulting in the rapid oxidation of ammonia and nitrite. Plus the Pro Series Filters come with a built-in protein skimmer, superbly removing dissolved organic material. Comes complete, nothing else to buy.

The Pro Series RP3 Plus - Newly designed advanced filtration system for larger aquariums. Next generation filter combines the filtering capacity of a wet/dry, venturi pump protein skimmer, and the ease of setup of a canister filter. Re-circulates 700 gallons of water per hour for ideal water quality. 4 Gallon Auto Fill System automatically replaces evaporated water. For aquariums up to 150 gallons. Replacement Media sold separately. The RP3 Plus comes complete with built-in redesigned Venturi Pump Protein Skimmer, 700 GPH Water Pump, redesigned Surface Skimmer Overflow, tubing, clamps, filter media AND the 4 Gallon Auto Fill System.

  • Advanced filtration system with built-in venturi pump protein skimmer
  • High capacity aquarium filtration system perfect for limited space areas
  • Combination aquarium canister filter, wet/dry filter, and protein skimmer

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Tom Rapids Pro Series Rp3 Plus Canister Filter With Auto Fill System

Owner's Manual available for download in Adobe PDF file format

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Tom Aquatics
As one of the premier plastic product manufacturers in the U.S., we have manufacturing operations in our home office, Fenton, Missouri, as well as Sullivan, Missouri and Shawnee, Kansas. They have over six decades of manufacturing expertise put towards the designing and building of products that provide a distinct service for the consumer.



Experience Level: Beginner


This thing has so many air leaks in it that it took me 3 days to finally find why I had TONS of tiny micro bubbles in my tank. After locating the air leaks the tank has been working like perfection. If the company would work on those tiny air issues then this would not be so bad. I like it so far.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Works well but keep it clean

Toms Rapids Pro RP3 system has worked well in my overstocked and overfed 75 gallon reef system for the past year. Keep the small water spraying hole unclogged in the overflow or water will overflow with a power outage. I learned that quickly when I just happened to be around when the power went out and was unsure why it was unable to break the syphon when it has always done so. I pulled the overflow out to stop running water on my floor. I reread the instructions and found the clog in the overflow box. I Poked it with a pipe cleaner and now it works great again. Its easy to get at for cleaning so no need to stop the filter from running for cleaning. The protein skimmer works well for its design once you let it break in. The ATO works great, but I recommend placeing it about 3 inches higher than the legs that come with it. Do proper aquarium filter media changes as needed because the RP3 will filter the water quickly. I noticed surface skimming works as I see flake food running right to the overflow, but to help with surface skimming have a power head make waves on the surface of the water to keep the food out of the overflow and in the tank for the fish. I wish it came with more pieces to extend the spray nozzel out a bit for directing water movement in the tank.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

inovative, however...

I've used my Tom Rapids Pro system for over a year. It is extremely quiet. It's a very cleverly engineered HOB overflow system that has never broken siphon for me and always starts after a power out. The gravity fed ATO system saves you time, but will allow your system SG swings. For delicate inverts and other animals a more precise ATO is required. The skimmer is adequate for a light bio-load. It has a drain hole in the collection cup which extends maintenance intervals. As long as you properly maintain this system, it can serve you well (with aforementioned bio-load limitation). I give it only 3 stars because it's not a very versatile system. If you like upgrading equipment periodically, this is not for you. Also, as I stated, the skimmer is too weak for my reef tank.

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Experience Level: Intermediate


I absolutly love this filter... It is EXTREMLY quiet and keeps water crystal clear.. I have it on my 120 reef tank and could not be happier. the skimmer works great too.

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Bones from Santa Fe, TX UNITED STATES


Experience Level: Intermediate

Tom Rapids Rp3

This filter works fantastic, Easy setup the only problem with this filter is the plastic nipples for your hose connections, they tend to leak and you have to be extremely careful not to over tighten the hose clamps cause you will crack the plastic.Other then that it is working great. One more thing be sure to order the Rp3 system it has the Re-designed skimmer which also work so much better.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Walk in the park

This is a great filter. It is easy to set up, easy to clean, runs silently and the auto fill feature puts this baby over-the-top

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