Tropic Marin Pro-Coral K+ Elements 500ml

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Tropic Marin

In the natural marine environment, essential trace elements exist in both anionic (negative) and cationic (positive) forms. With two complimentary solutions, PRO-CORAL K+ ELEMENTS and PRO-CORAL A- ELEMENTS supply the aquarium with all of the essential trace elements. The two solution approach guarantees optimum availability of the compounds and avoids unwanted reactions of the elements with each other.

Trace Elements are natural minerals, which have essential functions in many of the biological processes of living organisms. Many cationic trace elements are associated with enzymes. These enzymes are not able to function properly without their associated trace element present.

Several trace elements are involved in photosynthesis while other trace elements support building and stabilization of calcareous skeletons. A severe trace element deficiency can lead to bleaching of corals. There are no substitutions for trace elements, therefore, it is essential that all trace elements be added to the aquarium in a naturally balanced mixture.

TROPIC MARIN PRO-CORAL K+ ELEMENTS is carefully formulated to support the healthy and continuous growth in the reef aquarium by replenishing all the essential cationic trace elements used by corals, invertebrates and algae.

PRO-CORAL K+ ELEMENTS contains no phos-phates, chelates and other unnatural solvents.

PRO-CORAL K+ ELEMENTS adds the following cationic trace elements to the aquarium: strontium, barium, chrome, manganese, iron, cobalt, nickel, copper, zinc, boron.

Recommended dosage: Add 1 ml of PRO-CORAL K+ ELEMENTS per 100 l / 25 gallons US-gal of total aquarium system water volume per day in the circulation flow of the system. Trace element demand increases with increased aquarium population density. In heavily populated aquariums, dosage may be increased up to the maximum dosage below.

Maximum dosage: Do not exceed a dosage of 2 ml per 100 l / 25 US-gallons of aquarium system water volume per day.

The regular dosing of PRO-CORAL ELEMENTS can be automated with a hose pump (dosing pump).

Manufacturer Info

Tropic Marin
Tropic Marin: A strong foundation in science and hobby: The successful methods and techniques of today`s marine aquarists are the result of a close collaboration between serious hobbyists, scientists and specialists at public aquariums. Tropic Marin came about in exactly the same way over 30 years ago! This close cooperation resulted in one of the first complete one-part synthetic marine salt mixtures that provided the optimum natural environment for the professional as well as the private aquarist.



Experience Level: Intermediate

Pro Coral K and A

I have been a reef hobbies for five(5) years now and have used Tropic Marin Pro-Coral K+ and Pro-Coral A- ever since. My SPS and LPS corals love this product because they suppy them with the essential trace elements required between water changes.Sometimes I miss my regular monthly water changes so these trace elements are a great asset for me. "Try them you'll like them".

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Tropic Marin K Elements

I have been using this product for two years now and all I can say is that this product keeps all trace elements in your tank perfect. I test my water at a water lab every month to make sure that every thing in my tank is accurate and all trace elements always come out good. Yes I recommend this product with Pro Coral A at any time

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Balling products

I have only been dosing the A- and K+ for two weeks now and it's still a bit early to tell, however I have noticed a slight improvement in the color of the corals. I have heard good things about this product in some european forums. On a side note: I would like to see Marine Depot start to carry Tropic Marin Pro-Special Mineral, which is the NaCl free salt mix which I intend to use for the Balling method for my SPS tank.

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